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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Walker's Deer Czar Uses Reform Or Perish Technique

I couldn't believe how much double-speak Scott Walker's deer czar, James Kroll, finessed in throughout while explaining his report to the media.

In this article by the Associated Press, Kroll obviously guarded against using his more direct politically charged Tea Party rhetoric that he is known for and instead uses a "reform or perish" technique to fearmonger acceptance for his proposal. It's not easy to imply that "we're going to have to do this," while at the same time claiming, "his plan offers the two sides a chance to compromise and save Wisconsin's hunting traditions from disappearing." That's pure double-speak at Paul Ryan's Heritage Foundation level.

I was also impressed how Kroll panders for political support by backhanding praise towards DNR workers (they're professionals just doing their jobs) and then frames traditional Wisconsin hunters as expecting too much from government. He warns that if both sides (DNR and hunters) can't agree on his recommendations and resolve their conflict (Kroll must assume the DNR will embrace his proposal), the state's rich hunting tradition could vanish. The sky will fall. Nevermind that Kroll's proposal would officially change the state's rich hunting tradition into something completely different.

It's sort of like how Paul Ryan intends to end Medicare as we know it, but still call it Medicare.

Kroll knows he's not dealing with ill-informed populations in Wisconsin, but he still accomplishes exactly what he was paid to do. He claims sweeping reform is needed. He gently brings in his Tea Party ideology by scolding one side (hunters) for their reliance on government. He attempts to win support from government - the unelected DNR. He paints his proposal as the "compromise," deregulates the CWD issue, breaks down government control of the herd and opens the door to privatization. He does this all under the premise that if hunters won't embrace his proposal, lawmakers in Wisconsin will be left with no choice but to punish Wisconsinites by legislatively destroying (more government) the rich deerhunting heritage they enjoy today.

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