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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

State Should Build Wall Monument For Recall Signers At Capital

With the debate going on about whether to post the recall petition names online, I think public notice would be best served by erecting a wall monument to the Recall Petitioners and also a reading out loud of names every day at noon for one hour on the Capital steps until Scott Walker is finally deposed.

As they say, not everyone owns a computer.

Paul Ryan On Values: If It's Legal It's Moral

No, it's not one my photoshops. The Faux News cable crew celebrated the moneyed politician's birthday on Sunday with a cake decorated with a giant dollar sign! How appropos! What? No Chateau d'Yquem? Hee-hee. Video of celebration here

Speaking of noble rot, in defense of vulture capitalism Ryan suggested that anything corporations do is moral as long as they follow the law.

"We need to defend the morality of a system in America that says you are free to take risks, to make money, to create jobs and to do it however you want to so long as it's legal."
-- Paul Ryan

Legality trumps morality
-- this from the "values" crowd.

Crook and Liars Comment:
You forget they don't just follow the laws, they pay for those laws that they want to follow, that they know will enrich them while those laws impoverish everyone else. Mitt Romney and Bain capital were the assholes who paid for deregulation so that they could exploit the chaos that ensued, basically a criminal conspiracy from start to finish.

This is what you call Psychopath Inc

Monday, January 30, 2012

Are Campaign Election Laws Really Unenforceable?

One candidate running for Rock County judge seems to have a rather novel approach to seeking public office that could, during a time of high unemployment, catch on for many folks seeking a steady job.

The problem stems from a challenge of constitutional law regarding the candidate who appears to come up 15 days short of the five year attorney licensee requirement necessary for election, but is pushing forward with his candidacy anyways. The Wisconsin Constitution sets out criteria for people who seek judgeships, it reads...

"To be eligible for the office of supreme court justice or judge of any court of record, a person must be an attorney licensed to practice law in this state and have been so licensed for 5 years immediately prior to election or appointment."

According to this article in the Janesville Gazette, the state's Government Accountability Board appears either unable or unprepared to answer the constitutional question about campaign law and seems more willing to let the voters decide the issue.

Now, whatever the GAB might eventually decide on regarding this particular candidate's election status is not part of my focus. What I find very interesting up to this point in time is the candidate's defense to move forward...

JG Excerpt: (Jan. 29, 2012)
When an election law is unclear it gives way to "the will of the electorate," McDonald said. In other words, if McDonald were to win, the electorate would have made the decision in his favor.

Of course an individual's perception about an election law being "clear" or "unclear" is purely subjective. But what this means, from initial statements and direction from the GAB and the candidate, is that any person can run for any office with total disregard of campaign laws based on any incongruity they so choose. If they win election, the "will of the electorate" issued their verdict on any issues of eligibility that may arise.

I find that concept both fascinating and a mockery of law if the GAB leaves this open ended. Given that call, there is no reason why anybody would be deemed unqualified or exempt from seeking any office they so choose.

There should be dozens of people running for Rock County judge.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Walker "the cathouse pianist"

Star Tribune Excerpt:
Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski said Friday that it is unbelievable for Walker to say he didn't know about the illegal campaign activity going on in the county executive's office as alleged in the complaints.

"Clearly Scott Walker would have you believe that he's the cathouse pianist who doesn't know what's going on upstairs," Zielinski said on a conference call.

Perhaps it's time to start wondering who the Republicans will pick to run for their candidate in the recall election.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Paul Ryan Pushing For Tax Hikes On The Middle-Class

Politiscoop Excerpt: (Sept. 2011)
MADISON-Paul Ryan, author of the plan to end Medicare, went on Fox News this weekend to advocate for tax hikes on the middle class.

Ryan, proponent of tax cuts for billionaires, opposes payroll tax cuts for middle class workers and told his Fox News cheerleaders that it was "class warfare" to suggest his advocacy for only the richest Americans was unfair.

Huff Post Excerpt:
(Sept. 2011)
He also said he opposes the president's proposal to require millionaires to pay the same tax rate as the middle class, known as the Buffett plan. "Class warfare might make for good politics, but it makes for rotten economics," Ryan said.

