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Friday, August 31, 2012

Video: Janesville UAW Joins The Ed Show On Ryan Lies

Almost everyone gets it now that Paul Ryan made a series of willfully deceptive statements about the closing of the GM SUV plant in Janesville, Wisconsin. Most of us in Janesville knew that the Ryan that was on the RNC stage Wednsday night was standard Paul Ryan. We've been hearing his junked-up narratives for years. The difference was that before Ryan was picked by Romney to be his running mate, no one really cared much about what he had to say outside of Wisconsin. But that's all changed now.

In the video below, GM factory workers, including Brad Dutcher, fmr. Janesville GM Plant Worker & UAW Assistant Regional Director, and Ron McInroy, UAW Region 4 Director, tell Ed how ashamed they are that Ryan would turn the closing of the Janesville GM plant into a political football. As Ed says near the end of this segment, there's just no better way to get to the truth than to hear it straight from the folks who were given notice that they are losing their jobs.

Watch it:


DailyKos - Janesville Autoworkers Slam Paul Ryan On The Ed Show

Root River Siren - Ryan lied? He's Been Doing That Shit Around Here For Years.

It's Official. It'll be George W. Hoover and Pinnochio

I finally got a sense of relief, and I would bet a few other Wisconsin bloggers also feel a little vindicated, now that New Media investigative web sites and other national resources including the MSM have gotten a good taste of the political messaging machinery we have been battling against here in the state of Wisconsin. After Rep. Paul Ryan stood on a national stage and rattled off a series of his typically dubious statements built mostly on fictional abstracts and half empty narratives, the national knowledge base would not let his remarks go unchallenged like his feeble local media enablers here in Wisconsin so often let him do. We're used to it. But what a relief! Finally.

The same can be said for Gov. Scott Walker who was also caught lying when he claimed Obama promised to keep the Janesville GM plant open for another 100 years. Obama never made that promise. Busted!

So I'm going to take a break today and post only a few links to explain the details. The first link is to a collection of about 30 links uncovering Ryan's falsehoods compiled by middlegirl at the DailyKos. This second link, again to the DailyKos, looks at how Politico along with a few other outfits epic failed in their reporting and coverage of VP candidate Paul Ryan.

Lastly, here's a story from Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone titled, "Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital from their September 12th edition.

Paul Ryan: Wrong For The Middle Class

Thursday, August 30, 2012

When Janesville Planned For Recovery, Ryan Was Nowhere In Sight

After Ryan's speech at the RNC last night, the right-wing loons were out heavy trying to re-write history about the date the GM Plant in Janesville officially ended production. The most important date to remember is October 13, 2008. That was the day 1,280 workers will never forget when General Motors made the official announcement to Janesville workers that GM will stop production on Dec. 23, 2008. Only about 40 workers remained employed into May, 2009 to fulfill contract obligations in a partnership between GM and Isuzu.

Those dates are indisputable. But I thought Ryan had a lot of nerve to talk about economic "recovery" efforts for towns like Janesville that he described as nowhere in sight.

“Well, as it turned out, that plant didn’t last another year. It is locked up and empty to this day. And that’s how it is in so many towns today, where the recovery that was promised is nowhere in sight,”. -- Paul Ryan, RNC speech

The only problem with that is, when President Obama's White House Counsel came into Janesville AND Kenosha in June of 2010 to share in local economic recovery plans, Paul Ryan was nowhere in sight. Instead, he was out galavanting around the country plugging his hyper-partisan GOP "Young Guns" recruitment book. So I can fully understand someone who might think that since the area's congressman doesn't care enough to participate in local economic recovery efforts - why should anyone?


Huff Post - Media Calls Out Paul Ryan Acceptance Speech For Falsehoods

Think Progress - TP Uncovers a Lie almost Every 3 minutes

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recent Insights and Angles On Paul Ryan

PR Watch - Constituents Say Paul Ryan's Economy Isn't Working for Them

Ryan has called the social safety net "a hammock that ends up lulling people in their lives into dependency and complacency" and has a history of voting against extending unemployment benefits. Some Janesville residents argue that statements like these, coupled with his voting record, illustrate a disconnect between Ryan and the community he represents.


Huff Post - Paul Ryan Lobbied On Behalf Of Companies Who Gave Him Campaign Cash.

But the fact that Ryan was willing to go to bat on behalf of campaign donors drives against the narrative Ryan has long claimed -- that he is a special kind of politician, more saint than sinner.

Paul Krugman - Don't shrug off Paul Ryan's fascination with Ayn Rand

Caffeinated politics - Paul Ryan’s Family Is Proof That Government Helps To Make Businesses Profitable

There is nothing wrong with admitting that government works, and is needed. It looks down-right partisan to make a claim in the other direction just on a talking point basis. But it looks just plain silly to do it when making piles of money off of government contracts.

Paul Ryan needs to change speech writers.

Changing speech writers won't help at all. The district needs to change its congressman. Vote Rob Zerban

Lady Liberal - by Cathy Myers, a Janesville resident's perspective of Paul Ryan. The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Yes! Paul Ryan Was Protested In Janesville

Blue Cheddar - Excellent slideshow of the Paul Ryan Janesville Protest. More photos posted on Facebook.

L.A. Times - Despite working-class image, Ryan comes from family of wealth.

Paul Ryan was born into one of the most prominent families in Janesville, Wis., and his rise to political power and financial stability was boosted by family money and connections.

This political lawn sign on a busy Janesville street is open to a changing message every day ... what would YOU like to see it say? Submit your ideas here ---> Democracy Rocks Facebook

CapTimes Editorial calls on Paul Ryan to respect constituents and debate Rob Zerban.

Roger Bybee - Paul Ryan Carpet-Bombed His District's Factories, Then Strafed First Aid Stations

Check out a collection of Bybee's writings on Paul Ryan here.

If it makes you happy, Paul Ryan Will Wave Any Flag and Wear Any Hat

I didn't think much about Paul Ryan waving the Pittsburgh Steelers "Terrible Towel" around when he was in Pittburgh until I saw how many of his supporters were wearing the Wisconsin cheese hat at his party event in Janesville, they were clearly in damage control.

Always check in at the The Paul Ryan Watch for the latest perspectives on the congressman from those who know him best.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Video: New Conservative Movement Explained

From the fictional show, "The Newsroom" (based on actual events), this is one of the best explanations yet for the New Conservative Movement led by the likes of Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson.

Watch it:

Mitt/Bain Becomes Kiss Of Death For American Workers

Workers fired & outsourced by Bain protest RNC convention

A powerful message was sent to Mitt Romney when a group of workers whose jobs were outsourced by Bain Capital protested at the RNC convention. In a highly commendable gesture, the workers would not commit to attacking either political party, but remained steadfast in their protest that a person who would create and promote a profit model based on the destruction and outsourcing of American jobs does not deserve to become a President of the United States.

