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Monday, January 09, 2012

Republicans Want Single Class, Single Party Rule

When Rick Santorum said "there are no classes in America," was it just a ploy to neutralize the truth about Republicans? That they really don't care if there is a middle class left in America with their policies that do nothing but protect the upper one percent and their richest donors?

I see plenty of similarities in the backward thinking of Rick Santorum and that of our Congressman Paul Ryan. Ryan wants to end corruption in government by drowning government in a bathtub, so there is no government to corrupt. Similarly, Santorum wants to end class warfare by destroying or at least pretending that there "is no middle class." No classes to go to war. This comes after I heard one of Ryan's supporters at the recent Janesville townhall say that it's not right for taxpayers to pay better wages and benefits to others than they get themselves. (Regarding Walker's war on public employees) Paul Ryan completely agreed. What they seem to be striving for is a single wage and benefit class for the 99. No more middle class. Sound far out? When the rhetoric used around small town Janesville is the same as on the national stage, I don't think it's by chance. This is beginning to sound more like their economic platform and less like rhetoric of convenience.

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Anonymous said...

It's part of authoritarianism. As in the former USSR: If there's only one party, and you can only be a Communist, then in theory there's simply no opposition, or if you seek to oppose, you're outside the norms of that society. Declaring America to be class-free means there are no problems of poverty, racism or other inequality that need to be dealt with, at least by the definition of the one controlling political power.

Lou Kaye said...

What I find ironic in this episode is Santorum's wishful thinking for a single economic class would have to be the final outcome of policies that would guarantee the same result for everyone - which is exactly what they accuse Obama, Democrats and socialists of trying to do.

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