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Monday, January 16, 2012

Wisconsin Rising - Documentary Closing In On Pledge Deadline

Kickstarter Excerpts:
Following Governor Scott Walker’s announcement of his controversial 'Budget Repair Bill,' the people of Wisconsin rose up, occupied their state capitol and took to the streets as rarely seen in American History.

While Wisconsin Rising highlights one state's rejection of a conservative take-over, it is a microcosm of what is at stake in America today, at a time of fiscal crisis and ideologically-driven budgets and social reforms. As we hear from economists, lawyers, labor activists and those most affected by the bill, we learn that Walker’s agenda is not unique.

At a time when millions of families are feeling the crush of debt and joblessness, and while large corporations are seeing record profits, Badger State residents are demonstrating the strength that comes from a shared sense of identity and pride, and that these bonds can shake even the most powerful political machines.

This film will be a testimony to the value of people rising up in the face of injustice and corporate greed. more>>>

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