Huff Post Excerpt:
But Penniston, 35, works for Sensata Technologies, a manufacturer of sensors for cars that's owned by Bain Capital -- the private equity firm that's become synonymous with GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, a founding partner. Penniston, along with roughly 170 co-workers, recently learned that her plant in Freeport, Ill., will be closed within months. The jobs of its workers will go to China.

And that's how Penniston -- who described herself as being apolitical until now -- found herself on the outskirts of the Republican National Convention, with three Sensata employees from back home holding signs like "Mitt/Bain Is Shipping My Job To China."

In separate interviews, none of the workers volunteered praise for President Barack Obama or attacked the GOP platform generally. Instead, they spoke passionately against Romney and Bain, lamenting the loss of what they described as some of the few remaining manufacturing jobs in their area. When pressed, they said it didn't matter that Romney hasn't actually called the shots at Bain for years. He helped found the firm and profited from it, and so they blame him for their impending job losses. more>>>

Monday, August 27, 2012

Video: The Do-Over Convention ReInvention

Janesville Newspaper Reports Cheers For Ryan Rehearsed

JG Excerpt:
JANESVILLE—People on stage, behind the podium, of the Craig High School gym are getting the crowd to rehearse their cheers where Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan is about to speak, said Gazette reporter Frank Schultz.

Soon afterwards, JS Online reports Roar greets Paul Ryan in Janesville.

Recent Email

Hey Lou, thought you would be interested in this. I saw a Roman Catholic priest dressed in his collar walking down South Randall street after the event. He was also carrying a Romney-Ryan "Believe" sign. I usually don't bother to ask strangers about their politics, but being a catholic myself, I had to ask him if he supports Romney and Ryan and why. He said he supports Ryan [did not mention romney] because he's a Catholic and a good man. I asked him if he knows of the author Ayn Rand and the movie Atlas Shrugged. He said he never heard of it. When I mentioned that Ryan holds strong beliefs in Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged that directly contradict catholic teachings, he said it sounds like a kooky conspiracy theory. I said that's exactly the point -- it is and Ryan is playing a leading role. He quickly turned and walked away....

Wow. Thanks for sharing. Too bad there is no picture of that one. A Catholic priest carrying a Romney/Ryan "Believe" sign. That's gotta be the ultimate in cognitive dissonance.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paul Ryan Send Off Protest Rally In Janesville

As Paul Ryan makes his way to the RNC, let's make sure that the people of Wisconsin see him off in the proper fashion.

According to this article in the Janesville Gazette, Janesville police are preparing for more than 2,000 people to attend the gathering. It will be held in the old gymnasium at Craig High School. Indoor seating will include the bleachers, chairs and the stage. Lots of local and national media are expected on the ground covering this event.

Janesville Craig High School
401 South Randall Avenue (Map)
Janesville, WI 53545
Monday, August 27th, 8:45 AM

Let's keep the momentum going!

We Are the 99%
Sign Up

Wisconsin Jobs Now
Facebook - Paul Ryan: Not On Our side Rally

Don't forget! There's a (non-partisan) vigil in front of Paul Ryan's office here in Janesville every Tuesday at 4 p.m. They always have plenty of signs. Everyone is welcome. Ryan never saw a war he didn't like.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Video: Republican Women For Obama

First saw this video at Cog Dissidence.

Seniors!! Take heed in the message of this video. If you're 55 years of age or older and you support the Romney/Ryan ticket, you'll be selling out the senior years of your children and grandchildren. If you think your kids will have it better with Ryan's privatized VoucherCare, there is no reason or excuse for you to keep the "inferior" Medicare you now enjoy.

The women in this video have figured it out that there's something seriously rotten in the Republican Party. There's still plenty of time for everyone to figure it out.

Watch it:

Friday, August 24, 2012

While Hometown Suffers, Paul Ryan Jokes.

That Paul Ryan, he's such a likable fella.

Construction Lit Magazine Excerpt:
Janesville, despite being represented by the chairman of the House Budget Committee, has suffered more than its fair share of economic hardships in recent years. A 500-year flood hit in the summer of 2008, then the nearby General Motors assembly plant closed days before Christmas 2008 and left 5,000 locals out of work (including some of Ryan’s childhood friends), and in 2009 Chrysler relocated 850 engine jobs from the district to a new plant in Mexico.

Soon afterward, Rashkin ran into Ryan in town.

“What’s next for Janesville, locusts?” Ryan quipped.
Read more here>>>

Ryan's Positions Yesterday Are Tomorrow's Urban Legends

It's funny how Paul Ryan continues to either reverse himself or just go into full metal jacket denial on positions he once prided in himself as his identity. First he publicly dropped his ideological soulmate Ayn Rand (only her atheism though, Ryan is still a devout Atlas Shrugged retro-fit), then his phony anti-earmark fiscal conservatism was unmasked when he was caught red-handed lying about requesting stimulus funding. Now, after working on legislation with Rep. Todd Akin to create new definitions of rape for the sake of denying women their reproductive rights, he now copycats President Obama and says "rape is rape." To think this is only after one week!!

You have to start wondering - was he properly vetted? Ryan's gonna have to speed it up a bit if he intends on denying his entire 13 year record in Congress. We've barely skimmed the surface. There's still much to uncover.

If the GOP developed their own rape test kit for their party platform, I'm certain it would look something like this.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Romney Campaign Attempt To Silence Citizen By Threatening Associates and Targeting Employer

I know ...the title is a bit clumsy and probably won't tweet well but that's what first came to the top of my head when I read about the Romney campaign banning a reporter simply because he is associated to a protester through his employer.

Here's the story.

Politiscoop Excerpt:
Madison – An event for Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson at Monona Terrace in Madison on Wednesday turned a bit odd when WTDY reporter Dylan Brogan somehow earned a police escort out of the event.

What did Brogan do exactly to be removed? – Nothing. Brogan was there to cover Johnson’s talk about Mitt Romney's plan to strengthen the middle-class, and before he could open his notepad, was ordered to leave by a Romney spokesperson. Madison police were instructed to remove Brogan from the building, going so far as to threaten the use of physical force.

Once Romney spokesman Ben Sparks arrived, Brogan was told that he was not allowed to cover the event with Sen. Johnson because WTDY morning talk show host Sly in the Morning protested a previous campaign event for Mitt Romney in Janesville.

WTDY News Excerpt:
"He reflects poorly on you, you work for that organization, and you suffer the consequences," Sparks said. "That's how it's going to work. Now we're not going to discuss this anymore. You cannot cover the event."

Sparks went on to say that Brogan was "guilty by association."

