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Monday, July 09, 2012

Polarizing Business Group Looking To Change Image. Not Their Own of Course.

The Janesville Gazette posted one of their typical damage control messages masquerading as a news article on the front page about the politically motivated local economic development group, the Rock County 5.0, and their newest campaign to "get the word out" about the area's "friendly" business climate.

In addition, the group would like to dispel "negative stereotypes" attached to the Janesville/Beloit area - ummm, but it's not the group's own deeply polarizing and negative red state union busting divide and conquer sponsorship that we've all come to learn about over the past several months that needs dispelling. Instead, they believe the negativity stems from the perception that the area's base was dominated by the auto industry. That's the latest excuse now - it's all a matter of how others perceive the area. In their view, what could possibly be worse for a town than to be perceived as a slice of American Pie. So they're looking to target and rob the Chicago area of a few businesses. That explains their collaboration and friendliness all so perfectly well.

JG Excerpt:
Rock County 5.0 is a public-private organization designed to build economic development collaboration, communication and connections to benefit the county. [...]The marketing and public relations campaign will “get the word out” about Rock County to business and industry decision makers in the Chicago area, Otterstein said. It will run through the summer and into early fall using print, digital media, billboards and bus wraps, for example.[...]The campaign should increase awareness about opportunities in Rock County, Otterstein said. Another goal is to dispel “negative stereotypes” attached to the Janesville/Beloit area — that its economic base was dominated by the auto industry, he said.

What should have been a simple press release by the group is spun into a professionally polished "news" article for everyday local consumption. The Gazette has to do their part of course as a loyal and true ally to their own. They write up the group's story and statements without challenge or record of their latest controversy. But why should they afterall? It's not like the group is a democratic candidate or organization, the teacher's union or some malcontent blogger. Sheesh!

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