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Friday, May 13, 2016

Uh-Oh. Grainger Said It's Hiring. What Do They Want From Janesville Taxpayers Now?

As you well know, the last time Grainger in Janesville said it was expanding and hiring, it was a set up by the Janesville Gazette and city adminstration bag men to squeeze $247,500 cash from the local tax treasury to give Grainger in exchange for the promise of jobs. 130 jobs that the state claimed did not materialize.

Now, Grainger's local publicity agent, the Gazette, is at it again with a new "hiring" story that for all practical purposes is little more than a slick snow job to cover up the earlier scandal by fudging numbers of employee head counts.

The most recent audit by the state shows Grainger had 808 employees while the Gazette reports 960 in their article. Somebody is playing games with the numbers.

Obviously, there is no reason for the Gazette to spend so much ink on how many people Grainger currently employs if this was simply a hiring story. That it's done with no mention of Grainger failing to reach the earlier benchmark for the city's "forgivable loan" is most telling.

In truth, businesses don't have to give us the long song and dance on how your growing so fast you can't keep up, or about your construction or business reconfiguration that ultimately shifted jobs from one part of the state to another.

It's a good thing when businesses are hiring in Janesville, but all they need to do is put a want ad in the paper or online or post large "Now Hiring!" lettering on their outdoor marquee. That's about it!

History tells us that if it's anything more ...we start to think, "What do you want from us this time?!"

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