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Monday, July 29, 2013

What? Now We Need A Permit Just To Watch Free Speech?

I don't have a news link for this, but it sure sounds logical considering Sen. Scott Fitzgerald warned all legislative staff that they will be ticketed if they congregate along the balcony during the protests.

Via Eileen VanderVelden:
"Just heard that WPR reported this a.m. that capitol staff and legislative aids were instructed to not observe the noon activities...."

Also being reported this AM is a story about the wedding couple who were "forced" outside into the rain by protesters during the Friday Sing-Along. Totally false!

It turns out to be just another lie from Walker's DOA offices fed to their social media trolls. There was a wedding on Friday but it took place on the Capitol steps outdoors at 11:45. The wedding was NOT disrupted and in fact received full cooperation from protesters in the near vicinity. Even the tour guide at the info desk was telling people the wedding party went outside at 11:30. Fact is, the permit was for an outdoors wedding from the start, only to brought inside if the weather was bad.

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