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Friday, January 20, 2012

Walker Counting On Outside Money To Bag Recall Election

Ed Garvey Excerpt:
Prediction by two potential Democratic candidates: "This will be a one-hundred-million-dollar campaign." I am not making this up. If Walker gets $30-40 million from Koch, and the Dems are trying to raise enough to poke the tiger in the eye, Walker wins.

... Let me try again to persuade you to support the Tin Cup society idea. more>>>

That's what this was all really about from the beginning. The Recall Election should be about the grassroots Wisconsin little man and little woman against Scott Walker's Big Money Machine from outside interests, the Koch Brothers, Wall Street, Americans for Prosperity and Texas billionaires. Of course the Democratic candidates will have to raise money, and in a hurry. But if Dems draw on the homegrown dynamics of the one million Wisconsinites who signed petitions and NOT the big money from anywhere, USA like Scott Walker has, the Democrats will win.

Recall Petition Center - LiveCam

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