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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Walker's Establishment Base Disillusioned By His Big Bold Borrowing

It's always amazing to read yet another editorial from one of Gov. Walker's delusional three-time endorsers disparaging him over his plan to borrow $1.3 billion for the next budget to fund state roadwork. They said it makes little sense.

We're a little late for that, aren't we?

The problem is, Walker's establishment supporters knew who and what they were endorsing. If they wanted a balanced approach to pay our way for transportation needs with communities getting their fair share in state aid, they would have endorsed Mary Burke instead. They knew they were getting a tax-shifting can-kicker in Walker. They knew how a deal to pay for the I39/90 expansion would result in a $500M shift away from local roads. They knew Wisconsin communities would be left holding a bag full of endless tax-hike referendums to fend off Walker's nightmarish version of conservatism.

Tough shit now, baby.

In Janesville, Walker's support-base establishment operators, Forward Janesville and their media enabler, the Janesville Gazette, had recently endorsed two local tax-hike referendums to pay for stuff. Thankfully, both referendums (BTC and a Janesville budget gimmick) were smartly and resoundingly rejected by area voters.

As it stands, Janesville area taxpayers are paying their fair share into the kitty just like everyone else in Wisconsin. Since Walker was elected in 2010, Janesville has enacted a wheel tax to help pay for local roads. Yet these Walker supporters said local taxpayers must accept even greater tax obligations or else face an economic death spiral. Their words. Not mine.

So here they are after leveraging portable tax credits and other free stuff for themselves from the state treasury, all self-described "conservatives," again thrashing against Walker's "Go Big, Go Bold, Go Borrowing" budget Reaganomics.

Suddenly, they want to pay for stuff now and they call it an investment. Damn Liberals!

I wrote about this before and I'm sticking to it. I want to see what Walker's race-to-the-bottom tax cuts, debt and wrong-headed spending ideology will bring to Janesville and Wisconsin. Afterall, he won re-election.

But most of all, those who voted for him and endorsed him should want that too, and I'll be here reminding them. Again and again.


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