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Friday, August 24, 2012

Ryan's Positions Yesterday Are Tomorrow's Urban Legends

It's funny how Paul Ryan continues to either reverse himself or just go into full metal jacket denial on positions he once prided in himself as his identity. First he publicly dropped his ideological soulmate Ayn Rand (only her atheism though, Ryan is still a devout Atlas Shrugged retro-fit), then his phony anti-earmark fiscal conservatism was unmasked when he was caught red-handed lying about requesting stimulus funding. Now, after working on legislation with Rep. Todd Akin to create new definitions of rape for the sake of denying women their reproductive rights, he now copycats President Obama and says "rape is rape." To think this is only after one week!!

You have to start wondering - was he properly vetted? Ryan's gonna have to speed it up a bit if he intends on denying his entire 13 year record in Congress. We've barely skimmed the surface. There's still much to uncover.

If the GOP developed their own rape test kit for their party platform, I'm certain it would look something like this.

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