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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Janesville Republican Lobbied For Teacher Walker And Friends Labeled as "Unsafe"

According to a report in the Journal Sentinel, one of the teachers Scott Walker dragged out into the public debate to hurt challenger Tony Evers had a state legislator lobby on her behalf.

The teacher, accused of sending lewd snapchats to a student, never was charged with wrongdoing after the school agency found no probable cause she had violated the "immoral conduct" clause in state law.

But that doesn't stop political party hacks from being political party hacks.

JS Online Excerpt:
"This is a damning indictment of Tony Evers’ leadership and yet another stark example of his failure to keep kids safe in our schools," said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the state Republican Party.

The problem with that of course is; Evers had no choice but to reinstate the teacher's license. But he did not put the teacher back in a school. That would be Rep. Amy Loudenbeck of Janesville who fought for that, IF you want to indict for the failure of keeping kids safe.

JS Online Excerpt:
What's more, a staffer for a Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Amy Loudenbeck of Clinton, lobbied Evers' staff in 2015 to hurry up the investigation so the former Beloit teacher could accept a new job. After the case was closed, she taught at a Janesville school for a year.

They say there's always more to a story.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

As Democracy Fades, Edgerton Considers The Ultimate Gerrymander: "At-Large" Council Elections

Edgerton leaders are proposing to change their geographically-based aldermanic representative form of city government to an "At-Large" system. Currently, Edgerton (Pop. 5,500) has three districts with two alders elected from each.

Apparently, as it goes with nearly all of these changes aimed at weakening democracy, incumbents would have his/her power structure protected no matter where they live in the city.

WCLO Excerpt:
Lund says it makes sense since elected council members represent the entire city anyway. Lund says it’d also be a little cheaper to produce the ballots, and would allow any representative to move within the city without having to resign from the council. The topic was broached at a recent council meeting with mixed opinion among members. Lund says the resolution will likely be on the September 4th meeting agenda if all the council members can be present.

"At-Large" is the ultimate gerrymander for elected representatives to choose their own constituents by blurring the lines under the false premise of representing the entire population. Cities have mayors for that. States have governors for that.

Instead of representing their neck of the woods in the body politic, At-Large is a cop-out from democracy and a fear of diversity replaced by centralized single interest rule. Like in Janesville.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Some Useless Information On Janesville's Primary Vote For The First CD

Looking over the vote totals from Janesville's wards in the Wisconsin primary between Randy Bryce and Cathy Myers, one thing stands out. The wards numbered 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 surrounding the former GM Plant on the city's south side, as expected, pulled hard for the union iron worker Bryce. Those six wards gave Bryce a 251 vote edge over Myers in a city of 30 wards Bryce won by a total of 330 votes.

The Janesville total: Bryce 4077 - Myers 3747.

On an interesting side note, the GOP establishment wards they specially carved out from the city for Republican state assembly Amy Loudenbeck, Wards 20, 21, 22, 23, 26 and 29 also went to Bryce, but by a closer margin of 45 votes.

On the republican side, Bryan Steil, Paul Ryan's hand-picked nominee, also did well against his opponents in Loudenbeck's gerrymandered wards, but he did even better in the cliquey establishment wards surrounding the Palmer Park area. Steil had his strongest showing in Palmer wards 12, 27 and 28. Relatively speaking, votes for republicans including Steil were almost non-existant in the GM wards.

Here's the common denominator: Bryce also won those cliquey establishment Palmer Park wards as well, 652 to 627.

The take away: Myers held her own in the most urbanized diverse central sections of the city against Bryce. But no doubt about it, voter enthusiasm for democrats is running high. If Myers voters can pick up the pieces and coalesce around Bryce, he could win in November. They have to because he won't win without them.

SOURCE: Rock County Election Results

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Dear Janesville Authorities: A 68-year-old Homeless Man Is An Endangered/Missing Person

Heartbreaking news of yet another body being pulled out from the Rock River from under a bridge in Janesville gets worse. Initial reports stated that Janesville police were aware of the homeless senior yet straight-faced told that there currently are no reports of any missing/endangered persons from the area.

There is something seriously wrong with that.

WFAW - Man Found in Rock River in Janesville Identified R.I.P.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Class Warfare Enforcement Of Local Building Codes? Being Rich Or Poor Could Be The Ultimate Criteria For Quiet Enjoyment

You might have to recall a year old article from Urban Milwaukee when they discovered that the large mansion built on billionaire Diane Hendricks sprawling property in Afton did not appear on county property tax rolls. Upon further investigation, they also found that there were either none or few building permits issued for the improvements and also no follow-up code inspections or assessor reviews.

OK, no big deal we were told on social media because Hendricks contributes greatly to the community, she deserves the benefit of the doubt and the quiet enjoyment of her property. I can agree with that providing everyone who avoids acquiring permits or code inspections deserve quiet enjoyment of their property as well. Pretty simple libertarian property ownership concept if I must say.

