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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Barney Frank Stumps In Janesville For Ryan ...Paul Ryan

Why in tarnation was former Rep. Barney Frank in Paul Ryan's hometown one week before Election Tuesday?

Well, according to a recent Gazette article, he spoke to about 50 activists at the local Democratic Party headquarters (Ryan Central??) in downtown Janesville and told them a variety of things.

Frank theorized that because Paul Ryan will likely be running for president in 2020, his speakership in the House would be the most favorable towards a Hillary Clinton presidency because it will be important for him to NOT be viewed as Mr. Gridlocker in Chief. Frank went on to explain Ryan should look at how House Speaker Tip O'Neill handled things in the '80's after Ronald Reagan was elected president.

JG Excerpt (no link)
Frank added: "Look, he didn't want to be speaker. He was the indispensible man. There was no upside for him with that. But he was being responsible and responding to his party's insistence. And if they kicked Paul out, they would go for a long time without a speaker. That would look bad for them."

...God forbid.

But how's that for a rallying cry against a political opponent?

The article finishes off with Frank telling them to maintain their enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton because it could make a difference to lessen the "viciousness" should she win by a wider margin than expected.

There was no mention in the article of Ryan's democratic opponent or any other Wisconsin democrats running for office.

As of the time of this posting, this story appeared only in the Gazette hard copy and has not been found or linked on the Gazette's main Web Page.

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