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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Video: Walker Greeted At Devil's Lake

A Day At Devil's Lake With Scott Walker 6-25-11

You may have to re-adjust your audio during play.

Modern Day Black Sox Scandal? Cantor Signals America Fail - Banks On It

I know it's not just me, but I found this story about Rep. Eric Cantor taking a short position on long-dated government bonds troubling enough to have me thinking about the Black Sox Scandal.

The Black Sox Scandal you might recall was an incident that took place around the 1919 Baseball World Series. Eight members of the Chicago White Sox were banned for life from baseball for intentionally losing games for financial gain.

Washington Wire Excerpt: (WSJ blog)
[Cantor], bought up to $15,000 in shares of ProShares Trust Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury ETF last December, according to his 2009 financial disclosure statement. The exchange-traded fund takes a short position in long-dated government bonds. In effect, it is a bet against U.S. government bonds—and perhaps on inflation in the future.

Cantor (GOP House Leader), much like Paul Ryan (GOP Budget Czar), is in a congressional position similar to a baseball coach deliberately signaling his runner to steal home base knowing he'll be called out. Cantor, like Ryan again, has also advocated to not raise the national debt ceiling. An event many economic experts would consider a disaster.

TPM Excerpt:
Ryan's not the only Republican suggesting that Wall Street would be just fine with the US at least flirting with default this summer. The White House had said that a chance of the country not paying what it owes investors could lead to economic catastrophe. But increasingly Republicans are saying the idea might not be so bad.

Last week, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) told reporters that Wall Street told him basically the same thing it told Ryan.

Although the Wall Street Journal twisted this into Cantor "putting his money where his mouth is" frame (somehow they omitted the word "courageous"), I found it odd the WSJ would expose this information to people with a brain and in effect, throw one of their own Congressional pawns under a bus.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reminder: Janesville Medicare Forum With Rob Zerban Today


Wednesday, JUNE 29
6 PM-6:30 PM, cheese & cracker reception (nonalcoholic potluck)
6:30 PM-8 PM, speakers; discussion

1711 Lodge Dr (turn Right on Lodge going South on 26, across Lodge from Toys R Us), Janesville

Forum on How Ryan Would Destroy Medicare.


Rob Zerban, Kenosha County Supervisor and candidate for the 1st Congressional District (Paul Ryan's),

Author of the website, Hands Off My Grandma.

Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, author of "Rep. Paul Ryan's Budget Plan a Trojan horse Assault on American Values"


Rob Zerban delivered more than 60,000 signed petitions to Congressman Paul Ryan’s office demanding that he stop his attack on Medicare.

Paul Krugman: Medicare Saves Money.

The Paul Ryan Watch: TV SPOT: Paul Ryan. Protecting Big Oil Profits. Lining His Own Pockets.

Justice Suggested To Prosser "Get Help" After Incident

JS Online Excerpt:
Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley asked Justice David Prosser to seek therapy to manage his anger two days after she says he put his hands around her neck, but he declined to do so, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The request came June 15, when all the justices met with Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs to discuss the June 13 altercation between Prosser and Bradley.

They had to be pulled apart?!

JS Online Excerpt:
Bradley yelled for Prosser to get his hands off her neck or that she was being choked, sources said. Roggensack pulled the two apart.


Buzzflash: David Prosser and Clarence Thomas Are Strangling Justice: They Should Be Removed

DailyKos: Details Revealed in Wisconsin Supreme Court Choking Incident

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drunkest State About to Get Two Hours Drunker

It's quite an achievement for Wisconsin to be consistently ranked in the top five drunkest states in the union. But honestly, we have had plenty of help to maintain those lofty standards. Just consider that Milwaukee was ranked the number one drunkest city by Forbes in 2006. On top of that, the United Health Foundation recently released a report ranking the 50 states in terms of binge drinking, and our state was the worst. Nearly a quarter of the population has reported drinking too much. Of course we are also number one for driving under the influence.

On the other hand, we've gained that reputation despite state laws banning retail establishments from selling alcohol between Midnight and 9 AM. But now that's all about change under legislation proposed by one of Rock County’s hopefully lame-duck assembly Republicans, Evan Wynn.