When Brogan asked if he could wait outside the room where Johnson was speaking, he was told by a Madison Police officer and a staffer from Monona Terrace to leave the building.

"I can physically take you out, if that's what you want," the officer told him.

That's incredible stuff. That's not the America I was raised in where decent reasonable folks don't threaten others with physical violence simply because of their association. When Ben Sparks prohibited public access to a sitting U.S. Senator, he trampled all over the 1st Amendment's prohibitions of abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press and interfering with the right to peaceably assemble. Unless this was a privately held convention, as a member of the press, Brogan had every right to be there.

But let's get down to the brass tacks here. It's not like Brogan or WTDY co-sponsor Sly's after-hours activities, republicans know it. So I don't think the Romney campaign has any real issues with Brogan or WTDY. Their aim is to stop John "Sly" Sylvester from talking, agitating and activating and they're willing use a "divide and conquer" strategy to isolate him from his peers. We've seen plenty of that in Wisconsin in the past year and sadly - it works.

Politiscoop Excerpt:
With that line of thinking, Ben Sparks should be aware that Mitt Romney is a Republican and so is Todd Akin, therefore, Romney believes women can shut down a pregnancy during a “Legitimate” rape. Romney also called on Akin to drop out of the race, so Ben, Mitt Romney should practice what he preaches and drop out?

Even worse, Paul Ryan is an actual co-sponsor to the Todd Akin Legitimate Rape Bill! So if they really want to play the guilt by association game, Paul Ryan is guilty as charged. The GOP should expect there will be consequences for that choice.

Whether you agree or disagree with John “Sly” Sylvester or like his personality or style of patriotism really isn’t the issue here at all, it’s the idea that we would allow public officials, political parties or candidates for public office to target and punish the friends and associates of those they disagree with, and worst of all, to let the outrage go without challenge.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Everyone But Paul Ryan Showed Up At Auto Town Recovery Summits

This is the first in a short series of past blog postings about our congressman, Rep. Paul Ryan, that I'll revisit over the coming weeks.

In June of 2010, President Barack Obama's counsel on automotive communities and workers, Dr. Edward B. Montgomery, completed scheduled appearances in Janesville and Kenosha (both are in Ryan's congressional district) to find out what kind of help the locals wanted or expected from the federal government to help foster economic growth and jobs.

Rock Netroots Excerpt:
Returning to Janesville's recovery, this meeting was attended by local leaders in labor, county and local governments, transportation and housing agencies, health and human services, justice, environmental protection, business, education and economic development, science and technology industries - just about everybody - together they presented a list of eight projects and proposals totaling slightly more than $40 million.

With a White House official playing host and several more federal officials in attendance, this economic recovery summit was perhaps the single most important meeting concerning the future economic vitality of Janesville and the Rock County area in over 50 years. Everyone and anybody that represents city and county government were there including State Assembly Rep. Mike Sheridan and Rep. Tammy Baldwin. The state was represented by the DWD Secretary, Roberta Gassman. So just about everyone was there except for. one. Paul. Ryan.

That's right, Paul Ryan, the guy who often refers to himself as the area's go-to "federal guy" did not participate in the district's most important plans for economic recovery during what was arguably the most stressful time in its history since the Great Depression. These two important meetings were not only in his congressional district, but Janesville is his hometown. Now, I do recall during the summer of 2010 that Paul Ryan was starting to bounce around on the national scene promoting his hyper-partisan GOP recruitment book, "Youngs Guns." So it becomes obvious he had more important things to attend to at that time. It's also possible that he may have written a letter to whom it may concern in support of these economic recovery meetings, but we recently discovered how routine his letters of support really are. So.

In addition to Ryan's glaring absence, what must not be overlooked is the fact that local leaders in business, education and government had no choice but to present their list of 8 projects totaling $40 million to a federal official other than their own congressional representative.

Also, these meetings were not held behind closed doors with hedge fund managers, corporate fatcats or select campaign donors. They were held in broad daylight under full public scrutiny and with full disclosure. The folks in attendance were his constituency. But perhaps they (including some of his supporters) already knew Ryan would turn a deaf ear to their cries for help. Perhaps they knew Ryan would view their comeback plans and requests for revenue as little more than hand-outs and earmarks, putting his delicate conservative reputation at risk. But most important, perhaps they knew they had no choice but to go over his head if they ever wanted a chance to get something done.

Paul Ryan had the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of the solution and do great things for his congressional district. Instead, he chose not to show up.

Original Blog Posting - Bludgeoned Into Prosperity - District Locals Go Over Ryan's Head For Capital (June 18, 2010)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To Destroy Medicare, Romney/Ryan Have No Choice But To Attack $716 billion That Saves It

ABC News Excerpt:
Ryan included those same cuts in his signature budget plan -- the same plan Romney has said he would sign if he becomes president -- but Ryan says he was forced to build his plan on those cuts because they were already signed into law.

But if the first thing you do in office is repeal the Affordable Care Act, why in the world would you include the $716 billion in your plan? And, if they were unable to repeal the ACA, why would they leave the $716 billion Ryan calls devastating "cuts" in his budget anyways.

ABC News Excerpt:
The $716 billion in cuts to Medicare in the Affordable Care Act do not affect benefits for seniors. Instead, they reduce provider reimbursements and are intended to curb waste, fraud and abuse, but that has not stopped the GOP attacks.

The fact is, is Obama's Affordable Care Act seeks to reduce Medicare spending and cost reductions over the next ten years by $716 billion. This coming at the worst possible time for Romney and Ryan when they fully expected to convince the American people that Medicare costs were escalating at such a pace that there was no other choice but to end the program. Ryan's worst fears are coming true and as a result of those savings, the Medicare trust fund is extended by 8 years. The truth is, they don't want that to happen at all. This leaves Romney/Ryan with no choice but to make the $716 billion both the strawman and the scapegoat depending on whether you view it as a savings or a cut.

With or without the ACA, the Romney-Ryan plan would simply steal the projected $716 billion in savings to pay for new tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and huge corporations. However, Romney and Ryan recently reversed on that and now claim they would restore the $716 billion to Medicare. What this actually does is increase the costs of Medicare by $716 billion and returns the program back to the unsustainable glide-path it was on before the Affordable Care Act became law.

That is exactly where they want it to be.

Sadly, at a time when millions of Americans are still looking for work, Romney and Ryan are more concerned about finding ways to throw 35 million people off of health care. This is where their values are.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ryan's Level Of Constituent Assistance Depends On Whether It Provides Him Political Benefit

Caught flip-flopping on his previous endorsement of Federal Stimulus Projects, Paul Ryan now says his letters written on behalf of constituents requesting stimulus funds were “mishandled.”

