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Friday, May 08, 2009

Warning #9 Issued For Janesville Water

During routine water supply testing, the City of Janesville detected Fecal Coliform/E. Coli bacteria in the north pressure zone east of the Rock River that supplies water to the area east of Randall Avenue; and north of Mt. Zion Avenue and Black Bridge Road.

View city map of area effected by water tower possible water comtamination here. PDF
JG Excerpt: (April 28, 2009)
Eight times in the last five or six years water pressure has dropped to problem levels in the north zone, Lynch said. "That's eight times too many."

The north zone serves about 30,000 people, he said. When the pressure drops, bacteria could get in the system. It also could leave fire crews unable to pump water to fight a fire.


Anonymous said...

How convenient!!

Anonymous said...

The guy doing the test probably crapped in the test tube

Anonymous said...

The Gazette posted a story on the most frequently asked questions about the water scare. Lynch said it was the first warning of its kind since he began working for the city in 1983.

Lou Kaye said...

Which Lynch were they talking to? The one from the council meeting a few weeks ago claimed the water utility had eight episodes serious enough to put almost half the city in danger. Those two Lynches need to have a talk with one another.

Anonymous said...

But that was only if-when a water main broke.

Lou Kaye said...

Water mains tend to break on occasion causing problems. But does the city have a water main problem too?

So I don't feel like I'm talking to my hand, I would appreciate if you at least posted in a screen name.

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