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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romney Rand: Throwing Back America

There's alot of information coming out all at once about Rep. Paul Ryan since he was picked for VP by Mitt Romney, almost to the point of overload. Some of it is very comprehensive while others make more specialized observations. Nearly all of it is well done.

But if I was limited to choose only one simple sound bite of information that best describes him (next to my own blog postings of course!) it would likely be the two minute video below.

No flashy gimmicks or voice-overs, it's Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand in their own words. This powerful lifelong soulmate connection Ryan openly admitted to is impossible to deny, yet he only recently rebuked this connection as a "urban legend." Now, Ryan and his campaign enablers are trying to whitewash his imprinted radicalism and shape him into a bridge-crossing moderate between the center and the far right. The congressman now claims it is Jack Kemp who was his political and ideological mentor. Uh huh. The MSM for whatever reason, continues to eat Ryan's words and pretend like they're not throwing up. It's really a sickening spectacle.

Watch it:


Ghostly Wisconsin said...

Wisconsin has been dealing with a radical right-wing element in government for years. The rhetoric has grown tiresome, but the results are striking. Family farms have fallen like dominoes and our thriving manufacturing jobs are now in India, Mexico, etc. Thompson's "successful" repeal of welfare, with the workfare mandate, has been a powerful tool, used as a wonderfully cheap replacement workforce that has served to suppress wages and crush out unionizing efforts. After years of right wing policies, WI has been humbled.

Lou Kaye said...

Very well put. It never was welfare to work, but welfare wages for work.

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