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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Breaking: Romney Will Announce VP Today. Some Say It will Be Ayn Rand

They're saying it's going to be Paul Ryan.

ABC News Excerpt: Mitt Romney will announce his vice presidential running mate on Saturday in Virginia, his campaign has announced -- and signs pointed to Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

But I wouldn't rule out Bob Portman, Scott Walker, Gen. Petraeus or Marco Rubio just yet.

Romney's campaign has been in crash and burn mode lately as he tries to divert attention away from his record and back to policy issues. It's amazing that Romney's greatest achievements supposedly, his business record and RomneyCare, are also his greatest liabilities among his supporters and now they think Ryan will bring the focus back on policy issues? No argument from me. I can't wait to hear it. But I can't think of two other people beyond Ryan and Romney, that paint the perfect image more of the very people who have been responsible for the destruction of the American Dream and all the carnage and imbalances in both the public and private sectors. Their conceptual moral and capital bankruptcies along with their working relationship is one of perfect symbiosis.

The only problem I see is Romney has already hitched his ride to Ryan's largely debunked Atlas Shrugged-based budget, so I can't imagine what he would gain by bringing the poisonous Ryan front and center. Ryan's like a bottle of arsenic, except that the skull on the crossbones warning would be smiling.

So I say bring it on whoever it is.

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