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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Business Supporters For RTW "Freedom" Deny The Same For Their Customers

From the category "what you don't know can hurt you" ...

Democurmudgeon Excerpt:
State Senator Chris Larson confronted Steve Nass about "not seeing a single person that hasn't gotten money from the Bradley Foundation." That money provides cover for the donors pushing right-to-work. Nass defended anonymous Big Businesses, saying they were fearful of blowback, boycotts and retaliation by those unhappy with the legislation.

Nass suggests some folks, otherwise known as customers or clients, might refuse to spend money at their business establishment because they don't want their purchase to support politics they don't agree with? That's blowback? That's boycott? That's retaliation?

Isn't that freedom?

Interesting from the angle that these RTW supporters are pushing a policy in which a major but false talking point includes; people (workers) shouldn't have to be "forced" to pay (in dues) for politics or a product they don't agree with. Scott Walker calls that option for choice, freedom.

Of course first, they have to know what those politics are.

But, by refusing to come forward publicly with their support for RTW, these businesses are denying their customers the same freedom to "arm" their pocketbooks with the comfort to know the politics their purchase might be supporting.

Businesses willingly hiding their identity for supporting legislation BECAUSE they know it will make their customers unhappy, yet continue to sell them products and service without disclosure, is not only freedom denied - it's dishonest business.

Watch this incredible exchange from the Senate Conference Room:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

CPAC Walker: I Can Beat ISIS Since I Handled Union Protesters

The protests in Wisconsin during 2011 by all measures relative to their size, structure and general disposition were indisputably among the most peaceful protests in the USA over the past 50 years.

But watch Gov. Scott Walker compare his inability to engage with Wisconsin constituents during those protests as proof that he has the ability to engage the global threat posed by Islamic terrorists.

National Review!! Excerpt:
Secondly, it is insulting to the protesters, a group I take no pleasure in defending. The protesters in Wisconsin, so furiously angry over Walker’s reforms and disruptive to the procedures of passing laws, earned plenty of legitimate criticism. But they’re not ISIS. They’re not beheading innocent people. They’re Americans, and as much as we may find their ideas, worldview, and perspective spectacularly wrongheaded, they don’t deserve to be compared to murderous terrorists.

Strike-through edits are mine.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Scott Walker Channels Saddam Hussein In Jihadist Comment

National Review Excerpt:
Noteworthy, Walker argued that when Reagan fired the PATCO air-traffic controllers over their illegal strike, he was sending a message of toughness to Democrats and unions at home as well as our Soviet enemies abroad. Similarly, Walker believes his stance against unions in Wisconsin would be a signal of toughness to Islamic jihadists and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Don't be shocked. That is the typical mindset of today's republican party. They demonize any opposition first by associating them with some completely unrelated but known scourge, then transform those displaced associations into fear to be projected onto an unsuspecting constituency.

Even more disturbing than that is how Walker despicably draws a composite of Democratic and union contributions to America together as something that must be stopped as equally and urgently as the murderously destructive activity Islamic Jihadists impose on the Middle-East. It's not just patently wrong, Walker's comment is outrageous.

But, as despicable as Walker's comments are, they are not unusual coming from members of today's Republican Party.

In 2007, Rep. Paul Ryan said labor unions offered its members the same protection and opportunities Saddam Hussein offered Iraqis if they joined his Ba'ath Party. So, Republicans in general don't see Democrats or democratically instituted free market labor unions as productive components of the American Experience. They see them as terrorists and thugs. For more proof, all you need to do is read some of the articles and comments about unions posted at conservative right-wing websites and blogs.

Walker's message is both laughable and yet very disturbing with its dangerously aggressive and divisive construction because he thinks he is sending a message to outside enemies that he would rule with the same authority not of a Ronald Reagan, but as thug dictator Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq. Why Hussein? Because Putin or ISIS don't give a rats ass about Ronald Reagan, the Democratic party or the PATCO strike in 1981 - they simply can't relate, at all.

BUT, Walker is banking they understand fear and can relate to the psychoticism of a deranged American who knowingly hurts his own people simply for political gain, in the same context they fear a thug dictator would gas his own villages to hold onto power, like Saddam Hussein.

