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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Janesville City Council Member Announces Exploration To Run For State Assembly

Janesville City Council Member, Sam Liebert, announced that he is considering a possible run for the 44th Assembly District to challenge Republican Joe Knilans, the Walker rubber stamp currently occupying the district seat.

If he enters the race, Liebert would be on the ballot for the August 14th Democratic primary facing at least three other candidates. They are Kevin Murray, Yuri Rashkin and Deb Kolste.

According to his blog, Sam is in the exploratory phase of deciding whether to officially jump in the race. “I’m meeting with friends and family to discuss this decision. Deciding whether or not to run is the hardest decision any candidate can make, and you have to make sure your family and closest friends are right there with you every step of the way.” Liebert said.

If you know Sam or just want to learn more about his candidacy, please visit his blog here to weigh in with your thoughts or support.

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