What exactly is he saying? Do you know what he's saying? He's saying that the level of constituent services his office provides is banked on whether he supported or opposed the law in Congress. It's like, how will he benefit politically. Got that?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Possible Bombshell: Gov. Romney Gave State Contract To Firm he Had Stake In

Mitt Romney may have breached state ethics laws as Governor of Massachusetts by holding a stake in a company that did lucrative work for his administration and was linked to the family of Paul Ryan, a Daily Telegraph investigation has found.

Telegraph Excerpt:
One of his vice-presidential candidate's brothers, who is a former Bain consultant, was at the time of the investment a senior executive at the marketing company, Imagitas, which was co-founded by another former Bain executive.

Both Mr Romney and Tobin Ryan, who omits his work at Imagitas from his corporate biography, also apparently stood to benefit from the $230 million (£146 million) sale of the company in 2005, while Mr Romney remained in office.

Wow. For 3 years in the 90's, Tobin Ryan, who is a member of the redstate anti-union Rock County 5.0 activist group, was a senior manager at the outsourcing pioneer's Bain & Company, the business bankruptcy firm where Romney made his ill-begotten fortune. What a dirty nexus of conniving crooks. So what does the GOP do? They run 'em for the highest office in the land. This one story looks like it could spring legs for a dozen more.

About those tax returns ...did we see everything we need to know? Maybe we should forget those tax returns and start asking for a federal indictment instead.

Shameless Paul Ryan Uses Mom As Political Prop

In the video below, Paul Ryan rips the privacy veil off of his mom on a national stage for pure political gain. He introduces her to the crowd and then makes the claim he won't touch Social Security for seniors because she so heavily relies on it. Too bad. I've always thought the worst politicians were those who shield their policies using family members, especially their small children. We can add Ryan to that list.

But now that she's a member of Ryan's campaign, what's the real scoop on her? Little is known about her summer cabin up "north." Is it a mansion in Janesville? She's a snowbird widow who can apparently afford two residences on SS? How does she afford such extravagance?

Video thanks to the Democurmudgeon with related story.

Paul Ryan, Why So Insincere?

Even for a chronic liar like Paul Ryan who recently denied his well-publicized affinity for his lifetime soulmate, Ayn Rand, his most recent transgressions are even more egregious. Take for instance his flip-flopping on the stimulus. After initially denying he had requested stimulus funds for constituents in his congressional district, he finally acknowledged that he indeed sought the money. The documented evidence, actual hand signed letters, was just too overwhelming even for Ryan's most fierce apologists. He should have left well enough alone when his staffers first defended the requests as just part of his job to carry out constituent services, and just owned up to it. But when you just keep making shit up, you have to keep piling on more to cover up the earlier stinking mess.

“After having these letters called to my attention I checked into them, and they were treated as constituent service requests in the same way matters involving Social Security or Veterans Affairs are handled. This is why I didn't recall the letters earlier.”

Paul Ryan


So now Paul Ryan claims constituents applying for stimulus funds should not have been part of his routine office service. He also implies that access to federal stimulus funds is something he would not provide to his constituents. He simply doesn't agree with it. Sorrry, you'll need to ask a another congressman or move into a different congressional district. Good grief!

But if you're like me, you probably put alot of intrinsic value into a person's handshake and more so into their signature. Below are the signed copies of Ryan's letters requesting stimulus funding.

So, here's the thing. Paul Ryan makes it a point to highlight the word 'Sincerely' with his signature on letters he now claims needed to be brought to his attention to recall their content.

If anything, I'm now convinced his sincerity is just a routine.

Did Romney Blago the VP Seat To Koch Bros. For $100M?

>>> Suggest a Caption <<<

Certainly not from the most reliable source, but I've learned long ago that the truth is always sharper than the axe.

National Memo Excerpt:
According to Stone, the billionaire Koch brothers purchased the Republican vice presidential nomination for Ryan from Romney in late July by promising to fork over an additional $100 million toward “independent expenditure” campaigning for the GOP ticket.

Any such transaction would represent a serious violation of federal election laws and perhaps other statutes, aside from the ethical and character implications for all concerned. Although Stone is not the most reputable figure, to put it mildly, he has been a Republican insider, with access to the party’s top figures, over four decades. His credentials date back to Nixon’s Committee to Reelect The President and continue through the Reagan White House, the hard-fought Bush campaigns, and the Florida fiasco in 2000, when he masterminded the “Brooks Brothers riot” that shut down the Bush-Gore recount in Miami-Dade. Peruse his site and you’ll see his greatest hits and the attention he has drawn from major publications. more>>>

In fact, I'd say the chances that Romney sold the seat are so great, they practically needed a cock-eyed story like this to pre-empt any ideas that it is even remotely true.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tom Morello: Paul Ryan Is the Embodiment Of The Machine

Rolling Stone Excerpt:
Paul Ryan's love of Rage Against the Machine is amusing, because he is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades. Charles Manson loved the Beatles but didn't understand them. Governor Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen but doesn't understand him. And Paul Ryan is clueless about his favorite band, Rage Against the Machine.

Don't mistake me, I clearly see that Ryan has a whole lotta "rage" in him: A rage against women, a rage against immigrants, a rage against workers, a rage against gays, a rage against the poor, a rage against the environment. Basically the only thing he's not raging against is the privileged elite he's groveling in front of for campaign contributions. Read more>>>

I totally agree. Paul Ryan is killing in the name of doing what they told him.

Video: Romney & Ryan Too Extreme Janesville Rally

People For The American Way

Government Plays Huge Role In Janesville's Comeback

Contrary to the Randian machinations of native son Paul Ryan, his hometown of Janesville is finding most of it's economic success through government interaction and for lack of a better word - coercion.

NPR Excerpt:
(Titled: Ryan's hometown and the route back to prosperity)

Janesville is making the same slow recovery that's typical elsewhere. City manager Eric Levitt said the city has added 1,000 jobs in the past 18 months, usually 50-to-100 at a time at existing employers. To foster that comeback, the city hasn't picked the Republican or the Democratic approach, but is using elements of both.

From the GOP: Streamlined permitting and tax cuts have aided in recruitment of new companies, including a medical technology company attracted by a tax break that could be worth as much as $9 million. The manufacturer of isotopes expects to open a new $24 million facility and employ 160 people in high-wage jobs by 2016.

From Democrats: Federal money for retraining assistance is filling classrooms at local vocational schools and colleges. At Blackhawk Technical College, welding programs that run from dawn until midnight six days a week are packed. That's helping address what city officials see as their biggest challenge: a mismatch between companies' expectations and the skills of those looking for work.

I can't imagine Janesville's city manager Eric Levitt (employee, non-elective office) would step any further into this political minefield.

