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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Summer of 2010 Defined Paul Ryan's Commitment To His "People"

McClatchy DC Excerpt:
“People in southern Wisconsin know Paul Ryan and they know what he stands for,” said Zack Roday, a Ryan spokesman. “Janesville is his home, and his commitment will always be to the people he represents.”

Was that a trick answer? Because exactly who are the people he represents?

Here's what I mean:

The summer of 2010 was a time of great economic uncertainty for the manufacturing auto towns in the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin. That summer was approximately one-and-a-half years after the GM plant in Janesville officially shut down, displacing about 10,000 workers region-wide. So it represents a window of time for local leaders to compile solutions and schedule meetings to collaborate a path forward out of the crisis.

In Janesville, the meeting was an important enough event for representatives of labor, education, county, state and municipal governments, transportation and housing agencies, health and human services, law enforcement, environmental protection, business, science and technology industries - just about everybody - including a liaison from the White House, to attend.

But the guy who represents the district in Congress and repeatedly called himself the area's federal go-to guy. Paul Ryan? That guy? He wasn't there. He never showed.

But that's not the complete story:
In the summer of 2010, Paul Ryan was invited to attend several important auto town recovery summits in his home district. Shortly after, he was invited to the Koch brothers compound for an important meeting in California to help with fund-raising strategy for the upcoming elections.

Guess which one he attended in person?

The other? He sent them a letter.


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