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Monday, December 27, 2010

Walker Wants One Man Oversight Committee For State Regulations - Himself

"The common sense reforms contained in our proposal will take the power of regulating away from unelected bureaucrats and put it back where it belongs — in the hands of the people," Walker said in a statement.
But...but, the power of regulation is already in the hands of the people, the same article states...
Post Cresent Excerpt:
Under current law, approval of agency rules rests with a special legislative committee and ultimately the Legislature.
Despite having republicans control all three houses of state government, how much more "people" can you have than in our elected representatives in the legislature? Well, we could propose a regulations oversight committee completely independent of the governor and the legislature, but that would be "progressive." Besides, under Walker who would comprise the committee? Members of the WMC?
Post Cresent Excerpt:
The rules, which have the same power as a law, are typically put in place after the Legislature passes a new law. They can be highly technical but they can also directly affect how a new law is actually implemented.
Walker wants to take the technicalities out of the hands of the science guys, government employees (bureaucrats) who specialize in the field, and hand them over to a corporate drone (himself) who would like nothing more than to dumb down the rules far enough to render them nearly useless.
Post Cresent Excerpt:
Walker also proposed prohibiting state agencies from proposing rules that are more restrictive than what is allowed under the law and allowing for citizens to file legal challenges to rules in any county circuit court, not just Dane County, where state government is centered.
This is really at the heart of what Walker wants. He wants to forbid the science guys from PROPOSING or fortifying any rules while at the same time weakening the state's legal defenses to enforce whatever regulations remain. "Citizens" in our post-constitutional government is now synonymous with "corporations."

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Anonymous said...

It's like those Sci-Fi movies. The Corporations (like computers or robots in stories), originally created by humans to serve THEIR needs have become sentient. And, following that sentience have become self-aware. Then as always, in stories they become paranoid and megalomanic. So they must not be content with existence, or equality with humans, they must have superiority and be MORE REAL than us. So now, as the rights of the actual Flesh-bound Individual are eroded more and more, the rights of the corporate pseudo-beings are augmented and protected with a perverse and near religious fervor, What is the WORST possible thing to a Republican? Any type of regulation, law or constraint on Corporate behaviors.

There was a time that people banded together to create a lawful environment, now they band togehter in order to be free of the need to follow common laws. So it seems that yes, functionally speaking, Corporations are now given "Super Citizen" status by our legal system. Many rights, no constraints.
I personally believe that if "the average American" didn't secretly admire this kind of lawless, super-self-indulgent, and remorseless behavior, it wouldn't be happening.
People might wail and moan at the sight of the blood and mess, but they all line up obediently to kiss the Godfather's ring.

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