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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Donald Trump Ends GOP Presidential Endorsement Streak Of 171 Year Old Newspaper

Did you know in the 171 year history of the Janesville Gazette that the newspaper never endorsed a democrat for president? That's right.

The Gazette, through multiple generations of Bliss family ownership and countless editors, never found one Democrat worthy of the presidency of the United States dating back to before 1852. Before that, when the GOP did not exist - they endorsed a Whig!

So it comes as no surprise in today's non-endorsement editorial titled Both nominees unworthy of presidency, that the Janesville newspaper could not bring itself to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. With their editorial, she finds herself in good company.

But what about their failure to endorse a republican for president for the first time?

What does it say about Donald Trump? What does that say about the republican party? What does it say about the newspaper?


MKE Sentinel Journal - Editorial: First, say no to Donald Trump

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