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Friday, May 08, 2009

Kenosha Restructured Out Of Chrysler Viability Plan

Was Congressman Paul Ryan really surprised by Chrysler's decision to close the Kenosha plant?
Ryan Press Release
I learned about this troubling development from news reports today and not from either Chrysler or officials at the White House that negotiated this bankruptcy restructuring.
But just last year, Ryan seemingly lamented the results he expected regardless of the level of taxpayer help for the American auto industry.
JS Online Excerpt:
(Dec. 4, 2008)
In addition, there is no guarantee that even huge injections of federal funds would prevent massive layoffs in the auto industry, he said. If GM and Chrysler were to merge, for instance, "you could see tens of thousands of job losses," Ryan said.
In the same article, even the Chrysler VP sounded a dire warning about expectations.
JS Online Excerpt:
(Dec. 4, 2008)
"We're on the brink with the U.S. auto manufacturing industry. We're down to months left," Chrysler's vice chairman, Jim Press, told the AP.
But Ryan wasn't finished as he defends the tough decisions as the means to save the American auto industry.
JS Online Excerpt:
(Dec. 4, 2008)
In Janesville, until a few months ago politicians were clinging to hope that GM might retool the SUV plant for a new line of cars. But with the company now fighting for its very survival, it's clear "the odds are against us," Ryan said.

What changed now that it’s Obama’s fault?

Still, no matter how long President Obama might hold Chrysler's feet to fire, he will not be able to overcome the union busting extreme globalist legislation passed by the last 30 years of Congress. In fact, the more he intervenes, the more socialism he is accused of by the likes of Paul Ryan.

May 6, 2009 - Chrysler Responds to criticism.

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