This however weaves nicely with my earlier post referring to Janesville as Juliaville. There's not much to argue with except I find it odd how the writer(s) split the strategy into republican and democrat programs when in truth, both growth plans for Janesville's private sector rely heavily on the helping hand and collective power of government. It is this entire concept of government and the role it plays in society that Rep. Paul Ryan wants to bring to a halt. But keep this in mind - in fiction only.

But a paradox emerges when the story's writer aligns the collectivist power of government with the republican side, and individual empowerment through education for the democrat's strategy. That alignment is absolutely accurate, but it is also the exact opposite from the popular meme distributed by homeboy Paul Ryan and his Tea Party adherents. They claim it is Obama and democrats (particularly progressives) who are stifling growth by using the power of collectivism to expand the role of government into the free markets - thereby picking winners and losers in industry and creating uncompetitive advantages. Conversely, Ryan also tries to stake claim in supporting the empowerment of individuals in order to become productive members of society, when in reality that concept is owned and practiced by democratic progressives. Almost as the writer describes.

Sadly, it is Paul Ryan who seems to be living inside the novel Atlas Shrugged, while his hometown of Janesville has to struggle with growth concepts based in reality.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Without Health Care Reform Or Budget Proposals Of Their Own, How Can Romney/Ryan Criticize President's?

New Yorker Excerpt: (Aug. 6, 2012)
“If you’re going to criticize, you should propose,” Ryan says of his budget plan.

“I think you’re obligated to do that,” he said. “People like me who are reform-minded ignore the people who say, ‘Just criticize and don’t do anything and let’s win by default.’ That’s ridiculous.” He said he was “moving ahead without them. They don’t want to produce alternatives? That’s not going to stop me from producing an alternative.”

In the video below, Brit Hume (of all people) from Fox Cable News unintentionally busted Ryan by asking him about the Medicare "savings" he expects to produce from his budget proposal, Hume asks, "...doesn't your budget also contemplate very major savings from Medicare...[...]how much?" Because Ryan has to zero in on the word "savings" and transform it into "cuts" in order to criticize Obama while at the same time no longer identify himself with his own Medicare-cutting budget, Ryan completely stumbles, ..."the point is, we ...we ...ah, I joined the Romney ticket and what Mitt Romney is proposing to do is repeal all of Obamacare." But right there Ryan disowned himself from his own budget proposal and declared that Romney's plan is to repeal Obamacare and that's what he is also committed to doing.

In other words, despite Romney fully embracing Ryan's budget proposal during the republican primary debates, as a team, Ryan and Romney now claim they have no health care proposal or budget of their own. Paul Ryan's most singular and defining piece of legislative work no longer belongs to him and is now referred to as "the House Budget." The house owns it now.

So using Ryan's own words from the recent New Yorker interview, how can Ryan (or Romney) criticize Obama's health care reform, Medicare reforms or budget proposals - if they have none of their own? So they're left with no choice but to try to win by default. Or is this just more of Ryan's lifelong phony routine?

Watch the Ed Show below discussing bumbling Ryan's responses to Brit Hume. Yet another fine video catch from the Democurmudgeon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romney Rand: Throwing Back America

There's alot of information coming out all at once about Rep. Paul Ryan since he was picked for VP by Mitt Romney, almost to the point of overload. Some of it is very comprehensive while others make more specialized observations. Nearly all of it is well done.

But if I was limited to choose only one simple sound bite of information that best describes him (next to my own blog postings of course!) it would likely be the two minute video below.

No flashy gimmicks or voice-overs, it's Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand in their own words. This powerful lifelong soulmate connection Ryan openly admitted to is impossible to deny, yet he only recently rebuked this connection as a "urban legend." Now, Ryan and his campaign enablers are trying to whitewash his imprinted radicalism and shape him into a bridge-crossing moderate between the center and the far right. The congressman now claims it is Jack Kemp who was his political and ideological mentor. Uh huh. The MSM for whatever reason, continues to eat Ryan's words and pretend like they're not throwing up. It's really a sickening spectacle.

Watch it:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Janesville Rally Set: Romney And Ryan Too Extreme For America

This Thursday!!

At Rep. Paul Ryan's Congressional Office, 20 Main Street
Janesville WI 53545

Aug. 16th, Beginning at 4 PM

Join People For The American Way and Progressive partner organizations to tell Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan that the ROMNEY / RYAN agenda is TOO EXTREME FOR AMERICA. We'll protest and speak to the press about the way Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have made harmful decisions and support policies that hurt average Wisconsinites, and show our support for President Obama's policies to move our country forward.

Event Press Release.

Event Facebook

Romney/Ryan Too Extreme Blue Placard View/Print here.

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This posting is subject to updates.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Janesville Is Not Paul Ryan's Kind Of Town

During an interview with asshat Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan said progressivism is the source for all the big government problems facing us today. When Beck referred to progressives as a cancer, Ryan agreed and told Beck to consider where he was born and raised – in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Listen to the interview here.

After catching the report that Paul Ryan's first celebratory homecoming to Wisconsin as Mitt Romney's running mate will be held in Waukesha and not in his hometown of Janesville, I figured that the teatards in Walkersha must be more important to him. Obviously, there's more to that than meets the eye. J.R. at the Political Environment picked up on Ryan's slight to his hometown as well. He wrote in his blog...

Political Environment Excerpt:
But don't forget that Janesville's signature but shuttered GM and Parker Pen assembly plants don't exactly offer TV crews the kind of news-at-10 "B-roll" footage that the candidates' handlers are looking for.

I agree. Mit Romney doesn't have a bus big enough to block Big Media's spotlight from the sprawling 250 acre vacant factory compound with it's 4 foot tall weeds and stained dirty chimneys. So that's not going to happen. But there's another side to the story.

You see, typically when major news agencies flood a town like Janesville, they want to play nice. They want to shine a light on it's landmark attractions and all the positive things happening economically since the closing of the GM plant and it's dependent subsidiaries. That's only natural. I would expect they would want to focus on Janesville's comeback, especially since Paul Ryan is considered the GOP's economic whiz and philosophical job creator extraordinaire. I mean, they've called themselves the comeback team right? Under that light, most would expect Janesville's slow but steady economic growth would serve as a perfect example of Ryan's small government/free market influence and success, right? But it doesn't. Not at all.

Why is that? Well, because nearly every major piece of business development and jobs creation in Janesville has been plumbed and perked by the big hand of government. From cash-rich W.W. Grainger picking up a cool $227,000 from city government for an office expansion to a new medical technology firm picking up free land, a city-backed taxpayer guaranteed loan and over $20 millon in federal grant money. When challenged by a Janesville city council member as to why they need a government-backed loan vs a privately insured loan, the CEO of the medical tech firm said without that feature, he would have to look elsewhere to start his business.