Access to alcohol is about to get even better or worse depending on your perspective.

Wisconsin Named #1 Drunkest State

WSAW Excerpt:
Area experts aren't surprised by the numbers. Sue Nowak, a drug and alcohol specialist, says, "I think it is easy access in Wisconsin. You can go to Target, a gas station, even Walgreens and they all now carry alcohol. It's almost every place you turn, there's alcohol."

Well, as far as Rep. Wynn is concerned, more access to alcohol is better. It's a priority of his. Supposedly concerned over third-shift workers inability to find a liquor establishment in the early morning hours, Wynn's proposed change to state statutes will allow earlier morning hours for those thirsty workers to bulk up on the breakfast of champions. Under his amendment, retail businesses can begin selling booze as early as 6 AM.

Look at it this way. It's sort of like a Daylight Savings Time Amendment just for drunks.

Drunkest States Slideshow

Monday, June 27, 2011

Abusive Prosser Plays Rough Again - Goes After Jugular

Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge David Prosser is at it again. According to the latest allegations, the 68-year-old street-talking punk put his hands around the throat of fellow Supreme Court Judge Ann Walsh Bradley after Bradley asked Prosser to leave her office.

JS Online Excerpt:

Bradley felt Prosser "was attacking the chief justice," the source said. Before leaving, Prosser "put his hands around her neck in what (Bradley) described as a chokehold," the source said.

"He did not exert any pressure, but his hands were around her neck," the source said.

The source said the act "was in no way playful."

Prosser was not arrested after the incident.

Anonymous newspaper sources are also telling different stories about what occurred. According to at least one, Bradley charged Prosser, who raised his hands to defend himself and made contact with her neck.

On Saturday, Bradley disputed those versions as "spin."

Wisconsin Watch Excerpt:
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported late Saturday that Justice Bradley has affirmed that a physical altercation took place and disputed the assertions of others that the contact was incidental.

“The facts are that I was demanding that he get out of my office and he put his hands around my neck in anger in a chokehold,” Bradley told the Journal Sentinel.

And in response to the conflicting interpretation offered by unnamed sources, that Prosser put up his hands defensively as she rushed toward him, Bradley told the paper: “You can try to spin those facts and try to make it sound like I ran up to him and threw my neck into his hands, but that’s only spin.”

Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs told WPR he would issue a statement Monday.

More Perspectives On Incident From The 'Sphere

Political Environment Confidence-Builder? Nutty GOP Leader Says Supreme Court Is Crazier

Democurmudgeon - Re-electing Abusive Prosser Says a lot About Waukesha

Think Progress - Four Ways Prosser Can be Removed from Office

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Few Courageous Republicans Join Dems To Pass Gay Marriage In NY

NY Times Excerpt:
With his position still undeclared, Senator Mark J. Grisanti, a Republican from Buffalo who had sought office promising to oppose same-sex marriage, told his colleagues he had agonized for months before concluding he had been wrong.

“I apologize for those who feel offended,” Mr. Grisanti said, adding, “I cannot deny a person, a human being, a taxpayer, a worker, the people of my district and across this state, the State of New York, and those people who make this the great state that it is the same rights that I have with my wife.”

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rip Rap

Sustainability Program Unsustainable Under Walker

Two High-Tech Medical Firms Competing For Entitlements In Rock County

M&I Bank Donates Burnt Offering To Janesville Schools.

State GOP Elitists Secretly Draw Up Map, Think They Will Draw Joe Knilans Home Into District?

Concealed Carry: Local Pro-Gun Officials Turn Anti-Gun When Thinking Of Their Own Safety.

Poll: Paul Ryan Third Most Disliked GOPer

Web Poll Question at the Janesville Gazette: Are you looking forward to the end of the state budget debate, or are you enjoying the drama?

Quitter - Quits Again

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thugs Tread On Peaceful Demonstrators In Capitol

WSJ Excerpt:
A participant in the daily, non-violent Solidarity Sing Along at the state Capitol suffered a broken tooth when he was punched in the face by one of two men who were draping a "Don't Tread on Me" flag over the heads of singers, the leader of the sing-along said.

"He was definitely being very, very aggressive," Reeder said.

