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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adding Some Levity To The Disturbing Mercenary-Style Security Episode

I don't think we should make light of the heavily-armed corporate-commissioned security guards invading the Penokee Hills up north, but wouldn't you like to throw tomatoes at these guys and the GTAC CEO who hired them? I know I would and this is the closest I'll likely ever get.

 photo scumbags2_zps35dececf.gif


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? These are the kind of people that will shoot first and clean off the tomatoe later!

Lou Kaye said...

I understand that but should we cower and hide from them? Running away from a fight isn't very American. Nor do I think we should arm up and confront them. That's what they want. Everyone should express their thoughts about the armed intimidation from these corporate thugs. We are left to contacting legislators and law enforcement officials. But we can peacefully protest them at the site and also express ourselves in social media. With that I see nothing wrong with honest outrage or mocking them for the fools that they are.

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