"If Paul Ryan wants to claim class warfare, we certainly know which class he's signed up to serve." -- Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate

Video: Rep. ALEC Authored Undermining Bill

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Video: State Republicans Hold Caucus At Tavern

Politiscoop Excerpt:
Last night at Best Western PLUS Inn on the Park Hotel Rep. Robin Vos, Sen. Sheila Harsdorf, Sen. Mike Ellis and Sen. Glenn Grothman sat down at the hotel's bar and decided to hold an open caucus.The group of republicans started speaking loudly. What was being discussed prompted a citizen to turn on their cellphone.

The issue of school vouchers came up and Robin Vos states "Well, there is a way to find $200 million in venture capital" with Sen. Mike Ellis responding "I'd like to hear this". But wait a minute, he can find $200 million for school vouchers but can't find money for public education? The duo continued in the conversation which included a pronouncement that Jeff Fitzgerald and Scott Fitzgerald are basically inept. Neither Vos nor Ellis appeared to be concerned where they were discussing political strategies. Perhaps they believe they live in a bubble or are surrounded by an invisible Cone of Silence. more>>>

Beyond the mocking of poor children in this video, it sounds like the voice of either Glenn Grothman or Mike Ellis in the background at 1:10: "the Fitzgerald Brothers...[unintelligible]...are two of the biggest grifters in the West...they play one against the other...and then they blame each other.."

Watch it:

Rep. Peter Barca Delivers The Democratic SOTS Response

Just case you missed it, Assembly Minority Leader (D-Kenosha), gave his formal response to Walker's speech at the state Capitol prior to the SOTS.

You can view it here at Wisconsin Eye.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mitch Daniels Knocks Walker's Class War "Have and Have Nots" Rhetoric

NY Times Excerpt:
“We can no longer live in a society where the public employees are the haves and taxpayers who foot the bills are the have-nots,” Mr. Walker, a Republican, said in a speech.

The Daily Beast Excerpt:
“We do not accept that ours will ever be a nation of haves and have-nots; we must always be a nation of haves and soon-to-haves,” Daniels said after the speech.

I agree with Daniel's on this one, but only in context. Why did Walker label taxpayers as the have-nots and then proceed to tear down the "haves" other than to create a toxic divide?

Also, Daniels actions against the "haves" aren't much better than Walker's. Two hypocrites.

What I'd Like To See At Walker's State-Of-The-State Address

FACT: On Dec. 29, 2011, the Walker administration sent a letter to federal health secretary Kathleen Sebelius certifying that Wisconsin will have a budget deficit through June 30, 2013.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video: Invisible Hand Authors Mining Bill

Assembly jobs committee approves mining bill with no authors or co-sponsors.

Berserko Thompson Looking To Put a Hurt On Recall Supporters

During an event touted as 'Celebrate Walker' at Wauwatosa's Hart Park in Walkersha County over the weekend, four-term deficit developer and quitter Tommy Thompson rambled on early and showed the tea party crowd that he's still as unstable and nuts as ever with an angry speech that began at a shouting level as he bitterly stalked around the stage.

Referring to recall supporters as blue versus republican red, the rage-baiting terrible Tommy foamed over, "when we get done they're gonna be black and blue!" The thuggish crowd, hungry for confrontation and violence, went delirious over the thought of physically pummeling the opposition answered back with a roar of approval.

Blogging Blue Video - 2012-01 Walker Rally - Tommy Thompson Red Meat

Democurmudgeon - Walker Rally Losers Gather to Pound Chest, Look Stupid!!! With additional video and commentary

DailyKos - 'Moderate' Fmr. Gov. Tommy Thompson Threatens To Make Recall Supporters "Black And Blue!

Janesville City Council Member Announces Exploration To Run For State Assembly

Janesville City Council Member, Sam Liebert, announced that he is considering a possible run for the 44th Assembly District to challenge Republican Joe Knilans, the Walker rubber stamp currently occupying the district seat.

If he enters the race, Liebert would be on the ballot for the August 14th Democratic primary facing at least three other candidates. They are Kevin Murray, Yuri Rashkin and Deb Kolste.

According to his blog, Sam is in the exploratory phase of deciding whether to officially jump in the race. “I’m meeting with friends and family to discuss this decision. Deciding whether or not to run is the hardest decision any candidate can make, and you have to make sure your family and closest friends are right there with you every step of the way.” Liebert said.