So, most of the recent major business construction and "job creation" in Ryan's hometown has been perked with government aid such as TIF District advantages, cash-back for maintaining a minimum employee quota, free infrastructure, taxpayer-paid rent, free TIF surplus money and forgivable loans including federal contracts and state grant monies. Plus, Janesville is in a state-tax-credit enterprise zone and area businesses are also expected to share in the $1.5 billion federal and state funded interstate expansion soon to pass through the county over the next few years. Unless the state hires Chinese firms to do the work to "save" money - then that too could change.

Before anyone screams at me that they built it all by themselves, I do acknowledge that there are individual "mom and pop" entrepreneurs opening up small businesses like hotdog/beef stands, resale shops and delivery services, etc., in Janesville with very little to no government help. Absolutely. That's happening too. But the fact is, Janesville's post-GM economic development growth, as modest as it is, is largely built on a foundation of government and it's being done under make-or-break pressure, where those receiving the helping hand from government also claim the start-ups and growth would not be happening without it.

So let's put it this way, the concept of government at nearly every level plays a huge role in Janesville's comeback, so much that I submit that we may as well change the city's name to Julia-ville. But according to Ryan's philosophy, government stifles economic growth and progressivism is largely responsible for all its failures.

Okay, now get ready for this. The irony here is that those lobbying for and receiving government largess are mostly local Paul Ryan supporters and members of Forward Janesville and the "Divide and Conquer" redstate Rock County 5.0 business cartels. That's right. How does that work? Let's just say that most of these people aren't "poor" folk. There are no means-testing eligibility requirements used to qualify for this type of government assistance. Yet they feverishly support a candidate whose entire political and economic philosophy is built on wild-ass government-less austerity where the only bootstraps are your own, even if you don't have any to start with. In the meantime however ...they don't practice what Ryan preaches. Why? Well, the short answer for that one is what some of us have only recently come to learn. Most of these so-called "job creators" feel that the money collected by the government belongs to them anyways since they are under the impression half of the country doesn't pay any taxes - only they do. That is where it stands right now.

There's an additional irony to this however. Because the core message to Ryan's shape-shifting ideological proposal is to severely diminish the role of government, Janesville's recent government-aided progress in economic growth is also a liability to showcase to a national media. It doesn't do Paul Ryan's ill-conceived proposals any favors at all. So, when Big Media comes snooping around Janesville for a Ryan event, you can be assured that Ryan's local media enablers (primarily the Gazette) will steer the big boys away from any of this as much as possible.

The bottom line is that Janesville's past doesn't serve Ryan's personal quest for stardom, and if Ryan has any say about it, Janesville's future won't be well served by Paul Ryan.

By the way, where is Ryan's government unfettered free-market city on the hill? Where is Aynrandsville?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan Used Insider Information To Avoid 2008 Crash

While most of us working saps were left to the merciless invisible hands controlling our modest mutual fund accounts and helplessly watched our 401k take hits of 30 to 40 and even 50 percent in a matter of weeks following the economic crash of 2008, Paul Ryan used his position in the public trust to save himself. Hey, he probably figured what's insider information for if you can't apply it to yourself? And, who's going to notice?

The Richmonder Excerpt:
Ryan attended a closed meeting with congressional leaders, Bush's Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on September 18, 2008. The purpose of the meeting was to disclose the coming economic meltdown and beg Congress to pass legislation to help collapsing banks.

Instead of doing anything to help, Ryan left the meeting and on that very same day Paul Ryan sold shares of stock he owned in several troubled banks and reinvested the proceeds in Goldman Sachs, a bank that the meeting had disclosed was not in trouble. This is the guy Republicans want one heartbeat away from the presidency? He seems more than a little shady to me.

Here's just one page of Ryan's financial disclosure form for 2008 with several transactions highlighted followed by more suspicious trades in the following months.

You can view more of Ryan's financial disclosure pages here.

H/T to the Richmonder

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Most Viewed Paul Ryan PhotoShops and Toons

This first one is new!

Breaking: Romney Will Announce VP Today. Some Say It will Be Ayn Rand

They're saying it's going to be Paul Ryan.

ABC News Excerpt: Mitt Romney will announce his vice presidential running mate on Saturday in Virginia, his campaign has announced -- and signs pointed to Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

But I wouldn't rule out Bob Portman, Scott Walker, Gen. Petraeus or Marco Rubio just yet.

Romney's campaign has been in crash and burn mode lately as he tries to divert attention away from his record and back to policy issues. It's amazing that Romney's greatest achievements supposedly, his business record and RomneyCare, are also his greatest liabilities among his supporters and now they think Ryan will bring the focus back on policy issues? No argument from me. I can't wait to hear it. But I can't think of two other people beyond Ryan and Romney, that paint the perfect image more of the very people who have been responsible for the destruction of the American Dream and all the carnage and imbalances in both the public and private sectors. Their conceptual moral and capital bankruptcies along with their working relationship is one of perfect symbiosis.

The only problem I see is Romney has already hitched his ride to Ryan's largely debunked Atlas Shrugged-based budget, so I can't imagine what he would gain by bringing the poisonous Ryan front and center. Ryan's like a bottle of arsenic, except that the skull on the crossbones warning would be smiling.

So I say bring it on whoever it is.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Political Ad Placement Sure Looks Political

While browsing the Janesville Gazette (R) newspaper today, I saw this "Yuri Rashkin (D) for Assembly" political ad at the very bottom of Page 9A posted under a local story about a heroin bust. As you can see, there was no separator bar other than the border around the ad.

While a story posted near the bottom of Page 8A about a softball tourney helping children had an empty space equal in size to the Rashkin ad.

Sometimes it's these subtle little things that help makes our little world go' round.

Naaah. I'm sure it doesn't mean anything and was purely unintentional.

Note: This story is the sole opinion of it's author and NOT part of any political campaign.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Paul Ryan's Budget Proposal 3 Times Worse Than Automatic Cuts He Called Crippling

Remember the Simpson-Bowles Debt Commission? It was a special congressional panel established by President Obama as part of a debt ceiling deal with Congress to write a bi-partisan policy on fiscal responsibility and debt reform. It consisted of 18 members including six congressional republicans and six democrats.

We already know there's been plenty of criticism from both sides of the aisle about the commission's final report and we also know all six republicans chosen for the panel were Norquist pledge signers. The "Norquisters" guaranteed the commission would fail because it needed a super majority - 14 votes - to pass, and there was no way those six republicans would allow any balanced debt solutions to include revenue increases. Among the Norquister six on the debt commission was our own failed congressman, Paul Ryan.