Walker is saying, if I do this to my own people, just think what I would do to you. THAT, they understand.


Crooks and Liars - Walker Is Attacking Wisconsin Workers Because Of Putin, ISIS

CogDis - Scott Walker I can't even with you

Friday, February 20, 2015


Newspaper Can't Post The Reality. It's Walker's Budget They Oppose, Not The State's

Not a big story on this one but more of a reminder note on how the Janesville Gazette can't bring itself to post an op-ed title that matches the political reality of the content. Wednesday's hard copy contained a front page opinion index panel with the title, Don't let state budget neuter authority of Natural Resources Board. Turn to the Opinion Page and the "Our Views" editorial carried the same title, but the first sentence began with this...

JG Editorial
Gov. Scott Walker proposes stripping the Natural Resources Board's authority over the DNR secretary and making the seven-member citizen's group "advisory."

Bingo! It's Walker's budget proposal.

In their Web edition, the Opinion index has the same "state budget" title, but for some reason, the visible teaser sentence is not the first sentence (Gov. Scott Walker proposes ...) of the article, it's something entirely different.

Again, this is not a big story, but apparently the Gazette can't bring itself to publish, "Don't let Scott Walker neuter authority" or "oppose Scott Walker's budget," anywhere in the reader's viewable line-of-sight. They can't because the newspaper endorsed Walker for re-election in November with an editorial headliner screaming, "Let Gov. Walker finish the job!"

Now, I imagine some folks saying there's no way a newspaper would go through all that trouble to stay so tightly focused on such a politically guarded message. I would argue that it's no trouble at all because the political bias is built-in. Doing it is nearly effortless on their part.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elected On a Surplus, Walker Promised To Invest In, Not Cut, Priorities

More Déjà vu.

To critics of Gov. Scott Walker’s UW cut:
“I’m glad we’re NOT talking about the Governor. Because clearly he’s acting on the behalf of the majority. Because he’s been elected three times in the last four years. So, if you do not agree with the governor, you’re in the minority. You need a reality check - right there.”
-- Janesville Area Scott Walker Supporter

That comment came during a Janesville Community BlogTalk radio discussion on Walker's $300M cut to the UW system.

So I thought: What exactly did the "winning" majority of voters agree on regarding the state budget and the UW system, when they re-elected Scott Walker? I don't recall hearing about cuts. As before, most of his pre-election campaign statements were fairly vague and non-committal. But during a debate with Mary Burke, Walker said this matter of factly ...

Devil's Advocate Source Video Link:
"The next state budget will begin with a surplus of over a half billion dollars ...$535 million to be exact. That means we can invest in our priorities. Things like economic development, quality schools, our UW system, our technical colleges, helping needy families, children and seniors. Investing in our infrastructure, public safety and veteran services..." -- Gov. Scott Walker Oct. 17, 2014

So THAT is what the majority agreed with Walker on and voted for.

Yet right out of the gate after the election, Walker proposes the exact opposite by cutting $300M from the UW system. That's an investment? And, he and his operatives intend on fueling the fight with the envy and resentment of divide and conquer politics to make it happen. Yes, it's claw-down time again in yet another artificial zero sum game. That's another story in of itself.

Walker also proposed cutting SeniorCare to a point where no one will bother to apply, hurting tens of thousands of seniors with greater out of pocket expenses. He wants to cut the Homestead Credit yet again and borrow $1.3 billion more for the road lobby. That debt note doesn't include putting taxpayers on the hook with a $220M bond for a new Bucks Arena costing $380M to pay off, or the rejection of a billion dollar Hard Rock mega casino in Kenosha. I'm only scratching the surface.

But you know what? Conservatives, especially the anti-knowledge, anti-public Tea Party types, think that anyone who can look straight into the camera and lie before the election, win, then do a complete one-eighty without blinking is courageous and showing leadership! You're the problem if you don't agree! That's more than just big and bold. That's a bad-ass mash-your-face brass balls knock-out upper-cut bell ringer.

