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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ryan's Hometown Says "He's Doing Wrong" On Trump

There's a story by the AP making the rounds claiming Ryan's hometown says he's doing the 'best he can' on Trump.

So while the pros take the words of a few residents to commit the entire Janesville electorate to an ambiguous headline ...can we? Yes. Should we? Why not? Well, we shouldn't, but why not just a little bit just to pinch ourselves.

MADISON, Wis. - As House Speaker Paul Ryan stands in defiance of the majority of republican voters supporting Donald Trump -- by withholding his support -- some voters in his congressional district describe his stance as "cowardly" and "dumb."

And they say it's unlikely to make a bit of difference in swaying them or Trump.

Ryan said he's just not ready to back Trump. He is expected to meet with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on Thursday.

Janesville area political blogger Lou Kaye chimed in, "Ryan hasn't won his hometown the last two election cycles while Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump recently carried Janesville and Rock County in the primary. That ought to give you an idea. Despite Cruz winning Wisconsin, the people around here don't drink the kool-aid delivered by the local media or Wisconsin right-wing radio. Most Rock County voters are better informed and more independent, so I can't see a majority suddenly flipping back against their choices at the command of an establishment tool like Ryan."

Paul Ryan's hometown of Janesville is on the western edge of the 1st Congressional District. It's a Democratic leaning, blue-collar town in Rock County. Janesville Republicans and Democrats echoed some of Kaye's remarks and found much fault with Ryan's position, saying he's likely to face serious consequences for his stance in his own re-election bid.

Irrespective of the dilemma Paul Ryan finds himself in with Trump, for the first time he faces a tough primary challenger in political newcomer Paul Nehlen. Nehlen is boasting 4,000 donors in just four weeks and winning endorsements from well-known conservatives including Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin.

They also said there's no reason why Trump should fall in line with the party since Ryan, the Republican Party's highest-ranking officeholder, refuses to do the same.


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