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Friday, January 13, 2012

DeMint: Safety Nets Subsidize Poverty

Jon Stewart was joined by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-Regressive) on the Daily Show.

Think Progress Excerpt:
Noting DeMint’s penchant to blindly hack at the federal budget, Stewart said Republicans offer “no differentiation between money that is squandered and invested.” Sen. Jim DeMint: ‘We Don’t Cure Poverty, We Subsidize It’ With The Social Safety Net.

"When we politically manage the programs, the money is not distributed well and there’s no evidence — I mean we spent trillions trying to help poverty in America. But we don’t cure poverty, we subsidize it when we make people dependent on the government and make it harder for them to get up the ladder." -- Sen. Jim DeMint

Not so fast. That's like saying we're subsidizing disease because we allow sick people to become dependent on health care and that after decades of spending trillions of dollars on care, cures and medicine, we still have disease, cancers and death. Therefore we need to shut it all down because it hasn't worked.

Watch it:

In another interview on Morning Joe, DeMint said the nation needs a leader like our state-splitting jobs-killing Governor Scott Walker for president, someone who will "take the pain to save the whole state." Who took the pain?? People in unions, school teachers, public employees, seniors, the working poor, the disabled, students, average wage earners and Wisconsin families took the pain. Walker dished it out. It's amazing how disconnected these batshit crazy politicians are and how they ever get elected. The Democurmudgeon picks up on this with Ed Shultz dismantling Demint's psycho talk. With video and commentary.

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Richard Costerisan said...

How do these people connect the dots when they make these crazy statements? Worse, who the hell is stupid enough to listen to them?

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