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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mitt/Bain Becomes Kiss Of Death For American Workers

Workers fired & outsourced by Bain protest RNC convention

A powerful message was sent to Mitt Romney when a group of workers whose jobs were outsourced by Bain Capital protested at the RNC convention. In a highly commendable gesture, the workers would not commit to attacking either political party, but remained steadfast in their protest that a person who would create and promote a profit model based on the destruction and outsourcing of American jobs does not deserve to become a President of the United States.

Huff Post Excerpt:
But Penniston, 35, works for Sensata Technologies, a manufacturer of sensors for cars that's owned by Bain Capital -- the private equity firm that's become synonymous with GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, a founding partner. Penniston, along with roughly 170 co-workers, recently learned that her plant in Freeport, Ill., will be closed within months. The jobs of its workers will go to China.

And that's how Penniston -- who described herself as being apolitical until now -- found herself on the outskirts of the Republican National Convention, with three Sensata employees from back home holding signs like "Mitt/Bain Is Shipping My Job To China."

In separate interviews, none of the workers volunteered praise for President Barack Obama or attacked the GOP platform generally. Instead, they spoke passionately against Romney and Bain, lamenting the loss of what they described as some of the few remaining manufacturing jobs in their area. When pressed, they said it didn't matter that Romney hasn't actually called the shots at Bain for years. He helped found the firm and profited from it, and so they blame him for their impending job losses. more>>>

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