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Friday, August 09, 2013

Email Dump Offers Glimpse Into Scott Walker's Underworld

There's a ton of information to absorb from the newly released O'Donnell parking garage email dump, and being a Janesville guy with our own county board basket-case to worry about, I really appreciate those more familiar with Walker's county executive history offering their expert purview on the matter.

But after skimming through the 300+ pages, I found myself micro-managing every email exchange into a maze of head-spins that offered no single tangible finality, but left a ball of yarn comprised of hundreds of loose ends. To me, there were too many unknowns still remaining. This is where I believe those more familiar with MKE county politics have an edge.

With that, I decided to back away from the trees and look over the forest the email dump offered, and laid that outline over my own "image template" of how I perceive Scott Walker's personality and political style. This is how I believe the dump offers not only evidence of an organized cover-up for pure political gain, but also a rare glimpse into a mafia-like command system Walker has since perfected from his college days. A system that would eventually catapult him to the governorship and possibly beyond.

So, here we are presented with a county-paid staff unwilling or unsure to make a move without Walker’s blessing, yet Walker rarely issues orders directly to the county staff who are in fact, eager to carry them out, but instead are passed instructions down through a chain of command by the underbosses of his political campaign apparatus. Of course one of the more noticeable fouls gleaned from the emails was the fact that county "workers" were directed to produce material and develop responses to defend Scott Walker from any political fall-out, instead of retrieving county documentation leading up to the O'Donnell tragedy and presenting it in raw form to all involved parties. In essence, they have what amounts to a political campaign controlling county issues, the county's informational timeline and "fixing" content. That is something nearly everyone agrees on.

I'm also not naive enough to think all of Walker's interactions with his staff are done by email, but I submit that the tone, focus and direction even of the limited quality seen in the emails reflects Walker's offline style as well.

Easily missed by way of default (looking at the trees instead of the forest), the highest level of the organization, in this case Scott Walker, is insulated from law enforcement attention if the lower level members who actually break administrative laws should be investigated. This invisible architecture removes nearly all traceable links back to Walker and provides what the intelligence community calls plausible deniability. Welcome to the John Doe investigation, which by the way then adds the final touch to eliminate any remaining loose ends of Scott Walker's culpability. Walker then becomes Teflon coated.

Look, Scott Walker was the chief executive of an office whose closest associates (not just a lone rogue employee) were busted, and the feds could not string it together and tie their work back to its prime beneficiary? County prosecutors spent nearly three years investigating his office for campaigning on state time and other alleged infractions, so that final outcome was nearly impossible to reach without Walker getting immunity from John Doe protection.

Outside of Walker's obvious media manipulation and politicization of the O'Donnell tragedy, it might not be worth rehashing the nuts and bolts of the O'Donnell investigation until the courts release the full John Doe docs.

I still however intend on posting additional perspective on a few selected email excerpts. But what should become more noticeable to many can be seen by combining the roots of Walker's 20 years of on-the-job-training perfecting his modus operandi of blacklisting, cronyism, malice and revenge style politics with his current cult of personality; the insecure person within the man more resembles the Don of a crime syndicate, destroying anyone seen as a threat to his power, than a cool and capable public servant.


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Anonymous said...

He runs a government not "of and for the people" nor is it "by the people". Our government in Wisconsin is run solely by him with VOS and Fitz as the enforcers of his own party and if someone refuses to fall in line they will get the Sen. Schultz treatment and their days in Madison are numbered. Power is an awesome thing until it is abused.

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