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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Want Mining Jobs Sooner Than Later? Sorry, WMC Won't Allow It

Now that Sen. Tim Cullen is the chair of a new committee on mining, state Democrats intend to iron out an ore mining bill that protects the environment and creates jobs by the end of this year. They're already planning on how to proceed, but there's a big problem. The powerful uber-partisan Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) group have made a committment not to allow any new attempt other than a republican bill at this time, going so far as labeling the attempt by Democrats to create jobs as "premature."

Superior Telegram Excerpt:
But Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Environmental Policy Director Scott Manley says unless they go with the Republican-backed Assembly bill, this new committee is wasting its time.

“Any effort to water that bill down could scuttle that entire project. So from our perspective, it’s premature at this time to be talking about any legislation other than Assembly Bill 426.”

It's actually worse than just a handful of partisan legislators rigidly adhering to a one-party Republican-only bill. Last week, the WMC issued a statement ordering Republicans not to even consider discussing mining legislation with Democrats and environmentalists until after the November election.

In the video below, watch Jeff Fitzgerald bow to the WMC line by claiming attempts at creating jobs should wait until after the campaign season.

To these self-important arrogant shills, creating jobs is a seasonal event. I'm sure unemployed workers completely understand.

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't want the Democrats to take any credit for any jobs being created, no way. Scott's Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is doing such a great job, after all--and hogging all our tax money to do it.
Meanwhile, we can just shift the focus on Scott Walker's poor performance and blame it on obama's economic recovery.

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