Lisa Wells, who recorded video of Zien, said he was yelling, "Walker for president."

Anyone harboring that much hate and delusion should have their arms checked for spike marks.

Video from The Democurmudgeon

School Board Member Will Challenge Republican Knilans for 44th

Despite being early for the 2012 election campaign and knowing the possibility that Rep. Joe Knilans might be recalled, at least one Janesville resident so far, Kevin Murray, has announced his candidacy for the 44th district. Murray, a retired firefighter and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force currently sits on the Janesville School Board.

Murray actually lives in the assembly district.

Read newspaper story here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Odd Story On Proposed Janesville City Council Ethics Policy

Does the Janesville City Council have a problem with ethics? Not bad enough where they need to prioritize or institute an ethics policy, at least not in my view.

I watch Janesville City Council meetings as often as I can and they are generally carried out in a very subdued if not alarmingly blase atmosphere. But, it's probably best to have something on the books just in case. My main worry is that there are two for sure, and possibly up to four control freaks on the seven member Janesville City Council who want nothing less than to keep all council members in procedural lockstep and borg-like personality shirt and tie. I'm afraid if the control freaks had their way, they would disband the council altogether and walkerize a czar to dictate policy and decisions. I hope this doesn't give them any ideas.

In this story from the Janesville Gazette, I also don't blame the person (council president) who wrote the policy for refusing to articulate to the media the reasons or instances that compelled him to propose it in the first place. It should have been left at that, but the Gazette proceeded to offer their own list of recent council member activity they view as individual behavior/ethics problems. It gave me the impression that if their subject won't provide the content they are looking for - they'll just provide it themselves anyways.

One blog commenter at the Gazette posted what I thought was a fairly accurate portrayal of the entire situation.

Comment at Gazette:
Nielsen (journalist) should have killed this story, because to be honest, Janesvillians should not be interested in what behaviors she felt were a priority to list. If Brunner feels comfortable enough to waste his time as our council member presenting this nonsense, then he had better be strong enough to present the reasons for which he feels it's necessary.

You can read the entire comment here. It's at lakennedy 4:19 AM.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Will Post Office Deliver To Fitzwalkerstan?

Scott Walker is expected to sign his class war budget bill sometime before July.

Since I feel I will no longer reside in the great state Wisconsin once was, as another protest statement after Walker signs the bill, I'll be writing "Fitzwalkerstan" in place of Wisconsin on all of my snail mail. I suspect the Post Office will deliver to the address as long as it also has the full zip code.

I'm unaware if someone previously suggested this idea for mailings, if so - it's worth trying.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paul Ryan's Personal Statism: Crony Capitalism

We already knew that Rep. Paul Ryan is a key servant for Wall Street in Congress and a highly commissioned representative of the health care insurance industry, but now comes more damning reports from Newsweek/The Daily Beast that his family's mining businesses stood to benefit from tax law changes that he proposed in his budget. As James Rowen of The Political Environment pointed out - who knew?

Think Progress Excerpt:
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the architect of the GOP budget plan, has put forth a plan that calls for ending a number of tax subsidies. However, he has hedged multiple times when asked about oil subsidies. When given the opportunity to end billions in taxpayer giveaways to big oil companies, Ryan voted to preserve the generous subsidies.

Here's why.

The Daily Beast Excerpt:

Ryan's Shrewd Budget Payday

The congressman stands to make money from his stakes in four businesses that lease land to energy companies which would benefit from $45 billion in tax breaks and subsidies in his proposed budget. Daniel Stone reports.

According to a report from the Joint Committee on Taxation, Ryan himself would be eligible to recover money from the government for investments the four family companies might make in such things as machines and maintenance if they didn’t pan out on the properties and failed to generate revenue.

Stephen Comstock, a tax analyst with the American Petroleum Institute, says the provision and several others like it would be protected under Ryan’s budget.

Wall Street Cheat Sheet Excerpt:
Ryan’s father-in-law runs the companies that are currently leasing land for mining and drilling to Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK), Devon (NYSE:DVN), XTO Energy, and a subsidiary of ExxonMobil (NYSE:XOM). Ryan’s stake in these companies immediately poses a conflict of interest, especially when Ryan is lining his pockets with big oil money while expecting senior citizens, children, and the disabled to endure cuts to already underfunded programs.