If you know Sam or just want to learn more about his candidacy, please visit his blog here to weigh in with your thoughts or support.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh What a Tangled Web Walker Weaves

Last week I received four campaign placards in the mail from the Republican Party of Wisconsin pushing Scott Walker's misdeeds. The cards were loaded with all the common bumper sticker slogans and half-truth platitudes that most of us have come to expect from the party of ghouls. One falsehood however stuck out a little more than the rest...

Republican Party Campaign Placard For Scott Walker:
FACT - A $3.6 billion budget deficit was eliminated, without raising our taxes.

Well, I guess whether Walker really wiped out a deficit or not depends on if you're poor or a supporter of Obama's health care reform. Because if that's the case - then everything changes.

Richards Press Release excerpt:
Contradicting repeated claims by Gov. Walker that he has balanced the state budget, his administration told federal health officials late last month in writing that Wisconsin has a budget deficit so it could drop health care for Wisconsin families. That’s according to documents released today by Rep. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee).

On Dec. 29, Walker administration secretary Mike Huebsch sent a letter to federal health secretary Kathleen Sebelius certifying that Wisconsin will have a budget deficit through June 30, 2013. By certifying that its budget isn’t balanced, the Walker administration can now dodge a federal law requiring it to continue providing health care for up to 53,000 residents. The Walker Administration letter contrasts starkly with public comments by Walker, who has claimed repeatedly since June that his budget is balanced.

That's right. When it comes to playing politics with the poor and our health care in Wisconsin, the state has a massive budget deficit according to the Walker Administration. But when it comes to playing politics with re-election campaign rhetoric and his own career, the state has a balanced budget and surplus.

Somebody is lying.

Note: Walker is cleaning up the tangled web related to his support and policy outline for the Office of Free Market Health Care. Soon after I posted this link to Walker's Web Site, the page was removed.

Related Reading:

Rock Netroots - Walker Plays Politics, Turns Down Millions For State Health Care Exchanges

Free Wisconsin Walker is TOLD - Drop $36 million Grant

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rock County Progressives Build Web Site

The group "Rock County Progressives" have recently been playing a larger role in promoting education and activism around progressive issues including hosting citizen forums in the Janesville/Rock county area.

They've had a Facebook page for some time now and I've been posting their activities on my bulletin board as fast as I get them. You can check out their newly launched dot-org Website here.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Obey Warns of Recall Overconfidence and Elitist Money Men

David Obey Facebook Excerpt:
“Powerful right wing, elitist money men all across this country will spend whatever they think it takes to keep control of Wisconsin’s government,” Obey warned. “If we do not think this through and support the candidate with the broadest possible appeal, we will waste the effort of thousands of volunteers who stood in the snow, sleet and cold to gather an incredible one million signatures because they felt they were part of a cause bigger than themselves. That would be a tragedy. So much is at stake that we owe it to them to simply not allow that to happen.”

I think everybody can agree that Obey's words, like those given from Russ Feingold, are built on a lifetime of experience battling the usurpers of good government inside the political arena. He's got a good handle on what's happening and this timely advice should not be taken lightly.

Read Obey's full statement here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Walker Counting On Outside Money To Bag Recall Election

Ed Garvey Excerpt:
Prediction by two potential Democratic candidates: "This will be a one-hundred-million-dollar campaign." I am not making this up. If Walker gets $30-40 million from Koch, and the Dems are trying to raise enough to poke the tiger in the eye, Walker wins.

... Let me try again to persuade you to support the Tin Cup society idea. more>>>

That's what this was all really about from the beginning. The Recall Election should be about the grassroots Wisconsin little man and little woman against Scott Walker's Big Money Machine from outside interests, the Koch Brothers, Wall Street, Americans for Prosperity and Texas billionaires. Of course the Democratic candidates will have to raise money, and in a hurry. But if Dems draw on the homegrown dynamics of the one million Wisconsinites who signed petitions and NOT the big money from anywhere, USA like Scott Walker has, the Democrats will win.

Recall Petition Center - LiveCam

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walker Plays Politics, Turns Down Millions For State Health Care Exchanges

WEAU Excerpt:
Gov. Scott Walker says he will turn down $37 million from the federal government that had been awarded to help implement health care exchanges under President Barack Obama's health care reform law.

