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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Local Red State Group Begins Illinois "Kick To The Shin" Campaign

Empty of any innovation, expansion and job creating ideas of their own but buoyed by access to state and local treasuries, the hyper-partisan collectivists of the Rock County 5.0 are wasting no time spreading Walker's divisive rhetoric beyond the state line into Illinois.

According to their publicist, the Janesville Gazette and with blessings from county government, the divide and conquer group will begin an ad campaign in Chicago promoting tax credits for relocating businesses into Wisconsin.
JG Excerpt:
The advertising is not intended so much as a "sharp stick in the eye" but a "kick to the shin" to Illinois, said Forward Janesville President John Beckord. And Rock County wants it to sting.

Sharp stick in the eye? WTF?? What's the source and intention behind the "kick to the shin" rhetoric? And, why do we want it to sting? Why would Wisconsin want to put a hurt on another state? What did Illinois ever do so badly to Rock County to provoke such a revengeful attitude?

Perhaps the vitriol comes from the time when the co-chair of the group, multi-billionaire Diane Hendricks, lamented that she had to move one of her businesses to Illinois because the state offered growth incentives that were too good to resist. So blame and attack Illinois, huh? Or maybe because Barack Obama considers Chicago his home base? Whatever is the reason for their childish and provocative language, the RC5 and Rock County government are doing this in our name and if Chicago or Illinois retaliate in kind against Rock County, this type of toxic "Ryanesque" us-against-them nonsense can only result in a time wasting zero sum game where our local good will and the wage earning taxpayers will be the only losers.

NOTE: Article not available on Web at time of post.

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