If I got this right and I believe I do, Ryan is shamelessly using his congressional budget writing chairmanship to legislate risk guarantees on the investment holdings of his tightly knit family and capitalist cronies.

It can't get much worse than that, but as usual we can expect Ryan and his corporate media enablers to spin the story around and demagogue the report as an attack on his family - ala Sarah Palin.

Related: Ryan Tells Constituents One Thing - Votes Another

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Video: Reich Explains Economy In 135 Seconds

This video went from 75,000 to 352,000 views in less than 12 hours.

Wall Street Ryan: Bosses OK With Default For a Few Days

Congressional Oath of Office

I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

With talk about allowing the government to go into default paying its bills, GOP Budget Czar Paul Ryan checks in first with the people who matter - Wall Street. “Hey guys, are you going to be okay if we default for a few days?” Sure, Paulie, just make sure it doesn’t last more than that.

TPM Excerpt:
Worried about the debt ceiling fight coming down to the wire and freaking out the world's financial markets? Don't be, says Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). The investors he talks to could apparently care less about the country failing to pay its short-term debts, for a little while at least.

Stan Collender, a veteran of many Capitol Hill budget fights and a budget policy expert, said talk like that could be very dangerous. "There's obviously no way to know for sure because we've never really been in that situation," he said. Collender also rejected Ryan's idea of a three-day default as "ridiculous."

While most in Congress engage and connect with their home district's constituents, oftentimes to face critical dissection in an effort to articulate their particular district's position on an issue as important as the debt ceiling, Ryan works in the exact opposite fashion. He's well rehearsed in an ideologically baked marketing scheme fully approved by his Wall Street masters - and is charged with selling it not only to his subservient constituents, but to the entire country.

Besides campaign contributions, Ryan has a long history of legislative planning with Wall Street. When Ryan initially unveiled his roadmap to dismantle and destroy Medicare and Social Security - he presented it first to those that mean the most to him - the barons on Wall Steet. They applauded. So it figures that when it comes to defaulting on the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government, it's only natural for Ryan to go straight to his boss once again – Wall Street.

At his upcoming summer townhalls, his constituents in the meantime will undoubtedly be fed more of his Heritage Foundation charts and powerpoint presentations explaining that since Wall Street could apparently care less about the country failing to pay its short-term debts, why should his constituents care? This coming from a person who supposedly made the nation's ability to pay its debt his top priority.

The Paul Ryan Watch - Ryan Says it's OK For U.S. To Default On Debt

Democurmudgeon - When Confronted Or in Debate, Ryan Fails

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ryan Blinks, Draws Waukesha Into District

When you no longer represent your constituents, I guess it's time to look for some new constituents.

JS Online Snippets:
Republicans are taking aggressive steps to protect House freshman Sean Duffy under a draft redistricting plan that hasn’t been released to the public but is circulating among Wisconsin members of Congress.

Members of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation discussed the map behind closed doors Monday evening. GOP House member Paul Ryan took the lead among his colleagues in crafting it, according to sources.

As noted above, Sensenbrenner would no longer represent Ozaukee County, which would be in a separate US House district from neighboring Washington County. And he would cede more of Waukesha County to Ryan.

Although much is written in the JS article about the map helping the failed Duffy defend his House Seat, it is Ryan himself who shows some desperate electioneering by snipping out swing community Mallwood/Newville at the Southwestern tip of Lake Koshkonong from the 1st district and grabbing a large chunk of Walkerhood - Waukesha County for added insurance ... ummm, just in case.

New District Map drawn up by Rep. Paul Ryan.

Additional: The Paul Ryan Watch, Ryan drafts secret redistricting map for Wisconsin

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reality Of Fitzwalkerstan - Corps Calling The Shots

JS Online Excerpt:
The state's largest business lobby is airing ads on the radio that tout the economic advantages of new mining legislation.

Trouble is, the bill hasn't been introduced yet.

Some might think this is putting the cart before the horse, but not in Fitzwalkerstan. Get used to it.