What is really troubling yet telling about Walker turning down millions to implement state health care collaboration and exchanges is that nearly all of the health care proposals floated around for the past several years call for the implementation of state health care exchanges, even Republican models. This can only mean Walker intends on breaking any possibility of health care security and stability the people of Wisconsin would otherwise gain from Obama's health care reform just to build a wedge of public opinion against the President. Walker is playing politics while the people lose the chance for health care reform. What does Walker care?

Jan. 28, 2011
Governor Walker signs executive order to create Office of Free Market Health Care

Jan. 18, 2012
Governor Walker repeals his executive order that created the Office of Free Market Health Care.

It begs the question: Did Walker demolish the Office of Free Market Health Care, only one year after he signed it into law, out of spite for the people of Wisconsin because of the wildly popular and highly successful recall effort?

In the meantime, Walker has no problem traveling across the country begging for money from wealthy out-of-state donors while painting the people-powered state recall drive up as an out-of-state campaign. Got to hand to him, at least he's looking out for his own health.

The Ed Show Video Clip - Democurmudgeon

Side note: Has anyone noticed that many newspapers and television stations released statements from Scott Walker about the recall and other issues over the past few days without mentioning his whereabouts?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Over a Million. How Sweet It Is!

This people-powered recall movement is, per capita, the most successful in our nation’s history.

TPM Excerpt:
As a percentage of the electorate, it also surpasses the 32% that Ohio Democrats collected last year to trigger a referendum against Gov. John Kasich’s similar anti-public employee union bill — and in the previous two gubernatorial recalls in American history, the 23.4% collected against Gov. Gray Davis in California in 2003, and the 31.8& against Gov. Lynn Joseph Frazier in North Dakota in 1921.

We shall overcome.

Cap Times - Texas Billionaires Buy In On Walker

DailyKos - Scott Walker begs New Yorkers to protect him from out-of-state forces

News 8000 - Organizers collect 1 million signatures to recall Walker

Wisconsin State Journal - Fitzgerald Recall easily blows past minimum required

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wisconsin Rising - Documentary Closing In On Pledge Deadline

Kickstarter Excerpts:
Following Governor Scott Walker’s announcement of his controversial 'Budget Repair Bill,' the people of Wisconsin rose up, occupied their state capitol and took to the streets as rarely seen in American History.

While Wisconsin Rising highlights one state's rejection of a conservative take-over, it is a microcosm of what is at stake in America today, at a time of fiscal crisis and ideologically-driven budgets and social reforms. As we hear from economists, lawyers, labor activists and those most affected by the bill, we learn that Walker’s agenda is not unique.

At a time when millions of families are feeling the crush of debt and joblessness, and while large corporations are seeing record profits, Badger State residents are demonstrating the strength that comes from a shared sense of identity and pride, and that these bonds can shake even the most powerful political machines.

This film will be a testimony to the value of people rising up in the face of injustice and corporate greed. more>>>

Help support Wisconsin Rising - Click here.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Prohibiting Employees From Signing Petitions Should be a Crime

The November 27, 2011 Janesville Gazette print newspaper contained an editorial titled "Sacrificing some rights come with the territory," where the editor went on to explain that the company's policy forbids them from signing the recall petition.

JG editorial excerpt:
More important, we're professionals who leave our politics at the door when we come to work. That said, several newsroom employees asked me if our ethics policy prohibited them from signing the recall petition.

Without hesitation, I answered yes.

Here's what our policy says about political activities: Staffers may not be involved in political campaigns or activities. Avoid outward demonstrations of support for candidates or causes, such as yard signs or buttons.

Okay, I'm going to stray here for a bit. "We're professionals who leave our politics at the door when we come to work," BUT can they pick up their politics off the coat hanger when they walk out the door? Apparently not.

Though the editor thinks his journalists can set their politics aside, his biggest worry seems to come from concerns over us dumb clucks in the public and our obviously wrong perception of media bias. I mean, my God. What would the world think if someone found out that Janesville Gazette employees signed the Recall Walker petition?

The editorial finishes...

JG editorial excerpt:
Our credibility is our most cherished asset and we need to protect it with every decision we make.

Whoa! THAT coming from a newspaper that proudly published political endorsements of McCain/Palin, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan, JB Van Hollen, Tyler August, Evan Wynn, Amy Loudenbeck and David Prosser AND whose boss is on the board of directors of the WMC. In addition, immediately to the right of this particular "concern over credibility" editorial in the newsprint copy was the paper's twice-a-week "Sound off" column of politically charged statements, claims and rants, all vetted to be officially "anonymous."

