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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Janesville Gazette Endorses Paul Ryan Despite Admissions of Neglect And Misplaced Priorities

As sure as the sun rises every day, the Janesville Gazette endorsed the Koch-sponsored $100M establishment Wall Street charlatan, Paul Ryan, for the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin. Again.

Their excuses for the tin god congressman however have obviously grown more and more lame over the years, but they are loyal to partisan causes regardless of the effects and that is what's important to them.

JG Editorial Excerpt
It’s no wonder Ryan has given so little attention to his own race for the 1st Congressional District seat. He’s got larger worries. As House speaker, the Janesville native acts as the rudder steering the Republican Party, but it seems lost at sea.

Sure, the Trump-endorsing Paul Ryan has much bigger priorities than the cheap cramped house seat voters seem to impose on his delicate rump over the years.

But to be fair to the Gazette's observation of little attention, excluding the outsourcing of the area's largest global manufacturers, very little has changed in the 1st CD since Ryan was first elected in 1998.

To put it another way, if Ryan disappeared tomorrow from Congress, no one would notice any difference in south-eastern Wisconsin. If anyone doubts that statement, please feel free to post Ryan's contributions to our district. The comment section of this blog is always open and welcoming.

JG Editorial Excerpt:
Missing from the 1st Congressional District race are in-depth discussions about how to create a viable health care system, how to deal with this nation’s opioid epidemic, how to reduce the nation’s deficit and debt, how to make college more affordable, how to defeat terrorists and manage rogue nations and how to improve the nation’s sluggish economy.

Ryan had an opportunity to debate Solen last week, and he unfortunately declined. Ryan’s campaign spokesperson explained, “Voters in the 1st Congressional District know who Paul is, and they know what he stands for.”

Those issues are reduced to fiddlesticks compared to Paul Ryan's real priorities. Let's just say his priorities ain't us.

But as far as having a "debate" goes, Ryan was outed by myself and others on social media after the last debate he had with Rob Zerban.

You might recall that during the two debates between Zerban and Ryan - No rebuttals were allowed. That's right. Those events were reduced to mere reading and recitals. Mister "Battle of Ideas" would not allow himself to be challenged in the field of open debate. Because people noticed those pre-conditions, there was no way Ryan would let that narrative grow legs this time. Better to have no debate than to lose naked in a real one.

So not only was Paul Ryan not going to give Ryan Solen or Solen's ideas exposure, he feared losing the battle of ideas on stage for everyone to see. At best, Ryan's failure to debate his challenger can be chalked off to the advantages of entrenched incumbency. So good luck to all the talk about draining the swamp.

Finally ...

JG Editorial Excerpt:
We remain confident in Ryan’s commitment and endorse his candidacy. But voters are viewing this election season through a funhouse mirror. Distortion and disruption have altered voters’ perception of politics; they need a leader who can provide focus and, just as important, inspire them.

Ryan remains a popular figure in Wisconsin in part because he puts big ideas above personality. He has a vision for a better nation. The 1st Congressional District, and the rest of the country for that matter, could use a reminder.

Yeah, it's all about Paul Ryan.

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