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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Walker Thought Everyone Would Be Focused On The Squirrels

According to this article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, documents show the Walker administration did indeed seek removal of UW's Wisconsin Idea.

JS Online Excerpt:
Walker said he thought the debate should be about giving the university more flexibility and cutting its state aid, not the flap over the changes to the Wisconsin Idea.

It certainly looks like Walker was hoping the changes he made to dismantle the Wisconsin Idea would go unnoticed while everyone battled over the money question and autonomy.

Beyond scalping the Wisconsin Idea of its basic purpose to seek the truth, the one incision they made, "to meet the state's workforce needs" is a statement we should expect back again from Walker as the core mission for the state's public school system.

With the heavy-handed statist Walker, it's always "the state knows best" and about meeting state needs, and THAT should be troubling to every individual in pursuit of their own happiness and dreams.

Again, don't blame me. I did not vote for Scott Walker.

ADDITIONAL LINKS: - Wisconsin Idea Drafting Notes

JS Online - Walker forced to admit UW objected to Wisconsin Idea changes The UW "had been told the changes were not open to debate."

WPR - 'Wisconsin Idea' Was Rewritten Per Walker's Drafting Orders


fattigmann said...

Great post, keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

It was probably changed on D. H.'s suggestion. She needs more low paid pukes to work in her sweat shops.

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