And, he's worried about the perception of media bias and credibility?

But far more important is the idea that if a media company is within their legal rights to forbid their employees from signing petitions, any company can do the same. This is a democratic republic right? Land of the free, home of the brave and all that jazz. Oh never mind.

Of equal interest now is a bill authored by Rep. Evan Wynn that would make it a felony to induce someone to sign a recall petition by offering anything of value in exchange for a signature. "Mind-boggling is the only word to describe this legalized bribery," Wynn writes.

What about inducements not to sign? How about when a private entity, business or individual, either by written policy or verbal command, prohibits a person against their own free will from signing a petition by holding something of value like their job, paycheck or the fear of a written reprimand in the employment record over their heads? That too is mind-boggling and legalized blackmail. It is un-American.

Friday, January 13, 2012

DeMint: Safety Nets Subsidize Poverty

Jon Stewart was joined by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-Regressive) on the Daily Show.

Think Progress Excerpt:
Noting DeMint’s penchant to blindly hack at the federal budget, Stewart said Republicans offer “no differentiation between money that is squandered and invested.” Sen. Jim DeMint: ‘We Don’t Cure Poverty, We Subsidize It’ With The Social Safety Net.

"When we politically manage the programs, the money is not distributed well and there’s no evidence — I mean we spent trillions trying to help poverty in America. But we don’t cure poverty, we subsidize it when we make people dependent on the government and make it harder for them to get up the ladder." -- Sen. Jim DeMint

Not so fast. That's like saying we're subsidizing disease because we allow sick people to become dependent on health care and that after decades of spending trillions of dollars on care, cures and medicine, we still have disease, cancers and death. Therefore we need to shut it all down because it hasn't worked.

Watch it:

In another interview on Morning Joe, DeMint said the nation needs a leader like our state-splitting jobs-killing Governor Scott Walker for president, someone who will "take the pain to save the whole state." Who took the pain?? People in unions, school teachers, public employees, seniors, the working poor, the disabled, students, average wage earners and Wisconsin families took the pain. Walker dished it out. It's amazing how disconnected these batshit crazy politicians are and how they ever get elected. The Democurmudgeon picks up on this with Ed Shultz dismantling Demint's psycho talk. With video and commentary.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

GOP and Media Come Out To Defend Vulture Capitalism

What is Vulture Capitalism?

A fraudulent investment scheme to invest in companies, leverage them up with debt, and then sell them off for scrap, allowing investors to walk away with borrowed money while the companies wind up in bankruptcy, laying off workers and reneging on benefits. Many right-wing hardliners, Conservatives and Wall Street boosters consider this a normal, honorable way to conduct business.

If you don't agree, you're a socialist.

Think Progress Excerpt:
Gingrich said Romney’s firm consisted of “rich people figuring out clever, legal ways to loot out a company;” Huntsman claimed Romney liked “firing people;” Perry said that Romney must’ve been worried that he would “run out of pink slips” to give people.

John Sununu Calls Gingrich and Perry's Attacks on Mitt Romney 'Socialist.'

Vulture capitalist media defend Romney, claims they'll all pay for their criticisms of the party's frontrunner.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ron Johnson Among Top Koch Stars

Think progress Excerpt:
Five senators and 39 representatives received a perfect 100 percent score from the Koch brothers’ Astroturf group Americans For Prosperity for the first half of the 112th Congress. [...]The Kochs were the top contributors to Ron Johnson’s successful campaign to unseat Russ Feingold in 2010.

Johnson ranks in the Top 5 senators in contributions from the Koch empire and returns the favor in votes on Koch-approved legislation, picking up an "A+" grade. Surprisingly, Rep. Paul Ryan picked up only a "B" grade on legislation from Koch despite his proposal to end Medicare among Koch's top priorities. Most Democrats got either D's or F's.

Buffett Offers To Match GOP Dollar For Dollar In Debt-Reducing Contributions

Seattle Times Excerpt:
Billionaire Warren Buffett said Wednesday he's willing to match any contributions that Republican members of Congress make to help reduce the national debt.

Buffett told Time magazine about his offer in a conversation about why he's optimistic about the nation's future.