Dozens of Wisconsin blogs including this one warn readers about Scott Walker regularly. Politics aside, we know he lies often and is not trustworthy, that's why many don't vote for him. But it's too late to say we told you so for the 300th time. So the only way Walker supporters could save face on agreeing with his current proposals is by saying something like, "I knew he was lying all along, and I also know his reforms are failing badly, but the problems he compounds and creates will be FIXED WITH MORE CUTS ...AND THAT'S WHY I VOTE FOR HIM!!" Period.

I'm beginning to consider the strong possibility of that perpetual race-to-the-bottom insanity. Let's face it, because there's no other explanation why people who voted for Walker on statements of "investing in priorities" he made before the election are NOT completely pitchfork-and-torches outraged by his total reversal now. What else could it be?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Janesville Forum: Save UW

The Rock County Progressives present an educational forum:

Save UW: How budget cuts will damage the UW System and what can be done.

Eleni Schirmer Co-President of the Teaching Assistants' Association

The TAA has assembled some information you might be interested in here.

Brandi Grayson of the Young Gifted & Black Coalition

Jason Lee of United Faculty and Academic Staff

Wednesday, February 18, 6 PM
6 PM-6:30 PM cheese & cracker reception (nonalcoholic potluck)
6:30 PM- 7:45 PM, speaker & discussion

Basics Food Cooperative
1711 Lodge Dr.
Janesville, Wisconsin

This is an independent event not affiliated with Basics

Directions: from Madison route 90 until 1st Janesville exit, south on Route 26 past route 14, look for Toys R Us on the right, right on Lodge Drive, on right across from Toys R Us.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Prosecutor Asks Justices to Recuse In Scott Walker Probe Challenge

According to a report by PR Watch, the lead (special) prosecutor of the probe into possible coordination between Governor Scott Walker's campaign and outside groups has asked some Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices to recuse themselves from hearing a challenge to the investigation.

PR Watch Excerpt:
A notation in court records titled "Motion for Recusal and Notice of Ethical Concerns" indicates that on February 12, Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz filed a sealed motion for one or more of the Supreme Court justices to recuse themselves from the case. Schmitz was previously on George W. Bush's shortlist for U.S. Attorney and said that he voted for Walker.

PR Watch uncovered information showing up to four state supreme court judges picked up substantial campaign support from the plaintiffs in the case.

Read the full story here.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Here's a New One: Taxpayers Prevent Walker From Answering Questions

The passage below from a MKE Journal Sentinel article on the Scott Walker "evolution" debacle caught my attention.

JS Online Excerpt:
Walker's trip is widely seen as a tool to add to his foreign policy credentials before a White House run, but the governor pointed out that Wisconsin taxpayers are paying for the trip as a vehicle to promote trade.

"As I pointed out, I'm on a trip focused on trade and investment," Walker said. "That's what I'm focused in on."

Actually, the opposite of Walker's explanation is closer to correct. While on the taxpayers dime, Gov. Scott Walker's presence and accessibility in the public should be wide open, within reasonable accommodation of course.

While mingling with the Brits in public, he can't say to a reporter, "Not now, can't you see I'm having dinner with my family?" OR "This is a private campaign event" OR censor questions when questions are on the schedule. Nope. Walker is in England on the public dime as a public official for the entire time.

It's great that he claims to be focused on trade and investment, but it's also laughable that someone reaching the stature of a state governor expects the world to compliantly lockstep at his command.

In fact, the only time it would be be right for Walker to restrict public access, reporters or questions is if his trip was paid for by himself or by his campaign donors. Then he would there as private citizen or candidate Scott Walker. Under those "private" circumstances, of course he shouldn't be working on state business and probably consider it vacation time.

Walker going out of the way to guard and control his public dialogue reeks of political choreography and also makes it unavoidable to ask whether he or any of his state-paid entourage are coordinating with his campaign apparatus while on the taxpayers dime, in England.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Question On Evolution Tests Walker's Faith

Desperate to avoid straight talk during his trade junket to England, Gov. Scott Walker reportedly refused to answer several questions in London including one on "science," about whether he believes in Darwin's "Theory" of Evolution.