More importantly, now that the debt commission failed, was the default mechanism called a sequester Congress agreed to with the President as part of the debt ceiling deal. The sequester was meant to be a fail safe policy of across-the-board automatic cuts that panel members were supposed to fear enough, that they would be forced to reach some sort of a bi-partisan balanced solution to cut and control future deficits. Paul Ryan knew of all this well in advance.

Failing to reach the minimum 14 votes needed to pass - the sequester kicked in. Again, Congress agreed to this. But a few months ago, Ryan issued a complaint of sorts, claiming that the automatic cuts that he allowed to kick in, would have a crippling effect on our military. He wrote ...

Paul Ryan House Excerpt:
...we established a Joint Select Committee in Congress tasked with producing at least $1.2 trillion in additional deficit reduction. This "supercommittee" was backstopped by an automatic, across-the-board spending cut known as a sequester. This sequester was never intended to be policy. It was meant to be something both parties wished to avoid, in order to motivate members of the supercommittee to work together. Despite a good-faith effort to avoid the sequester, the supercommittee's negotiations broke down over fundamental differences in visions for our nation's future.

Again, most of the Democrats on the committee voted to approve the final draft. For good or bad, they feared the cold cuts the sequester could bring. Ryan however did not.

The sequester was never meant to be an empty gesture or something that would be pulled away if they merely negotiated in good faith but still failed, as Ryan now implies. That would mean it would have no bite, no power and that scenario was not part of the debt deal agreement and Ryan knows it. When Paul Ryan voted "no" on the debt commission, he not only agreed to honor the $1.2 trillion automatic reductions in defense and domestic programs, but he also implied that the automatic cuts he now suddenly calls "crippling" were not enough incentive to coerce him to find common ground with others on the panel. He failed miserably not only in leadership, but in a teamwork environment as well.

To deny responsibility when the panel failed to reach consensus or blame it on Obama is completely ludicrous. Congressman Ryan gave up on being part of the solution and gambled away thousands of American jobs when he folded on the debt commission.

But now there's a new report from the Wisconsin Budget Project that looks into the effects Ryan's own budget would have on the state of Wisconsin if passed into law.

Wisconsin Budget Project Excerpt:
The funding cuts to states, counties, and cities under the Ryan budget proposal would far exceed the automatic cuts scheduled to begin in January, often referred to by the term “sequestration.” In 2014, the Ryan budget cuts would be three times as deep as those inflicted by sequestration. In later years, the difference would be even larger, as the sequestration cuts diminish but the Ryan cuts remain just as deep.

It's true. The automatic cuts Ryan settled for in opposition to the debt commission, but now calls "crippling," are nowhere near as devastating to the state or country as his own budget proposal is, particularly in the long-term.

We know Paul Ryan has a serious pre-existing ideological condition making him unfit to be in Congress, let alone on any committee or panel that requires the maturity and knowledge to reach common ground. He proved this on the debt commission and proves it again with his toxic politicking to cover his tracks.

There is no substitute for facts.

ADDITIONAL: CBPP - How the Potential Automatic Cuts in the Debt Limit Deal Would Occur

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wisconsin Voter Registration Is Now Online ...But

Via DailyKos ...

Wisconsin residents who want to register to vote – or to update their registration information – can get the process started online via the Voter Public Access site! A new link (Register to Vote) on the Voter Public Access site first appeared this week, allowing for online registration they are calling “Click and Mail”. People can now fill out their registration forms online, essentially entering themselves into the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) in a pending status, print off the completed registration form, then finalize the registration with the required documentation (e.g. ID) at their local clerk’s office or at the polling place on election day. Clerks with access to the SVRS can pull up a person’s pending registration the next day, and complete the process lickety-split. I had no idea this was coming but I think it sounds awesome!


(there’s always a “but”…)

. …the GAB doesn’t want to tell the public about it until after the August 14th primary full story >>>here.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Busy Schedule Of Informational Events This Week For The Janesville Area

Here's a shout out to the good people who volunteer to organize and work these events. There's something almost every day this week. Have fun, get informed and show your support!

1. TODAY!! (Tuesday) a Women for Obama house party at
220 S. Academy, Janesville, at 6:00, featuring a call in from Stephanie Cutter, Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager.

2. Wednesday, Aug. 8th, Rock County Progressives will host a Potluck Picnic at Janesville's Riverside Park, North Pavillon beginning at 6 PM. Get more info about this event here.

3. On Thursday, August 9th, Rock Forward will meet at Taj Mahal Restaurant in Janesville (near the Shopko Shopping Center) at 6:30. This event is a show of support for our Sikh friends and neighbors who are devastated by the senseless violence in Oak Creek Wisconsin.

4. A FREE PANCAKE BREAKFAST will be held Saturday, August 11th, 10-11 a.m. to help fuel up the friends and volunteers of 44th Assembly candidates before the big GOTV push.

5. The Annual Corn Boil Fundraiser will be held August 12th from noon-3 p.m. at the Jones Pavillion at Riverside Park, Beloit. The cost is 10-dollars. Proceeds help the DPRC support local candidates for office. Corn, brats, drinks and dinnerware are provided. Food will be served at 1 p.m.

Monday, August 06, 2012

NRA State Law Protects CC License Verification Of Killers

Trying to cast some light into the dark shadows of the Oak Creek Temple gun violence will be difficult for inquiring Wisconsin residents. You see, under current Concealed-Carry laws lobbied for by the NRA and signed into law by Scott Walker, law enforcement authorities are prohibited from saying whether Wade Michael Page, the Temple killer, possessed a state concealed carry permit or not.

The NRA simply won't allow it...

Sunshine Week Excerpt:
...making sure concealed carry permit holders are abiding the law isn't a job for the public. "That's the function of law enforcement," said Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the NRA. "There's no need for these people to have their privacy compromised. Anyone who makes any other argument is not being honest."

After years of telling folks to never trust government, the NRA is now promoting, "trust the government, the public has no need to know?"

Sorry, it's time to put the state's CC license data base online. The public should have the right to know, particularly in cases after the fact, whether crimes with guns are being committed by people with CC permits or not. I'd say, "lets's be honest, what are YOU trying to hide?"

Right-Wing Propagandists Beat Down The Truth On Jobs

Last week, the Janesville Gazette published an article about all the glory that awaits job seekers in the manufacturing sector in the state of Wisconsin. The article titled, "State Manufacturers Have jobs, Need Workers" was written by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, and contained several passages that were either accidental contradictions or blatant attempts by the subjects at revisionist history.

One example was ...

Wisconsin Watch Excerpt:
'Students' perception of manufacturing jobs is outdated. Those are the jobs that are in demand.

Unless we start to change people's perception of manufacturing, we're going to be in trouble for the long term.

