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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elected On a Surplus, Walker Promised To Invest In, Not Cut, Priorities

More Déjà vu.

To critics of Gov. Scott Walker’s UW cut:
“I’m glad we’re NOT talking about the Governor. Because clearly he’s acting on the behalf of the majority. Because he’s been elected three times in the last four years. So, if you do not agree with the governor, you’re in the minority. You need a reality check - right there.”
-- Janesville Area Scott Walker Supporter

That comment came during a Janesville Community BlogTalk radio discussion on Walker's $300M cut to the UW system.

So I thought: What exactly did the "winning" majority of voters agree on regarding the state budget and the UW system, when they re-elected Scott Walker? I don't recall hearing about cuts. As before, most of his pre-election campaign statements were fairly vague and non-committal. But during a debate with Mary Burke, Walker said this matter of factly ...

Devil's Advocate Source Video Link:
"The next state budget will begin with a surplus of over a half billion dollars ...$535 million to be exact. That means we can invest in our priorities. Things like economic development, quality schools, our UW system, our technical colleges, helping needy families, children and seniors. Investing in our infrastructure, public safety and veteran services..." -- Gov. Scott Walker Oct. 17, 2014

So THAT is what the majority agreed with Walker on and voted for.

Yet right out of the gate after the election, Walker proposes the exact opposite by cutting $300M from the UW system. That's an investment? And, he and his operatives intend on fueling the fight with the envy and resentment of divide and conquer politics to make it happen. Yes, it's claw-down time again in yet another artificial zero sum game. That's another story in of itself.

Walker also proposed cutting SeniorCare to a point where no one will bother to apply, hurting tens of thousands of seniors with greater out of pocket expenses. He wants to cut the Homestead Credit yet again and borrow $1.3 billion more for the road lobby. That debt note doesn't include putting taxpayers on the hook with a $220M bond for a new Bucks Arena costing $380M to pay off, or the rejection of a billion dollar Hard Rock mega casino in Kenosha. I'm only scratching the surface.

But you know what? Conservatives, especially the anti-knowledge, anti-public Tea Party types, think that anyone who can look straight into the camera and lie before the election, win, then do a complete one-eighty without blinking is courageous and showing leadership! You're the problem if you don't agree! That's more than just big and bold. That's a bad-ass mash-your-face brass balls knock-out upper-cut bell ringer.

Dozens of Wisconsin blogs including this one warn readers about Scott Walker regularly. Politics aside, we know he lies often and is not trustworthy, that's why many don't vote for him. But it's too late to say we told you so for the 300th time. So the only way Walker supporters could save face on agreeing with his current proposals is by saying something like, "I knew he was lying all along, and I also know his reforms are failing badly, but the problems he compounds and creates will be FIXED WITH MORE CUTS ...AND THAT'S WHY I VOTE FOR HIM!!" Period.

I'm beginning to consider the strong possibility of that perpetual race-to-the-bottom insanity. Let's face it, because there's no other explanation why people who voted for Walker on statements of "investing in priorities" he made before the election are NOT completely pitchfork-and-torches outraged by his total reversal now. What else could it be?

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