Ryan Against Lock Box On Patent Office Revenue

Nothing is sacred.

JS Online Excerpt:
Inventors and entrepreneurs who would like to see the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office keep the fees it collects - rather than have the agency further decimated by congressional raids on its funds - have a powerful and newly outspoken opponent.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has signed a strongly worded letter to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, objecting to a key provision in pending patent-reform legislation that would let the patent office retain those fees and spend them on rebuilding itself after years of underfunding.

That sounds a little familiar, doesn't it? A progressive government agency has the opportunity to become fiscally self-sufficient and a right-wing engineer says Congress can do better. That's right - congress can do better.

Rep. Paul Ryan wrote in a letter that this "is a move in exactly the wrong direction, given the [...] commitment to restraining spending, improving accountability and transparency, and reducing the nation's unparalleled deficits and debt." Just like Congress has gone in the right direction on Social Security and Medicare over the past 20 years with the majority of the time under GOP purse strings rule, I suppose.

Yet, Ryan's position with the Patent Office reform is consistent with his position on Social Security surplus revenue - no lock box. Besides, surpluses tend to make a government-run entity look successful and that perception must be suffocated at all costs according to government-hating Randers.

Ryan's letter also contains a partisan swipe about handing over more fiscal power not to the executive branch, but to the "Obama White House."

Ryan's Letter Excerpt:
Placing PTO spending on mandatory auto-pilot as outlined in H.R 1249 would also hand the Congressional "power of the purse" - bestowed in the Constitution - to the Obama White House.

What worries me most though about Ryan's position is the underlying goal driving most of his deliberate actions to undermine and defund government. That because the Patent Office has the potential to operate in the black - it's the perfect candidate to turn over to crony capitalists and privatize. But again, that can only happen if he can bury the federal agency in as much debt and disorder as possible while it's still in the government's hands.

This is one area the Republicans are experts in.

RELATED: The Paul Ryan Watch: Ryan/GOP ransom note: "Give us Medicare or we crash the economy."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blain's Farm and Fleet - True Colors

Today's True Colors Entry - Changing the Way We Do Business

Blain's Farm and Fleet, Supply
Contact: Robert Blain, a sponsor of FJ's Dinner hosting Scott Walker. Jane Blain-Gilbertson is a member of the Rock County 5.0. Blain's contributed $2,750 to Scott Walker and $1,000 to the hyper-partisan AG, JB Van Hollen.

Political Contributions: (2009 to date)

DEMOCRATIC $250 Source

Rating: FJ$ (6/11/11) Legend

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wisconsin Republican Party Have The Gutter All To Themselves

MADISON -- The following is a statement from DPW Chairman Mike Tate on the GOP recall election dirty tricks.

"The unprecedented Republican manipulation of these recall elections has compelled a number of people to urge a level playing field by running fake candidates in GOP primaries.

"We cannot and will not stoop to the Republicans' level by encouraging candidates to lie about their party affiliation, or recommending that people try to deceive voters. We never have done that, and won’t start now. This is something that every single one of our six challengers has said they adamantly oppose. Fred Clark, Jess King, Shelly Moore, Nancy Nusbaum, Jen Shilling and Sandy Pasch -- along with Senator Miller -- all contacted the party over the last 24 hours to make it crystal clear this was absolutely the wrong tactic.

"At the same time, these phony GOP primary candidacies have in essence allowed the Republicans to seize the ability to call these elections at a date of their choosing. They can pick and choose which sham primaries to force. That's wrong. Selecting an election day is a responsibility that should fall to an independent, nonpartisan agency looking out for the people of Wisconsin -- not to a political party gaming the system for partisan gain. This transparent GOP conspiracy has cheated the people of protections against such dirty tricks.

"That is why we must guarantee these primary and general election dates move forward. The only way to do that in the face of these deplorable Republican tactics is by ensuring Democratic primaries with placeholders.

"This approach will keep the Republicans honest – an increasingly difficult task given the stunts they've pulled. It sends a clear statement that the GOP attempts to exploit the political process won't be tolerated. It also ensures a much fairer process than what Republicans have concocted with their dirty tricks, as well as reduces confusion among voters about when recall elections will take place.