For years Buffett has said he doesn't believe it is right that he is taxed at a lower rate than his secretary. And he says most of the mega-rich people he knows wouldn't mind paying more in taxes.

Republicans figure; why pay yesterday's bills? Just let the children pay.

State Republicans: Sponsors of Smear

With no tangible evidence of any wrongdoing and riding on nothing but hearsay from a constituent, Evan Wynn proposes a law to make it a felony for offering anything of value in exchange for a signature on petitions.

Cap Times Excerpt:
Assembly Bill 472, authored by Rep. Evan Wynn, R-Whitewater, was introduced with 21 GOP co-sponsors in the Assembly and Senate. It would make the penalty for inducing someone to sign a petition the same as the penalty for inducing a person to vote or refrain from casting a vote.

Knowing the law could not be passed in time for the Recall or have any real effect on gathering signatures for petitions, Wynn nevertheless pushes the narrative for a full smear effect in the media. That's all it's good for.

Wisconsin Democratic spokesman Graeme Zielinski nailed it calling the proposals "more sour grapes."

"They're trying to feed a narrative favorable to Scott Walker supporters that this recall lacks some legitimacy even though it enjoys widespread support," he says.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Recall Petitioner Assaulted

Walker thugs, known for their might-makes-right assaults on those they disagree with, struck yet again. This time a Brookfield woman throws a left uppercut on a recall petitioner for ...well, for no reason.

Scolding the man afterwards with, "You can't video tape me without my permission, what is wrong with you." This coming after she gets out of her VW and walks up to the man operating her own camera while saying, "I want a picture (of us) together." It's scary to think what the Walker supporter could have alleged to police had he not had his camera on.

Watch it:

Additional story at Democurmudgeon.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Republicans Want Single Class, Single Party Rule

When Rick Santorum said "there are no classes in America," was it just a ploy to neutralize the truth about Republicans? That they really don't care if there is a middle class left in America with their policies that do nothing but protect the upper one percent and their richest donors?

I see plenty of similarities in the backward thinking of Rick Santorum and that of our Congressman Paul Ryan. Ryan wants to end corruption in government by drowning government in a bathtub, so there is no government to corrupt. Similarly, Santorum wants to end class warfare by destroying or at least pretending that there "is no middle class." No classes to go to war. This comes after I heard one of Ryan's supporters at the recent Janesville townhall say that it's not right for taxpayers to pay better wages and benefits to others than they get themselves. (Regarding Walker's war on public employees) Paul Ryan completely agreed. What they seem to be striving for is a single wage and benefit class for the 99. No more middle class. Sound far out? When the rhetoric used around small town Janesville is the same as on the national stage, I don't think it's by chance. This is beginning to sound more like their economic platform and less like rhetoric of convenience.

Watch it:

Friday, January 06, 2012

Janesville Gazette Champions Governors Journal Faux Award

JG editorial:
(Titled: Why Walker was named Governor of the Year)
As 2011 ended, United Wisconsin was closing in on the signatures needed to trigger a recall of Gov. Scott Walker. No doubt, it mattered little to his critics and the union-led recall drive that Walker was named Governor of the Year.

The editor insinuates that because so few bothered to recognize this award, there must be something more to it and he was going to do something about it by gum, yes he was. But not to expose the disinformation of the Governors Journal and its empty award for the cheap trick GOP "crisis publishing" gimmick that it is - but to expound upon and defend it's distortions, cover-ups and false equivalencies in order to save Walker's failed career.

JG editorial:
(Titled: Why Walker was named Governor of the Year)
Note, however, how the Governors Journal concluded its story: "Even if Walker is removed from office, he still wins the debate. Any setback will be temporary. Pensions reforms are a reality."

The editor then concludes, "Consider that if you're still contemplating whether to sign the petition."

This "Walker wins either way" frame of reasoning is the hottest form of false equivalency rhetoric being used by Republicans and their media enablers to deflate their opponent's enthusiasm and momentum, and to soften the contrast between party platforms and candidates. Another recent example of this false equivalency was written by AP writer, Ricardo Alonso-Zalvidar.

