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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ryan Demogogue: Don't "Misdescribe" My Health Insurance Voucher As a Voucher

Politico Excerpt:
Rep. Paul Ryan scolds President Barack Obama for calling his Medicare plan a “voucher.”

Much has been written about Rep. Paul Ryan's toxic mentality and use of demagoguery, so when I read that 100 House republicans went to the White House to whine about their Medicare proposal being called a "voucher," I thought it was a joke.

These whining stumble bums, particularly the likes of Ryan, Boehner, Bachmann, King and Cantor have a lot of nerve to go to the very person whose agenda they've labeled as fascist liberal (Ryan himself) and name-called as a communist, Black Muslim Kenyan Marxist and a Big Government Socialist and whose health care reform they disrespectfully refer to as ObamaCare, and "commie care" and having death panels, to turn around and belly-ache over the president referring to Ryan's proposal to destroy Medicare as a "voucher" system? If they only knew how good they have it.

But it's a testament to the President's poise and class that he continues to deal with their petty grandstanding in such a dignified manner. Obama is the only adult in the room.

Beyond that, there's really nothing to come out of this story except for the confirmation that republicans are a bunch of unashamed crybabies and hypocrites. But we already knew that.

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