"No one likes where Republicans have taken this process. The fight for Wisconsin is too important to have one hand tied behind our back."

I'm a huge believer in fighting fire with fire, but Wisconsin Republicans are wallowing in the gutter and would have liked nothing better than to share their rotting plague with the Democrats. So I totally agree with the Democrats position and am relieved the party made the right choice.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Capital Times Misreads Ryan

Capital Times Excerpt: (Mike Ivey)
With drumbeating protestors outside the Fluno Center providing background noise throughout, Rep. Paul Ryan delivered his Medicare reform pitch to a UW-Madison real estate conference Thursday and came off sounding almost like a progressive.

During a panel discussion on budget and policy reforms, Ryan called for directing public health care spending toward "those who need it the most, the poor and sick."

Ryan's slant to directing public health care spending toward those who need it the most, "the poor and sick" was strictly word pandering to outraged religious leaders who have called his "path" an abomination to Christianity. Ryan knows it might play well enough to get them off his back.

Ryan's words have to be dissected carefully. For instance, future "public health care spending" in his view is not Medicare - it's Medicaid only. Remember, under Ryan's plan, Medicare will be privatized. Medicaid currently exists for the "poor sick" without Ryan pretending like his plan reforms something anew. The only truth to Ryan's statement is that if he gets his way with Medicare - the government will have no choice but to direct more spending to (unfunded) public health care (Medicaid), but it won't be like it happened because his Catholic compassion calls for it, instead it's because his cold-hearted proposal strips all compassion away from everything else it touches. His proposal turns compassion-heavy Medicaid over to the states in a Block Grant, where every Randian Wall Street politician wants it to go.

Even if we'd like to use his own words to expose a hint of betrayal in his repellent and ugly ideological doctrine, Ryan's no fool but he's no Progressive either. Not even close.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Notice: Date Changed For Janesville Forum On Medicare

Sorry, the Janesville Medicare Forum set for June 14th has been changed to a new date due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict. The venue is yet to be determined, that should happen by Monday but I wanted to let people know about the change as soon as possible.

Forum on How Ryan Would Destroy Medicare.


Rob Zerban, Kenosha County Supervisor and candidate for the first Congressional District (Paul Ryan's).

Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, author of "Rep. Paul Ryan's Budget Plan a Trojan horse Assault on American Values"

Date Changed to Wednesday, JUNE 29

VENUE to be determined...

Chuck (Rock County Progressives)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Daft Duffy Shifts Blame After Voting To Repeal and Replace Medicare...oops, Obamacare

It should come as no secret that Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" Medicare-killing-class-war manifesto was built on the premise that if passed, it would not only repeal President Obama's Affordable Health Care Reform Act but that it would be the privatization framework Republicans would use to replace it with.

Think Progress Excerpt:
Freshman Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) promised during his campaign that he would only repeal health reform after finding a solution to replace it. However, he told a town hall meeting in his district this week that GOP leaders had convinced him to vote for repeal first, ensuring him that a replacement would be on its way. GOP leaders, Duffy said, told him that a replacement bill would be ready by the Spring. The fact that nothing has been proposed or debated all year has Duffy “very concerned”

Wait a second!! Paul Ryan's budget proposal Path to Prosperity was made ready for public consumption during the first week of April. That's spring! No? And, Ryan's "Path" contained four highlighted pages dedicated to terminating President Obama’s Affordable Heath Care Act and lists defunding, repealing and replacing as one the plan's key objectives.

Path to Prosperity excerpt:


PATIENT-CENTERED HEALTH CARE: Repeals and defunds the President’s health care law, advancing instead common-sense solutions focused on lowering costs, expanding access and protecting the doctor-patient relationship.
[underline highlights added]

Ryan's privatization and deceptively described "patient centered" proposal was the GOP's replacement plan and according to all definitions, form and function, it cannot co-exist with Obama's Affordable Health Care Act. In fact it can be said that Ryan's Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Resolution IS the Republican's defunding, repealing and replacing "Obamacare" all-in-one act. Duffy should know. He voted for it.

Think Progress Excerpt:
Duffy’s frustration is understandable. As Jared Bernstein has noted in March, Republicans still had not brought up a bill outline or even begun the steps in the relevant committees to propose a comprehensive health bill.

