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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Can a Person Be Too Random?

It's only been a little more than a month since I wrote a simple pledge asking members of Congress if they would reaffirm their oath to the Constitution. So far, no one has obliged to take up the offer which leads me to believe the author of such a pledge has to be a lot more than just some "random person" as House Speaker John Boehner implied Grover Norquist was.

So I can easily imagine a conversation something like this ...

Me) Hello Congressman, I wrote a pledge asking members of congress to reaffirm their Oath of Office including to the Powers of Congress as described in the U.S. Constitution. It also contains a short passage asking that you would never allow a constituent, special interest or ideology come above or between you and the Constitution while carrying out the duties of elected office. Would you please sign this reaffirmation?

Congressman) Why Should I? Who are you?

M) I’m an American citizen, a voter and a taxpayer. That’s all.

C) That’s not enough. Are you a lobbyist?

M) No.

C) Are you a corporate executive or CEO?

M) No.

C) Are you a member of a political party?

M) No.

C) Are you a hedge fund manager?

M) No.

C) Are you a banker?

M) No.

C) Are you a union boss or member?

M) No.

C) Are you a public employee?

M) No.

C) Are you a school teacher?

M) No.

C) Have you contributed to my re-election campaign?

M) Probably not.

C) Are you a member of a think tank?

M) No.

C) Are you a member of the clergy?

M) No.

C) Are you a community organizer?

M) No, but I guess you could think of me as a random person.

C) Oh, so you’re like that Norquist fella. Haven’t you people done enough harm to this country? I will not sign your stupid pledge – now go away before I have you arrested!

M) But you've signed Norquist's pledge and I'm not asking you to do anything outside of your oath of office ... it’s the Constitution!


M) * sigh *

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