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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Wisconsin Counties, Sheriffs and Local Administrations Throw Gov. Evers and His Mask Order Under a Bus

It was only a few days ago when leaders of the Wisconsin Counties association and the League of Wisconsin Municipalities spoke about their struggles to enact local mask mandates in the absence of a statewide order. The hapless leaders spoke as if their hands were tied without a statewide mandate.

NBC 15 Excerpt
Cities are looking for some kind of uniformity statewide, Deschane said.

“Cities see people getting sick, they’re getting these reports daily on people being hospitalized, dying and all the rest,” he said. “They feel a great sense of frustration but they don’t necessarily have the tools to act. ... We are all in a boat that none of us wanted to be in together but we have to figure this out.”

If only they had a statewide mandate, everything would be fixed was their message.

In a surprise move few expected including myself, Gov. Evers gave them the uniformity they wanted. He announced a statewide mask up order that takes effect today. What did Evers get in return? Nothing.

There was no statement from the Wisconsin Counties association or the League of Wisconsin Municipalities thanking the Governor for getting them out of their "woe is me" bind or showing support to enforce the mask up order. Nothing.

In fact, an increasing number of local law enforcement agencies are warning citizens not to call about mask complaints because they won't respond.

Even Democratic leaning Janesville and Rock County said calls would be low priority and expect to issue little to nothing in fines. Their response for the most egregious violators is educating people and working towards voluntary compliance. They won't even say whether they agree with the Governor's order. That's not a very big vote of confidence for Gov. Evers.

Truth is; without enforcement, Gov. Evers mask up order becomes little more than a toothless recommendation and we're back to square one.

But if anything positive will come out of Ever's sudden executive order it will be exposing all the counties and cities and their associations who claimed "without statewide uniformity" as frauds. Their hands were never tied to enact their own local mask up ordinances. They just needed something or someone to blame why they won't.

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