I totally disagree with that statement. The Ezra Klein article referenced by TP from March was three weeks before Ryan presented his budget proposal and no one at the time, no one, would have thought Ryan's anticipated annual budget would contain language repealing and replacing the Affordable Health Care Act. But it did. Duffy's "frustration" now is phony.

Duffy is just another shifty empty suit in a long line of shifty Republican empty suits who are now running as far away as they can from their "Care Killing" budget vote in the House. It's like it never happened.

Here's the clincher. Some of Duffy's "repeal Obamacare" constituents seemed to have no idea that Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" was actually a deal resolution that would eventually terminate their Medicare in exchange for repealing Obamacare. One couldn't happen without the other. What a deal - eh?! Things were bad enough as it stood so Duffy wasn't going to tell them the truth about it. Instead he says republican leadership offered nothing for repeal and replace and lunatic constituents call him a liar for it. He got off easy.

Watch it:

Duffy Says Republican Leadership Misled Him

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ryan's House Challenger Picking Up Steam

Paul Ryan Watch - Zerban warmly received by Dems, who sense a upset brewing.

LaCrosse Tribune - Democrats: Next Year will Be Different

Journal Times - Zerban: In It To Win

Janesville Messenger - Steer Clear Of Ryan's Path To Poverty (Zerban Editorial, Page 6)

Concerned about Medicare? Rock County and Janesville residents are invited to a Medicare Forum and can meet Paul Ryan's challenger Rob Zerban in person at Basics Food Cooperative in Janesville on Tuesday, June 14th. More info here.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Wisconsin GOP Busy "Fixing" Democratic Primaries Has No Time For Their Own

Showing us what their democracy looks like, the crooked state republican party is sending out letters encouraging colleagues to place fake Democrats on recall ballots.

JS Online Excerpt: Daniel Bice
Both of the fake Democrats have a history of giving almost exclusively to major Republicans.

"We need to make sure Democrat challengers face primaries to allow our Republicans time to mount a campaign," Dan Feyen, chairman of the 6th Congressional District Republican Party, wrote in the letter to "fellow conservatives" on Friday.

"A Democratic primary," Feyen continued, "will push the general election back by one month, so that Senator Hopper can have more time to organize a campaign against his liberal challenger."

That's verbatim what is in the other two-page letter encouraging support for the second fake Democratic candidate, except that note substitutes Olsen's name for Hopper's.

Letter encouraging Republicans To Support Fake Candidate

Having just pushed through a Voter ID bill to repair elections that were not broken, Republicans are now busy trying to fix elections. -- James Rowen, Political Environment

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Impact On Districts From Ryanscare Would Be Devastating

The 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin has been in Ryan's loving care for thirteen years now. If he gets his way any further, the Committee on Energy and Commerce writes we can expect more of the same.

From The Happy Circumstance and reposted at the busy Paul Ryan Watch ...of course!

Committee on Energy and Commerce Excerpt:

Impacts on the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin

The Republican proposal would have adverse impacts on seniors and disabled individuals in the district who are currently enrolled in Medicare. It would:
• Increase prescription drug costs for 9,700 Medicare beneficiaries in the district who enter the Part D donut hole, forcing them to pay an extra $95 million for drugs over the next decade.
• Eliminate new preventive care benefits for 112,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the district.
The Republican proposal would have even greater impacts on individuals in the district age 54 and younger who are not currently enrolled in Medicare. It would:
• Deny 550,000 individuals age 54 and younger in the district access to Medicare’s guaranteed benefits.
• Increase the out-of-pocket costs of health coverage by over $6,000 per year in 2022 and by almost $12,000 per year in 2032 for the 127,000 individuals in the district who are between the ages of 44 and 54.
• Require the 127,000 individuals in the district between the ages of 44 and 54 to save an additional $29.7 billion for their retirement – an average of $182,000 to $287,000 per individual – to pay for the increased cost of health coverage over their lifetimes. Younger residents of the district will have to save even higher amounts to cover their additional medical costs.
• Raise the Medicare eligibility age by at least one year to age 66 or more for 70,000 individuals in the district who are age 44 to 49 and by two years to age 67 for 419,000 individuals in the district who are age 43 or younger.