But that's not how a Janesville resident is being treated by authorities and in fact, appears to be punished for wanting to acquire the necessary permits. Apparently, the city wants to make this guy homeless over code violations. Got that? Code violations.

But the most glaring difference in my view is his relative lack of wealth compared to Hendricks.

According to a video presented by Talking Racine, a Janesville resident, Ty Bollerud, (home) appears to be targeted by Janesville city officials for code violations that he is not allowed to gain permits for, or repair.

In the video, the city is also accused of developing a strategy to confiscate private property through code enforcement and artificially dropping the assessment value on the targeted home so it falls into the 50% rule - that if it costs more than 50% of the assessed value for the owner to repair the structure, the city has the right to take ownership and raze it ...or something like that.

To be as honest as always, I'm not certain I'm getting the whole story presented here, whether this is a rental property or whether Bollerud owes the city for lack of payment, etc. Nevertheless, I tip my hat to Talking Racine for attempting to put the story into a context that enables viewers to judge for ourselves.

Watch it:


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Residential Developers Refuse To Build In Dollar General Janesville Without Receiving Government Assistance

It doesn't matter, from rich to poor, high rents or low, small cracker jack houses or sprawling McMansions, large 200-acre industrial parks or a single lot mini-strip mall, once the slippery slope economics of crony capital right-wing engineered corporate welfare TIF District subsidies is embraced, there is no stopping it until the swamp is drained at your local town hall.

To be clear, it's not a partisan democrat or republican thing. It's not liberal or conservative either. It is the widespread acceptance and normalization of applying trickle-down redistributive economics to foster economic growth. Mainly, it involves the legalization and setting up of a capital kickback process under the guise of economic growth and job creation. In Wisconsin municipalities, that kickback process is carried out under seemingly harmless TIF District Subsidization.

At least for this moment, perhaps due to the vast public scrutiny of the Foxconn boondoggle, it does appear that more people are beginning to realize that if massive government assistance is required for businesses to maintain a profit incentive or to attract economic activity - as real estate developers are starting to suggest - something is seriously wrong with either their business model or our economic policies. Or both.

Locally, Janesville's failed textbook growth policies coupled with Paul Ryan's dollar general tax and regulatory reforms have potential residential developers now crying hardship. In a nutshell; they refuse to build in a local economy Ryan and his local booster clubs built without receiving free land and/or massive local subsidies to offset their losses.

So you tell me: Is that a sign of economic development success or failure?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Red Wisconsin Counties Elect Dark Store Enablers, Then Beg Them To Stop

More and more it's becoming obvious that voters today do not match the issues that matter to them to the candidates running for election, but instead stick rigidly to ideological concepts or settle for identity politics.

Red State Walworth County is a case in point. Recently, the Walworth County Board unanimously passed an advisory referendum on the tax shifting “Dark Store” theory. Almost acknowledging they are stuck with their gerrymandered office holders, the Lake Geneva story falls just short of begging them to do something.

Lake Geneva News Excerpt:
Lake Geneva residents have carefully selected their own representatives to go to Madison and take care of this community’s needs in state government.

But now that those representatives are ignoring an important issue, voters are headed back to the polls in November. Not to elect new representatives, but rather to send a message with a public referendum on that very same important issue.

Unfortunately for Walworth County and others, Republicans aren't just ignoring Dark Store lawsuits filed by their business-class donors, they are enabling them.

In fact, if they retain majorities after November, they will see their re-election as a mandate to pass legislation making the lawsuits totally unnecessary by making Dark Store assessments of retail property the law of the land. And, what are you going to do if they ignore your advice? Throw them out of office? Oh please.

Wisconsin is open for business! Remember?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

"Road To Change" Inspiring For Local Youth Participation In Citizenry

I have to take this moment to issue a word of thanks to the survivors of the Parkland Florida shooting for coming into Janesville and making an attempt to connect with the area's youth.

I can't blame them for indirectly excluding older folks from their communications and schedule, afterall, today's older folks (not all of course) are responsible for the condition of our sold-out government to corporations. Any hope for change and progress in the future will come from today's young people. There is no doubt about that.

But I thought the attendance at Ryan's office should have been better given their national exposure, until I realized this is Janesville.

In Janesville, young people are taught to sit down and cooperate with the adults and the very few that do stand up and voice their concerns are scorned by peers as attention getters or labeled as argumentative troublemakers. For the few young voices showing potential for local leadership over the years, all of them have sadly turned silent or allowed themselves to become assimilated into the status quo establishment woodwork. So it was good to see some fresh faces in attendance showing interest in civic participation.

The sad truth is; The city of Janesville, once thought to hold the potential for a reconstituted democratic progressivism after the collapse of its middle-class, has become a willing laboratory for non-democratic right-wing authoritarian corporate engineering. Put it this way, the flag of surrender - not resistance, is waved in Janesville.

But just as important, I also want to thank them for keeping this latest event an issues and organizing event and not allowing themselves to be used by any particular candidate for a campaign rally. David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez remain true to their cause.

Very refreshing and ...thank you!


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