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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ryan Blinks, Draws Waukesha Into District

When you no longer represent your constituents, I guess it's time to look for some new constituents.

JS Online Snippets:
Republicans are taking aggressive steps to protect House freshman Sean Duffy under a draft redistricting plan that hasn’t been released to the public but is circulating among Wisconsin members of Congress.

Members of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation discussed the map behind closed doors Monday evening. GOP House member Paul Ryan took the lead among his colleagues in crafting it, according to sources.

As noted above, Sensenbrenner would no longer represent Ozaukee County, which would be in a separate US House district from neighboring Washington County. And he would cede more of Waukesha County to Ryan.

Although much is written in the JS article about the map helping the failed Duffy defend his House Seat, it is Ryan himself who shows some desperate electioneering by snipping out swing community Mallwood/Newville at the Southwestern tip of Lake Koshkonong from the 1st district and grabbing a large chunk of Walkerhood - Waukesha County for added insurance ... ummm, just in case.

New District Map drawn up by Rep. Paul Ryan.

Additional: The Paul Ryan Watch, Ryan drafts secret redistricting map for Wisconsin

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