Despite Ryan persistently claiming his proposal changes nothing for over-55's, the committee finds otherwise.

Impacts on Current Medicare Beneficiaries in the District

The Republican leadership has asserted that “if you’re a person who is 55 years of age or older, there’s no change in Medicare for you” and that “we protect Medicare for current seniors.” In fact, the Republican plan would immediately cut benefits for thousands of seniors and individuals with disabilities in the district.

Including higher drug costs and the elimination of new preventative care benefits. Read more here.

Interactive Map of District by District Impact From Ryan's Care Proposal.

Additional: Ryan budget committee colleague: Ryan plan would kill Medicare

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Friday, June 03, 2011

Scott Walker planning visit to Rock County Farm On Saturday

Gov. Scott Walker will appear tomorrow morning from 9:45 AM to 11:00 AM at the Rock County Dairy Breakfast at the Daluge farm on Highway G between Janesville and Beloit. Visitors to WEAC's facebook are hoping to provide a "welcoming committee" to let him know how much we "appreciate" his plans for WI.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ryan Demogogue: Don't "Misdescribe" My Health Insurance Voucher As a Voucher

Politico Excerpt:
Rep. Paul Ryan scolds President Barack Obama for calling his Medicare plan a “voucher.”

Much has been written about Rep. Paul Ryan's toxic mentality and use of demagoguery, so when I read that 100 House republicans went to the White House to whine about their Medicare proposal being called a "voucher," I thought it was a joke.

These whining stumble bums, particularly the likes of Ryan, Boehner, Bachmann, King and Cantor have a lot of nerve to go to the very person whose agenda they've labeled as fascist liberal (Ryan himself) and name-called as a communist, Black Muslim Kenyan Marxist and a Big Government Socialist and whose health care reform they disrespectfully refer to as ObamaCare, and "commie care" and having death panels, to turn around and belly-ache over the president referring to Ryan's proposal to destroy Medicare as a "voucher" system? If they only knew how good they have it.

But it's a testament to the President's poise and class that he continues to deal with their petty grandstanding in such a dignified manner. Obama is the only adult in the room.

Beyond that, there's really nothing to come out of this story except for the confirmation that republicans are a bunch of unashamed crybabies and hypocrites. But we already knew that.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Walkerhood - Takes from the Needy and Gives to the Greedy

Republican lawmakers voted Tuesday to trim taxes for corporations and investors while cutting tax credit programs for the working poor.

JS Online Excerpt:
Titled: Joint Finance panel Adjusts Taxes
One would completely eliminate state capital-gains taxes on long-term investments - they must be held at least five years - in Wisconsin businesses beginning with purchases made in 2011. The other would defer taxes on capital gains reaped anywhere if the proceeds are plowed back into a Wisconsin business.

The proposals would cut taxes by an estimated $36 million over the next two years and much more in future years, as the first proposal starts in 2016.

Walker's proposal to cut taxes for multistate corporations. That would roll back in part the so-called "combined reporting" tax increases passed by Doyle and Democrats in 2009 and reduce taxes by $46 million over two years....Cuts to the Earned Income Tax Credit program for the working poor of $56.2 million over two years, $12.7 million more than the cuts proposed by Walker. The Legislature's nonpartisan budget office has described Walker's proposal as a state income tax increase.

We know jobs are created by demand for goods and services. When $56 million is cut from working poor Wisconsin residents - demand for goods and services will drop proportionately. We know the working poor tend to plow their tax credits right back into the economy. In the meantime, Walker is giving multi-state corporations tax credits worth $82 million over two years partially paid for by the $56 million shift from the poor. That leaves a difference of $26 million everybody else of course will have to pay - and $26 million less in our pockets will leave $26 million worth of goods and services on the shelf. $82 million from the pockets of Wisconsin residents directly into the private treasuries of multi-state corporations.

I'm getting used to it. When Walker and Wisconsin Republicans give wealthy corpse tax credits, it doesn't seem like they're happy or satisfied until they kick Wisconsin's working poor and middle-class wage earners in the face at the same time.

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