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Friday, April 10, 2020

In Janesville Nothing Is Certain But

Unbelievable! But if you're familiar with the relentless tax gouging march by the folks running the city of Janesville. Believable.

At today's daily briefing by city hall foot soldiers delivering orders from City Commander Mark Freitag, the city assessor will be moving forward yet again with a new line of property tax increases for a select group of Janesville homeowners, this despite last year's historic 31% tax bill increase and the potentially devastating economic hardship posed by the Coronavirus crisis. About 1,875 homeowners will be getting the hit.

Instead of delivering property tax relief from a mounting budget surplus, they said the adjustment is necessary and part of their "strategic plan."

The Janesville City Council no doubt has approved of this nasty move. The Janesville Council President and council candidates including Council Member Sue Conley who is running for State Assembly should step up and explain their position.

You can watch the briefing below. The assessor comes on at 11:00.

4/10/2020 Daily Briefing

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