Here's the thing. Manufacturing jobs are NOT in demand. You can't spend a good portion of the article explaining why young people don't want to work in manufacturing and then make it sound like the jobs are in demand. Unless that was merely a mistake in syntax. But I don't think so. In truth, it's the WORKERS that are in demand and I believe if you're sincere about attracting career employees to manufacturing, it's important not to change the direction of that pursuit. But that is exactly what the WMC plans to do - change the direction of the pursuit - make you want them - and be grateful.

If the high-wage manufacturing growth they describe was even remotely true, potential manufacturing workers would then have all the leverage, but they don't want you know it because they don't want to pay. The WMC's core premise in the article is that the state's manufacturing "industry has room to grow even larger, but that there are not enough workers for the available jobs." Actual quote. Like, it's a supply side problem but it's not. But they really mean they have enough workers now, so don't get any ideas they can't fill orders, but if new hires would only work for say ...$7.83 cents an hour and no benefits - the state's manufacturing industry would explode with growth. Sure it would. There's no doubt in my mind it would, but that was not the previous qualifier for a state-wide jobs explosion. Two months ago Scott Walker had to only win the recall election was thee qualifier.

With that, you have to understand by now why they're going to all this trouble using semantics and shifts in syntax. It's pretty much an excuse driven conspiracy. They have no choice.

A similar observation on a different article was noted at the Voices Newspaper Blog, where the writer picks up on the shameless propaganda posted in a Wisconsin State Journal article about how Wisconsin's unemployed people should be shamed into and more grateful to take that $7.25 and hour job. Hey, they've even wrapped a flag around it - it's the patriotic thing to do.

Then there's the paradox of the state of Wisconsin and WMC satellite groups making attempts to bribe and coerce businesses from other states into Wisconsin, getting the word out that we're open for business, while simultaneously slamming the Wisconsin workforce population as unskilled, lazy and unwilling to work. Why would any business want to come to Wisconsin??

Just more stupid.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Romney Makes Walker's Failed Jobs Promise To Nation

On a lighter note.

It sounded very familiar. I wondered how Mittens came up with the 12 million jobs promise. You'll recall Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs during the course of his 4 year term. I tend to believe simpleton minds operate in simpleton ways, so if you multiple 50 states by Walker's 250,000 job promise, abracadabra ... Romney will create 12 million jobs give or take.

You can't blame Romney though for taking what wins elections, afterall Walker defeated the recall effort despite failing miserably to keep his jobs promise even remotely honest. But it's a soundbite that works on stupid people and when stupid talk is this cheap - there's nothing to lose. The only thing that could be more comical now in Romney's walkerized copy-cat campaign would be to adopt Walker's "Brown Bag" gimmick. I can already see Romney's man-servant packing his lunch in a Louie Vuitton.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Video: How a Bill(ionaire) Becomes a Law(maker)

From unPac: Money Out, People In. Why pizza is now considered a vegetable in school cafeterias and more ...

Want Mining Jobs Sooner Than Later? Sorry, WMC Won't Allow It

Now that Sen. Tim Cullen is the chair of a new committee on mining, state Democrats intend to iron out an ore mining bill that protects the environment and creates jobs by the end of this year. They're already planning on how to proceed, but there's a big problem. The powerful uber-partisan Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) group have made a committment not to allow any new attempt other than a republican bill at this time, going so far as labeling the attempt by Democrats to create jobs as "premature."

Superior Telegram Excerpt:
But Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Environmental Policy Director Scott Manley says unless they go with the Republican-backed Assembly bill, this new committee is wasting its time.

“Any effort to water that bill down could scuttle that entire project. So from our perspective, it’s premature at this time to be talking about any legislation other than Assembly Bill 426.”

It's actually worse than just a handful of partisan legislators rigidly adhering to a one-party Republican-only bill. Last week, the WMC issued a statement ordering Republicans not to even consider discussing mining legislation with Democrats and environmentalists until after the November election.

In the video below, watch Jeff Fitzgerald bow to the WMC line by claiming attempts at creating jobs should wait until after the campaign season.

To these self-important arrogant shills, creating jobs is a seasonal event. I'm sure unemployed workers completely understand.

Related Reading:

Democurmudgeon - Fitzgerald Brothers say now is not the time to create jobs! Really?

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Conservative Strongholds Getting A Taste Of Themselves

About 150 people showed up at a townhall meeting in the Town of Sherman to learn about a proposed commercial wind farm.

Sheboygan Press Excerpt:
“Looking at the number of people who are here tonight, the question the board should be asking is, ‘How do we stop it?’” said Jim Bertram, of Adell. “We want to know how we can stop it.”

The town is in the process of drafting a wind ordinance and related wind siting roles in light of a proposed commercial wind farm there. The town, however, is hamstrung by state law in how strict they can make those rules. “The town can’t be any stricter than the rules the state came up with,” attorney Matt Parmentier told the audience. Parmentier was retained by the town to draft the ordinance.

If the town’s ordinance is more stringent than state rules, then the ordinance would be declared invalid and the project would be automatically approved. That was a sore point with many in the audience, saying the law was an affront to local control and property owners’ rights and will lower property values.

“He (the developer) is basically stealing my property,” said John Hayes, who lives near the proposed development. “I feel like they’re stealing from me.”

But ...but, according to Ayn Rand's morality of capitalism, the developer isn't stealing your property if the developer is following the law. It's Scott Walker who is stealing your land. Big oppressive authoritarian government.

When Walker developed his wind siting rules, like every other rule he pushed, he promoted it as anti-wind industry policy. His wind industry rules were meant to appear in opposition to sustainable and renewable energy, and most of all appear to look anti-european anti-socialist Obama - conservatives loved him for it! But in exchange for increasing the previous setback distance the realtors association wanted, Walker eliminated local control under the guise of creating uniform state laws so developers won't have to deal ...with ...with

The reality is Walker's entire electoral success (as well as the GOP's, Ryan, Ron Johnson, etc.) is all about your interpretation of their deceptive policy and position messaging, and it's working.

So, the irony here is that there's no point in drafting your own local wind ordinance unless you allow the wind turbines even closer to your property than Walker's law allows. Otherwise you're overruled! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Remember what that was like?

But the Town of Sherman voted by a 4 to 1 margin in favor of Scott Walker in the recall election. Now they are up in arms, almost literally I should add, about having their property stolen?

Conservative property owners took a chance, a big chance, and lost big when they voted for Scott Walker. Tsk ...tsk.


Democurmudgeon - Hey, Republican Voters in the Town of Jackson, still think Environmental concerns over the Keystone Pipeline were Ridiculous?

The Town of Jackson voted for Walker by a 5 to 1 margin! I'm starting to get a sense of buyers remorse from Walker's supporters.