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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Odd Story On Proposed Janesville City Council Ethics Policy

Does the Janesville City Council have a problem with ethics? Not bad enough where they need to prioritize or institute an ethics policy, at least not in my view.

I watch Janesville City Council meetings as often as I can and they are generally carried out in a very subdued if not alarmingly blase atmosphere. But, it's probably best to have something on the books just in case. My main worry is that there are two for sure, and possibly up to four control freaks on the seven member Janesville City Council who want nothing less than to keep all council members in procedural lockstep and borg-like personality shirt and tie. I'm afraid if the control freaks had their way, they would disband the council altogether and walkerize a czar to dictate policy and decisions. I hope this doesn't give them any ideas.

In this story from the Janesville Gazette, I also don't blame the person (council president) who wrote the policy for refusing to articulate to the media the reasons or instances that compelled him to propose it in the first place. It should have been left at that, but the Gazette proceeded to offer their own list of recent council member activity they view as individual behavior/ethics problems. It gave me the impression that if their subject won't provide the content they are looking for - they'll just provide it themselves anyways.

One blog commenter at the Gazette posted what I thought was a fairly accurate portrayal of the entire situation.

Comment at Gazette:
Nielsen (journalist) should have killed this story, because to be honest, Janesvillians should not be interested in what behaviors she felt were a priority to list. If Brunner feels comfortable enough to waste his time as our council member presenting this nonsense, then he had better be strong enough to present the reasons for which he feels it's necessary.

You can read the entire comment here. It's at lakennedy 4:19 AM.

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