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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Business Supporters For RTW "Freedom" Deny The Same For Their Customers

From the category "what you don't know can hurt you" ...

Democurmudgeon Excerpt:
State Senator Chris Larson confronted Steve Nass about "not seeing a single person that hasn't gotten money from the Bradley Foundation." That money provides cover for the donors pushing right-to-work. Nass defended anonymous Big Businesses, saying they were fearful of blowback, boycotts and retaliation by those unhappy with the legislation.

Nass suggests some folks, otherwise known as customers or clients, might refuse to spend money at their business establishment because they don't want their purchase to support politics they don't agree with? That's blowback? That's boycott? That's retaliation?

Isn't that freedom?

Interesting from the angle that these RTW supporters are pushing a policy in which a major but false talking point includes; people (workers) shouldn't have to be "forced" to pay (in dues) for politics or a product they don't agree with. Scott Walker calls that option for choice, freedom.

Of course first, they have to know what those politics are.

But, by refusing to come forward publicly with their support for RTW, these businesses are denying their customers the same freedom to "arm" their pocketbooks with the comfort to know the politics their purchase might be supporting.

Businesses willingly hiding their identity for supporting legislation BECAUSE they know it will make their customers unhappy, yet continue to sell them products and service without disclosure, is not only freedom denied - it's dishonest business.

Watch this incredible exchange from the Senate Conference Room:

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He's such a nASSHOLE -- but be careful -- if you say this outside of his office at the Capitol the Palace Guard will arrest ya!

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