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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Janesville Rally Set: Romney And Ryan Too Extreme For America

This Thursday!!

At Rep. Paul Ryan's Congressional Office, 20 Main Street
Janesville WI 53545

Aug. 16th, Beginning at 4 PM

Join People For The American Way and Progressive partner organizations to tell Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan that the ROMNEY / RYAN agenda is TOO EXTREME FOR AMERICA. We'll protest and speak to the press about the way Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have made harmful decisions and support policies that hurt average Wisconsinites, and show our support for President Obama's policies to move our country forward.

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Romney/Ryan Too Extreme Blue Placard View/Print here.

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Unknown said...

An open question for the Political Parties: Was President Washington lying to the people in His Farewell Address, when he warned the people saying that the Political Parties were "truly their worst enemy"? Or was He right? Maybe the answer can be found at

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all who came out yesterday for the protests in Janesville. Here is the audio/video/photos for the event. We stand with you!

Audio is available at:

YouTube Video is available at:

Photos available at:


Scott Foval
People For The American Way – Wisconsin
608-469-7876 mobile

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