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Friday, July 26, 2013

Capitol Police Gone Wild, Arrest Janesville Marine Vet and Step On The Flag

One of the folks arrested during Thursday's Capitol Police riot in the state capitol rotunda is a regular participant in the Veterans For Peace and Justice rallies seen near Rep. Paul Ryan's office on South Main in Janesville on Tuesday Afternoons.

The man, a U.S. Marine Corp Veteran who served 1967 - 1971, was dressed in his Veterans for Peace and Justice vest with a bandanna tied over his mouth similar to that of a POW. The Vet was also holding a neatly folded United States Flag in his arms. Unable to speak, sing or make any gesturing sign or movement, Capitol Police bumped into him and then aggressively carried the Vet away while trampling his flag in the process. They arrested him for “resisting arrest.”

At first I thought the police were just doing their jobs (carrying out orders) while being as reasonably respectful of the citizens as possible. But after watching the video below, I'm not so sure.

Watch it:

YouTube - Tourists, Visitors arrested at Capitol

Teamster Nation - Wisconsin police arrest a child for singing in the Capitol

Note: I have omitted using this veteran's name in this post to avoid web crawlers and out of respect for his privacy.

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