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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Obey Warns of Recall Overconfidence and Elitist Money Men

David Obey Facebook Excerpt:
“Powerful right wing, elitist money men all across this country will spend whatever they think it takes to keep control of Wisconsin’s government,” Obey warned. “If we do not think this through and support the candidate with the broadest possible appeal, we will waste the effort of thousands of volunteers who stood in the snow, sleet and cold to gather an incredible one million signatures because they felt they were part of a cause bigger than themselves. That would be a tragedy. So much is at stake that we owe it to them to simply not allow that to happen.”

I think everybody can agree that Obey's words, like those given from Russ Feingold, are built on a lifetime of experience battling the usurpers of good government inside the political arena. He's got a good handle on what's happening and this timely advice should not be taken lightly.

Read Obey's full statement here.

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