However, I didn't see it all that way.

Sure, Walker was asked point-blank whether he is comfortable with the theory of evolution, a fundamental question most everyone views as a personal test on science, to which he responded, he'll "punt." But what I saw was a person who refused to stand with any courage on his Christian Faith, a faith he unabashedly weaponizes when he quotes biblical passages for his own political expediency here in Wisconsin. So, I don't see this as a question of science, or politicizing science, but a question on faith.

Apparently, I'm not the only one to see it this way either. Walker does too, at least in part.

Later in the day, he did issue a stock damage-control statement on the question obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Walker said "Both science and my faith dictate my belief that we are created by God" and that "I believe faith and science are compatible, and go hand in hand."

Of course Walker mixed the two, but "evolution" is nowhere in his rewrite AND his statement does not line up with the Meadowbrook Church he attends. The Wauwatosa church states its members believe that the Bible is "without error."

Belief Net Excerpt:
The son of a Baptist pastor, born in Colorado Springs, the heartland of the Religious Right, Walker is a member of Meadowbrook Church in Wauwatosa, a non-denominational evangelical church. Meadowbrook’s statement of faith, a fairly typical boilerplate of conservative evangelical theology, includes beliefs in biblical inerrancy, sin, exclusive salvation through Christ, and eternal damnation.

Watch Walker "punt" his answer:

Monday, February 09, 2015

Union Rep Validated and Vindicated. Yet, Superintendent Continues Attack.

After a decision last week from the state's Government Accountability Board validated a union rep's discovery and report of two insufficient candidate's petitions for the Janesville school board, the school district clerk caught in the middle of the cover-up dropped her bizarre (TRO) restraining order against the rep, vindicating him of any personal wrong-doing. The School Superintendent, Karen Schulte, also claims to support the clerks' decision to drop the complaint.

End of story? Not quite.

According to this question-and-answer Facebook post by the union rep, the District dropped the case an hour before Superintendent Schulte's sworn testimony was set to begin. Yet afterwards, Schulte has taken to her blog, not to thank him for his efforts or to issue a written apology of sorts, but instead continued to make a case against him in the court of public opinion. Something she apparently refused to do when she had her chance in the court of law.

Very bizarre indeed.


CogDis - AFCSME, Democracy Again Triumphant In Janesville

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Walker Thought Everyone Would Be Focused On The Squirrels

According to this article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, documents show the Walker administration did indeed seek removal of UW's Wisconsin Idea.

JS Online Excerpt:
Walker said he thought the debate should be about giving the university more flexibility and cutting its state aid, not the flap over the changes to the Wisconsin Idea.

It certainly looks like Walker was hoping the changes he made to dismantle the Wisconsin Idea would go unnoticed while everyone battled over the money question and autonomy.

Beyond scalping the Wisconsin Idea of its basic purpose to seek the truth, the one incision they made, "to meet the state's workforce needs" is a statement we should expect back again from Walker as the core mission for the state's public school system.

With the heavy-handed statist Walker, it's always "the state knows best" and about meeting state needs, and THAT should be troubling to every individual in pursuit of their own happiness and dreams.

Again, don't blame me. I did not vote for Scott Walker.

ADDITIONAL LINKS: - Wisconsin Idea Drafting Notes

JS Online - Walker forced to admit UW objected to Wisconsin Idea changes The UW "had been told the changes were not open to debate."

WPR - 'Wisconsin Idea' Was Rewritten Per Walker's Drafting Orders

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Gov. Scott Walker In One Word

Nothing says "Scott Walker!" better than this.

Read the full story at PRWatch. <--- a must read!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Walker's Establishment Base Disillusioned By His Big Bold Borrowing

It's always amazing to read yet another editorial from one of Gov. Walker's delusional three-time endorsers disparaging him over his plan to borrow $1.3 billion for the next budget to fund state roadwork. They said it makes little sense.

We're a little late for that, aren't we?

