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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shameless Paul Ryan Uses Mom As Political Prop

In the video below, Paul Ryan rips the privacy veil off of his mom on a national stage for pure political gain. He introduces her to the crowd and then makes the claim he won't touch Social Security for seniors because she so heavily relies on it. Too bad. I've always thought the worst politicians were those who shield their policies using family members, especially their small children. We can add Ryan to that list.

But now that she's a member of Ryan's campaign, what's the real scoop on her? Little is known about her summer cabin up "north." Is it a mansion in Janesville? She's a snowbird widow who can apparently afford two residences on SS? How does she afford such extravagance?

Video thanks to the Democurmudgeon with related story.


Anonymous said...

How can she afford two residences? Because the Ryan family is rich, and doesn't need Medicare or SS to survive upon after retirement.

Anonymous said...

Or for six months out of the year could it be that Mrs. Ryan has been living in a beautiful home on Kennedy rd. With the owner a well known construction company and yes she does collect social security and is on medicare.

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