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Friday, August 03, 2012

Romney Makes Walker's Failed Jobs Promise To Nation

On a lighter note.

It sounded very familiar. I wondered how Mittens came up with the 12 million jobs promise. You'll recall Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs during the course of his 4 year term. I tend to believe simpleton minds operate in simpleton ways, so if you multiple 50 states by Walker's 250,000 job promise, abracadabra ... Romney will create 12 million jobs give or take.

You can't blame Romney though for taking what wins elections, afterall Walker defeated the recall effort despite failing miserably to keep his jobs promise even remotely honest. But it's a soundbite that works on stupid people and when stupid talk is this cheap - there's nothing to lose. The only thing that could be more comical now in Romney's walkerized copy-cat campaign would be to adopt Walker's "Brown Bag" gimmick. I can already see Romney's man-servant packing his lunch in a Louie Vuitton.

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