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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walker Plays Politics, Turns Down Millions For State Health Care Exchanges

WEAU Excerpt:
Gov. Scott Walker says he will turn down $37 million from the federal government that had been awarded to help implement health care exchanges under President Barack Obama's health care reform law.

What is really troubling yet telling about Walker turning down millions to implement state health care collaboration and exchanges is that nearly all of the health care proposals floated around for the past several years call for the implementation of state health care exchanges, even Republican models. This can only mean Walker intends on breaking any possibility of health care security and stability the people of Wisconsin would otherwise gain from Obama's health care reform just to build a wedge of public opinion against the President. Walker is playing politics while the people lose the chance for health care reform. What does Walker care?

Jan. 28, 2011
Governor Walker signs executive order to create Office of Free Market Health Care

Jan. 18, 2012
Governor Walker repeals his executive order that created the Office of Free Market Health Care.

It begs the question: Did Walker demolish the Office of Free Market Health Care, only one year after he signed it into law, out of spite for the people of Wisconsin because of the wildly popular and highly successful recall effort?

In the meantime, Walker has no problem traveling across the country begging for money from wealthy out-of-state donors while painting the people-powered state recall drive up as an out-of-state campaign. Got to hand to him, at least he's looking out for his own health.

The Ed Show Video Clip - Democurmudgeon

Side note: Has anyone noticed that many newspapers and television stations released statements from Scott Walker about the recall and other issues over the past few days without mentioning his whereabouts?

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