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Friday, August 31, 2012

Video: Janesville UAW Joins The Ed Show On Ryan Lies

Almost everyone gets it now that Paul Ryan made a series of willfully deceptive statements about the closing of the GM SUV plant in Janesville, Wisconsin. Most of us in Janesville knew that the Ryan that was on the RNC stage Wednsday night was standard Paul Ryan. We've been hearing his junked-up narratives for years. The difference was that before Ryan was picked by Romney to be his running mate, no one really cared much about what he had to say outside of Wisconsin. But that's all changed now.

In the video below, GM factory workers, including Brad Dutcher, fmr. Janesville GM Plant Worker & UAW Assistant Regional Director, and Ron McInroy, UAW Region 4 Director, tell Ed how ashamed they are that Ryan would turn the closing of the Janesville GM plant into a political football. As Ed says near the end of this segment, there's just no better way to get to the truth than to hear it straight from the folks who were given notice that they are losing their jobs.

Watch it:


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