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Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Official. It'll be George W. Hoover and Pinnochio

I finally got a sense of relief, and I would bet a few other Wisconsin bloggers also feel a little vindicated, now that New Media investigative web sites and other national resources including the MSM have gotten a good taste of the political messaging machinery we have been battling against here in the state of Wisconsin. After Rep. Paul Ryan stood on a national stage and rattled off a series of his typically dubious statements built mostly on fictional abstracts and half empty narratives, the national knowledge base would not let his remarks go unchallenged like his feeble local media enablers here in Wisconsin so often let him do. We're used to it. But what a relief! Finally.

The same can be said for Gov. Scott Walker who was also caught lying when he claimed Obama promised to keep the Janesville GM plant open for another 100 years. Obama never made that promise. Busted!

So I'm going to take a break today and post only a few links to explain the details. The first link is to a collection of about 30 links uncovering Ryan's falsehoods compiled by middlegirl at the DailyKos. This second link, again to the DailyKos, looks at how Politico along with a few other outfits epic failed in their reporting and coverage of VP candidate Paul Ryan.

Lastly, here's a story from Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone titled, "Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital from their September 12th edition.

Paul Ryan: Wrong For The Middle Class

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