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Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Did Knilans Run For Office Outside His Home District?

In the video below, Tea Party republican candidate Joe Knilans argued that voters simply showing up to vote without proof of residency did not cut it ethically with him. However, Knilans fully intends on showing up to be sworn-in, despite making a mockery of the residency requirement for legislative office.
WKOW Excerpt:
Janesville republican Joe Knilans is poised to be sworn-in as the state assembly's representative to the 44th assembly district, with his official residence his brother's basement. State law says for someone to be sworn-in as a state representative, ten days of residence in the district are required.

Knilans' home is in the 45th assembly district.
Imagine that! Knilans should have ran for Chuck Benedict's assembly seat in the primary against fellow Republican candidates Jim Reseburg, Jeff Klett and Amy Loudenbeck.

He then takes a shot at the Janesville district he lives in by suggesting that the area's housing market is so brutal that he's stuck with a home he can't sell. Lucky us! Way to go, Joe.
Joe Knilans Web Site
(Displays Web Link to Glenn Beck)
I will focus my efforts on:
•Bringing jobs back to the area
•Lowering taxes
•Updating regulations that are hampering the local businesses
•Eliminating wasteful spending
•Family values and education
•Photo identification for voting
So the question is: Why didn't Knilans run in the district of his residence when the seat was available at the same time? Was it because of a personal animosity towards Mike Sheridan was possibly greater than his devotion to the district he will serve?

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