In that article, Alonso-Zalvidar attempts to soften comparisons of Rep. Paul Ryan's brutal privatization proposals on Medicare and Social Security to alternatives offered by democrats that merely make running adjustments to keep the programs solvent. The message is if you would only dial down the partisan rhetoric, the competing proposals and their sponsors are surprisingly similar. So, according to Alonso-Zalvidar, the future of Medicare is the same no matter who wins the White House. Believe me - it's not the same - not at all. It's like night and day.

The Governors' Journal tries to pull the same stunt several different times in their editorial, including the claim that the difference between Scott Walker and many Democratic governors is only a matter of degrees. No question, the GOP party and their well-funded supporters and media enablers know their top candidates and policies are ghoulishly brutal. They are in full crisis DefCon 5 media mode with heavily fortified articles and slapped-up Website gimmicks constructed intentionally to neutralize those stark contrasts.

It's sort of like saying, "it really doesn't matter who is elected because they're all the same, but always vote Republican."

Subscribers and ad buyers to the Janesville Gazette really need to start asking themselves some serious questions about the newspaper's intentions, agenda, journalistic integrity and value to the community. I can understand supporters of the right-wing, GOP and Walker supporting the newspaper, but if you're a paycheck earner who strives for a good government fair market democracy based on the highest morals and Wisconsin values of trust, compassion and compromise - you're trading your hard-earned money with an entity that is out to defeat you through deception.

Editorial not available on Web. Editor's brief blog entry on Governor's Journal here.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Can We Get Walker Before The FBI Does?

With the latest news of another former aide to Scott Walker being arrested, we can only hope that Walker is recalled and gone before the FBI gets him. The last thing Wisconsin needs is a "blago" event with a sitting governor being handcuffed and carried out of our governor's mansion. Wisconsin has suffered enough already under his tyranny.

Twin CitiesExcerpt:
A former aide to Gov. Scott Walker when he was Milwaukee County executive was arrested today and accused of taking thousands of dollars from a business.

Online court records show Tim Russell, 48, was charged with one misdemeanor and two felony theft charges for taking more than $10,000 from a business. The most serious felony is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Video: Wisconsin Lit a Fire Seen Clear Down To The Swamplands In Georgia

Can a Person Be Too Random?

It's only been a little more than a month since I wrote a simple pledge asking members of Congress if they would reaffirm their oath to the Constitution. So far, no one has obliged to take up the offer which leads me to believe the author of such a pledge has to be a lot more than just some "random person" as House Speaker John Boehner implied Grover Norquist was.

So I can easily imagine a conversation something like this ...

Me) Hello Congressman, I wrote a pledge asking members of congress to reaffirm their Oath of Office including to the Powers of Congress as described in the U.S. Constitution. It also contains a short passage asking that you would never allow a constituent, special interest or ideology come above or between you and the Constitution while carrying out the duties of elected office. Would you please sign this reaffirmation?

Congressman) Why Should I? Who are you?

M) I’m an American citizen, a voter and a taxpayer. That’s all.

C) That’s not enough. Are you a lobbyist?

M) No.

C) Are you a corporate executive or CEO?

M) No.

C) Are you a member of a political party?

M) No.

C) Are you a hedge fund manager?

M) No.

C) Are you a banker?

M) No.

C) Are you a union boss or member?

M) No.

C) Are you a public employee?

M) No.

C) Are you a school teacher?

M) No.

C) Have you contributed to my re-election campaign?

M) Probably not.

C) Are you a member of a think tank?

M) No.

C) Are you a member of the clergy?

M) No.

C) Are you a community organizer?

M) No, but I guess you could think of me as a random person.

C) Oh, so you’re like that Norquist fella. Haven’t you people done enough harm to this country? I will not sign your stupid pledge – now go away before I have you arrested!

M) But you've signed Norquist's pledge and I'm not asking you to do anything outside of your oath of office ... it’s the Constitution!


M) * sigh *

Monday, January 02, 2012

Corporations, Wealthy Want More Than Ever

Money News Excerpt:
Huge U.S. corporations are forming lobbying groups to try to influence what could become the hottest congressional debate over comprehensive tax reform in a generation.

The newest organization calls itself the Tax Reform Coalition. Backed by companies including American Express and Xerox, it filed paperwork with Congress last week to register as a lobbying group.

By forming broad alliances, companies are able to pull together research, consulting staffs and other resources, said Jim McCrery, a former Republican congressman who now lobbies for WIN America and others. more>>>

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