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Monday, February 09, 2015

Union Rep Validated and Vindicated. Yet, Superintendent Continues Attack.

After a decision last week from the state's Government Accountability Board validated a union rep's discovery and report of two insufficient candidate's petitions for the Janesville school board, the school district clerk caught in the middle of the cover-up dropped her bizarre (TRO) restraining order against the rep, vindicating him of any personal wrong-doing. The School Superintendent, Karen Schulte, also claims to support the clerks' decision to drop the complaint.

End of story? Not quite.

According to this question-and-answer Facebook post by the union rep, the District dropped the case an hour before Superintendent Schulte's sworn testimony was set to begin. Yet afterwards, Schulte has taken to her blog, not to thank him for his efforts or to issue a written apology of sorts, but instead continued to make a case against him in the court of public opinion. Something she apparently refused to do when she had her chance in the court of law.

Very bizarre indeed.


CogDis - AFCSME, Democracy Again Triumphant In Janesville

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