The problem is, Walker's establishment supporters knew who and what they were endorsing. If they wanted a balanced approach to pay our way for transportation needs with communities getting their fair share in state aid, they would have endorsed Mary Burke instead. They knew they were getting a tax-shifting can-kicker in Walker. They knew how a deal to pay for the I39/90 expansion would result in a $500M shift away from local roads. They knew Wisconsin communities would be left holding a bag full of endless tax-hike referendums to fend off Walker's nightmarish version of conservatism.

Tough shit now, baby.

In Janesville, Walker's support-base establishment operators, Forward Janesville and their media enabler, the Janesville Gazette, had recently endorsed two local tax-hike referendums to pay for stuff. Thankfully, both referendums (BTC and a Janesville budget gimmick) were smartly and resoundingly rejected by area voters.

As it stands, Janesville area taxpayers are paying their fair share into the kitty just like everyone else in Wisconsin. Since Walker was elected in 2010, Janesville has enacted a wheel tax to help pay for local roads. Yet these Walker supporters said local taxpayers must accept even greater tax obligations or else face an economic death spiral. Their words. Not mine.

So here they are after leveraging portable tax credits and other free stuff for themselves from the state treasury, all self-described "conservatives," again thrashing against Walker's "Go Big, Go Bold, Go Borrowing" budget Reaganomics.

Suddenly, they want to pay for stuff now and they call it an investment. Damn Liberals!

I wrote about this before and I'm sticking to it. I want to see what Walker's race-to-the-bottom tax cuts, debt and wrong-headed spending ideology will bring to Janesville and Wisconsin. Afterall, he won re-election.

But most of all, those who voted for him and endorsed him should want that too, and I'll be here reminding them. Again and again.


RNR - Conservative Newspaper Wants "Progressive" Community For Its Own Back Yard

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Walker's "Pay Their Way" Jock Tax Is Just Another Gimmick For Special Interests

Not much has been written or challenged about Gov. Scott Walker's so-called proposal to create a "jock tax" on NBA players playing in Milwaukee.

At first blush, his proposal seems somewhat populist in rhetoric, with some even misconstruing it as a new tax on wealthy private interests to pay a larger share for major improvements, such as a new stadium, that they benefit directly from. That would seem like a fair and responsible proposal. Except, that does not appear to be the case at all.

Like most everyone, I haven't seen the details of his plan, but what I can gather from news reports is, it does NOT impose a new or additional tax on NBA players or the Bucks owners. The players will keep on paying the same income tax rates as always. In fact, the players themselves won't even know or feel a difference.

Fox 6 Now Excerpt:
Under Walker’s “Pay Their Way” plan, a Sports and Entertainment District would be created to provide bonding authority to pay back a $220 million grant for a new sports arena. The grant will be in the form of an appropriation bond issuance, paid back by projected growth in income taxes from the Bucks, as well as visiting teams, due to salary increases and new TV contracts. No current base revenues would be used to pay for the bonds, and once the bonds are paid off, the tax growth would return to the state.

Sound a little familiar? It should.

It is exactly the concept used for TIF District financing, but instead of establishing a baseline of tax revenue on unimproved property - Walker is looking to lock-in a baseline of revenue, in dollars, on current state income taxes paid by NBA players.

Just like a TIF District carves out a separate holding account away from general fund purposes on any new tax revenue growth paid above the base, to pay for infrastructure, Walker's proposal does exactly the same with expected new growth in NBA salaries to purportedly pay for the stadium.

With that said, the only people who will be paying more in taxes than they would have otherwise without Walker's "jock tax" will be the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Because just like TIF, it is everyone outside the district (in this case, outside NBA salaries) that will pay the steadily increasing bills of our perpetually shortchanged general fund during the 30 year term of the bond repayment.

So, two truths stand out. One, NBA players, team owners or their shareholders WILL NOT pay one extra penny in taxes to the state to build their own stadium, despite Walker's seemingly populist "Pay Their Way" slogan. Two, contrary to Walker's claim of "protecting state taxpayers," it is state taxpayers who will be losing $220 million in expected revenue growth, revenue carved away from general fund purposes that instead will be used to pay for a special interest new stadium.

Just saying.